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Fluxmob Stealth Bolt 3000mAh Power Bank

Seldom do you see a wall charger that also doubles as a powerbank and this one from Fluxmob did just that. The Stealth Bolt from Fluxmob offers a unique approach by combining a regular wall charger and a powerbank for those who are always on the run.


The Bolt doesn’t really compete with your regular high-capacity powerbank. With just a 3,000mAh capacity, the Fluxmob Bolt can only charge an LG G4 once and, at best, about twice to charge an iPhone 5.

What the Bolt offers is a specific case use — that time where you’re charging an almost empty smartphone but you are about to go and you also forgot to charge your usual powerbank. With the Bolt, you can just unplug it from the wall socket and bring the charger with you which will still be charging your handset.

The case use might not be too common for a lot of people but the few ones who have encountered this situation might appreciate the idea.


So consider the Bolt as a fast-charger with a pre-charged power rather than a simple powerbank. Think of it as a companion charger to your smartphone and high-capacity powerbank.

The Stealth Bolt has an input rating of 5.0V/1.5A and a maximum output rating of 5.0V/2.1A.

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The Fluxmob Bolt is sells for about Php2,650 to Php2,800 in stores and comes in various two-tone colors like red, white, blue and black.

You can check out the various color combo of the Fluxmob Bolt here.

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2 Responses

  1. Powerbank says:

    Too expensive for a single output wall charger / Powerbank
    A 16K Mi Powerbank can double the output at half the price

  2. Scarecrow says:

    Know of any stores in Metro Manila which offer this product?

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