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Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers went live on beta earlier today — http://answers.yahoo.com. It’s aimed to go head-on with Google Answers on a free-ride model. I think it’s more like Wikipedia meets Ask Jeeves.

I checked it out and got into it in 10 seconds — if you have a Yahoo account. You instantly get 100 points and on level 1. You need 150 points to go to level 2 and so on and so forth. Every action has an equivalent point and people who gets bigger points are upgraded/featured. Even logging on to Yahoo! Answers gets you 1 point. Likewise, your level also dis-tastes how many questions you can submit.

Looks promising but could be prone to abuse.

It’s the first time I saw Yahoo! giving something for free while Google is charging a fee. It used to be the other way around. Will Google take back the crown in that arena? Will see.

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