Digg was never just for geeks.

Digg was never just for geeks.

The BusinessWeekOnline ran a story about the popular news and bookmarking site, Digg.com, opening up for other verticals such as Politics and Entertainment. {see full story: Digg This: Soon, Not Just for Geeks Anymore}

Isn’t the current Digg doing that now? If you’ve been checking Digg for months now, you would have witnessed totally non-tech related stories making it to the frontpage almost everyday. Digg was never just for geeks from the very start.


From funny videos, to politicians using iPods, pictures of Brad and Angelina Jolie’s new bron baby, etc. etc.

What I’m curious is how would Digg go about this new expansion scheme — will they launch totally new websites (politidigg.com, entertaindiggs.com)? Will they introduce tagging instead of categorizing?

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3 Responses

  1. Jhay says:

    Geeks aren’t the only ones who use Digg or the internet for that matter. More and more people with the help of blogs and social-networking sites, non-geeks in particular are going on-line and Digging content. Otherwise, Digg.com would’ve never been such a success much like MySpace, Friendster, Multiply et. al.

    I agree though that tagging is the next big thing, categorizing content is getting useless if not difficult as the days go on.

  2. What about giant squid and zombie dogs? We’ve been seeing stuff like this for months!

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