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June 24, 2013

HTC One with Windows Phone in the works

For the next half of the year, it looks like HTC has a lot planned. They have the Butterfly S announced, and we are also expecting an HTC One Mini. But moreover that, it is reported that HTC has another One variant on the way – running Windows Phone OS.

htc windows phone one 480

The device won’t look exactly like the One, but will have the same aluminum body. Also, Beats Audio & UltraPixel might find a way into the phone as well.

If the GDR3 update comes in time for the mentioned phone, then it might include some very impressive specs since the GDR3 update will allow support for 1080p displays and the like.

Following the Windows Phone 8S and the 8X, we have no idea on what it will be called. However, we’re guessing it could be the HTC Windows Phone One or Windows Phone 9X (8+1). Fancy?


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24 Responses to “HTC One with Windows Phone in the works”

  1. Abed
    Twitter: iamogen

    I think white is better. :)

  2. shacer says:

    so much for the droids… it’s good to have it on windows phone..

  3. unsatisfiedUser says:

    I bought an HTC 8X and used it for more than one month and I have to say Windows sucks! 1. Your internet connection is automatically disconnected without you knowing (probably to save battery life) 2. Very few apps 3. I’m using it for my smart prepaid and usually I avail promos where you type first *2477 or *5908 before the actual number and it’s too much of a hassle using it on windows phone because you can’t copy paste on dialing number and if you save the original number and the number plus promo code, the phonebook recognizes it as one number thus only one number will show up(better to explain it on video). 4. It is no better than Android or IOS when it comes to battery life.

    • PatawaKaBa says:

      LOL.. Aren’t you aware of the update that gives you the option to enable the WiFi even when the phone is locked? WP8 is young compared with Android and iOS so sa features, talagang mas angat ang dalawa. pero when it comes to performance, mas okay sya sa Android.

    • enrico says:

      Hahaha! May option to keep your WiFi always connected. Magbasa at mag-aral muna bago mag reklamo. That’s why google is there. Nagmukha ka tuloy tanga. Lol

    • Daboy says:

      I think he is referring to 3g connection. My windows phone also disconnects without me knowing. Right now i prefer using Android and iPhone.

    • unsatisfiedUser says:

      PatawaKaBa and Enrico, Im referring to 3G data not wifi. Palibhasa kasi yun lang ang alam ninyo na internet connection hindi kasi maka afford ng plan. And let me just add, wp8 is useless and pathetic.
      Has no jailbreaks
      No dev support
      Prison restricted OS
      No 1080p
      No quadcore
      No 400ppi
      The list continues

    • edisson
      Twitter: aidsseason

      So naka-plan ka nga pero nagrereklamo ka dahil walang jail ? Can’t you afford those apps?? Pathetic.

    • edisson
      Twitter: aidsseason

      So naka-plan ka nga pero nagrereklamo ka dahil walang jailbreak? Can’t you afford those apps?? Pathetic.

    • UnsatisfiedUser says:

      Another ignorant comment. Alam mo ba na matagal na nawala ang installous? At maraming purpose ang jailbreak hindi lang sideloading ng apps. Napaka ignoy talaga ng mga ito. Enjoy ur windows phone lumia 520! Yan lang kasi kaya ng budget. Lol!

    • edisson
      Twitter: aidsseason

      You guess my phone based on my comment? You’re really pathetic.

    • UnsatisfiedUser says:

      It’s easy to guess your handle kasi nag double post ka so malamang nag hang yung phone mo kasi cheap nga. I pity you. Lol! Ignorante ka kasi.

    • seraphica says:

      Has no jailbreaks – no need for that.. edi sana nag iphone ka nlng..
      No dev support – sa lumia mas maraming support
      Prison restricted OS – i dont think so… its for security purpose
      No 1080p – may update na po para jan
      No quadcore, No 400ppi – magkakaroon narin po nyan..

    • UnsatisfiedUser says:

      @seraphica, thank you very much for confirming what i just said and if i may add, windows phone lacks shortcuts(auto-rotate, mobile data on/off, wifi on/off, etc), tiles are good but becomes too boring after a few months, windows phone cannot block a particular phone number as you can on an android phone and a jailbroken iPhone, tranferring media files is a hassle, apps are even buggier on windows than android. Dev support is still pretty slow on windows, even blackberry os10 has more apps than windows. I hope you can enlighten me when windows phone with 1080p and quadcore will be released because last time i check, wala pa talaga puro lang rumors. Btw, the knowledge that i have on windows phone is based on the fact that i own one and i have tried to use it as my backup phone but its not just good enough.

    • edisson
      Twitter: aidsseason

      So kapag nadoble cheap phone agad? Di ba pwedeng atat akong magreply sayo kaya di ko na nadouble check ang comment ko OR mabagal lang talaga ang internet connection ko? Lol tanga ka naman. I pity you more.
      Go to my facebook account and you will know what phone do I really have. I made a special post for you. Here’s my account
      Can’t see my post? Not my problem.

    • edisson says:

      Or you can look it on my twitter account. Your choice.

    • UnsatisfiedUser says:

      Sorry mare ha. Medyo allergic ako magclick ng links kasi baka baklang porn na naman yan. And besides, so what kung cherry mobile pala ang phone mo?! KThnxbye!

    • edisson
      Twitter: aidsseason

      Can’t handle truths? K fine whatever. Be the idiot of this day

    • unsatisfiedUser says:

      @edisson, please erase the “s” in your “truths” e isang bagay lang naman pinag uusapan natin dito. Di na sana ako magreply pero di ko kinaya ang “truths” mo at nakakatawa talaga ang expression mo na “Be the idiot of this day.” I hope you have learned your lesson para hindi kana manglait lalo na pag hindi mo naman kilala yung kausap mo. Talk about the issue. Bulok na yang style mo e.

    • edisson
      Twitter: aidsseason

      Lol sa grammar ka na lang bumabawi. Sino kaya sa ating dalawa ang unang nanglait? Ako siguro kasi ako yung nagsabi sa sarili ko na 520 ang phone ko.

  4. Ice says:

    nice one hope to see this one in the mall

  5. duterte says:

    this is awesome.. we can now have dual boot phones. android and WP .. its not nonsense foo

  6. vslayer31 says:

    I must say may mga limitations nga ang windows phone but not as restricted as iphone and not as open as android they are in the middle why dont windows phone not join a quad core processor kc optimised ang OS ng windows phone to run this kind of processor a pansin nio b ndi lumalagpas sila sa spec sheet n not greater than 1.5 ghz processor and 1gb of ram pangit sa paningin nila (esp. Android fanboys ) kc ndi umangat ang specs nila …but the truth is if ever may update ang microsoft they ensure it that they will be rolling out in all on their windows phone w/o exemption unlike in droids if they n by schedule s per manufacturrer….. Kung low end ang device mo if u wanna update to the latest os version more likely ull have to buy another phone ñ
    in terms of apps naman top 50 of the most downloaded apps from ios and android 80% are now in windows phone may mga notable apps nga n wala like instagram pero may reliable 3rd party app po for jan same the other apps po. better try a windows phone looks like ndi mo p naexperience windows phone i love my lumia 920

    sent via windows phone

  7. vslayer31 says:

    But in my opinion htc makes good phones but nokia differentiator in their windows phones is still there (exclusive apps) if ur looking (if ever they release it ) for a premium phone ok to mganda build ng phone but nokia tlaga in terms of futureproofing when it comes to thier windows phones

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