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Globe Innove to launch WiMax Service in 2008

Got this from a reliable source and the scoop was Innove is partnering with Intel Philippines to roll out a commercial WiMax service this April 2008.

Remember the recent development about WiMax being categorized as a 3G? That means that current telcos having license for 3G can also do WiMax (once the NTC follows the ITU recommendation which they usually do.)


On the other hand, while PLDT Smart is banking the future of the country’s broadband with UMT/HSDPA, Globe’s move to the WiMax will be a welcome development. Intel has been testing WiMax in the Cavite area (Gen. Trias) for a couple of years now so I guess they felt it’s high time to go commercial with this.

Also note that the NBN deal is not yet done and over with. While the agreement with China’s ZTE has been severed, that does not mean that the Philippine Government will not pursue this domestically. If and when they revive the issue, local telcos like Smart and Globe will be at the door with their proposals. Since the ZTE proposal was based on WiMax technology, Globe’s entrance into this field might give them the edge to snatch the NBN deal.

In any case, the introduction of WiMax service will be a great addition to the existing broadband services in the country.

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19 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    Is this one of those rumors like the iPhone Nano. Do you happen to have live pics of Philippine WiMax in action. If it’s slow and stupid like Globe DSl then I think I’ll be seeing horses not zebras, as the medical people like to say.

  2. jhay says:

    Another ‘new service’ from Globe? Puh-leassee. Improve their wired internet services first before rolling out a new one.

  3. Meh. I just got off a 3G seminar done by one of the former faculty of our school and I’ll be waiting for CURE to hit the market. They have the best service package when it comes to 3G and the VAS that comes with it.

    He’s the guy that created the 64K Sim from Globe if you’re curious.

    On the speed that Globe’s DSL is currently running, their DSL network is too clogged up. I doubt they’ll be upgrading soon like what PLDT is doing. Things went downhill after the change to Innove.

  4. noemi says:

    wimax is even offered as a soon to be internet service for Ayala Land’s latest real estate development. Saw it last friday.

  5. anyabelle says:

    Wow, that was fast.

    Or I’m really just lagging behind, hehehe.

    Anyway, WiMax is not 3G. Un lang :)

  6. Berlin says:

    I wonder if people living near the towers will get cancer.

  7. blogerong lakwatsero says:

    i was part of the rf eng’g team of wimax eqpt vendor for globe wimax trial executed in qc and subic. the test result is awesome and feasible…..
    get ready to be wimaxxxxxxxx…….

  8. eton says:

    what happened to wimax?is that a really reliable source?i don’t think so..

  9. curious says:

    pareng lakwatsero,

    anong vendor ginamit nyo sa qc at subic?

  10. noel obrata says:

    wow, sana totoo lahat ng nakasulat or nabasa ko about wimax. anyway my laptop is wimax ready…

  11. Che Bach says:

    Modacom is the leading company for Wimax devices.
    who have any interesting in Wimax device?
    please contact to me!! I lived in manila before.
    I like philiphine !!

  12. Kyle says:

    Globe Telecom launches WiMax service
    By Roderick T. dela Cruz

    Globe Telecom announced yesterday the launching of its WiMax service that will enable more Filipinos to connect to the Internet.

    “Now, people who previously had little or no options for broadband Internet connection are now able to access the Internet through Globe Broadband, powered by WiMax,” the company said.

    WiMax or worldwide interoperability for microwave access, is a standards-based technology designed to enable the deployment of wireless broadband access as a cost-efficient alternative to cable and DSL.

    The new technology can cover distances greater than those of other wireless technologies, such as WiFi, CDMA or 3G.

    Globe said its network was the first and largest 2.5Ghz WiMax (802.16e) broadband network in Southeast Asia.

    The company said its WiMax service, available starting this month, was a high-speed Internet plan that let users surf the Web at speeds of up to 512 kilobits per second for P795 a month.

    “We challenge anyone with a competitive wireless subscription to try out our WiMax-backed plans. We are so confident with our service that we challenge you to try out our connection, risk-free,” said Menchi Orlina, head of the Consumer Broadband Business Group.

    “Should you be unhappy with the connection within one month from installation, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.”

    The service is initially available in selected areas in Southern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


  13. chuck says:

    globe wimax 512kbps 795php a month.its been 3 days now since ngpa connect ako nyan so far not really satisfied. kng pwd lng bawiin un application gnawa ko na,kaso sabi nung lalake skin wla 1month free trial d2 sa zambo city.i’m a former smartbro user

    smartbro=fastest DL speed 50kbps.
    globe wimax 512=fastest DL speed 60kbps.

    online video
    mas mabilis konti globe wimax 512kbps

    mas stable smartbro

    mas mura globe wimax

    Globe wimax ping yahoo.com
    request timed out
    request timed out
    request timed out
    request timed out

    sa browsing khit d request timed-out lumalabas un no data sa mozilla firefox at un YM hindi naka2 connect.

    un lang! sana maayos un intermitent connection ng globe wimax 512kbps(e2 ata twag dun sa paputol-putol na connection,tama ba spelling?)

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