Momax Selfie Stable Smartphone Gimbal Hands-on

Momax Selfie Stable Smartphone Gimbal Hands-on

Digital Walker recently sent us the Momax Selfie Stable Smartphone Gimbal. It may look like a selfie stick with extra features, but it can do more than that. Check out our initial impressions below.

Upon opening the box, you will see the gimbal in its folded form. It’s pretty compact and can easily fit in a small bag.

It’s mostly made of plastic with a matte finish, except for the locking knob, which is metal, and the clamp which soft rubber so it doesn’t scratch your smartphone.

It’s easy to set up as a selfie stick. Just flip the upper portion, lock it in place, clamp your mobile device, and extend the telescopic rod.

Now let’s check out the other features. The gimbal has a built-in tripod by the handle; all you need to do is pull out the legs. It wobbles a bit but stable enough to keep it from tilting.


Also found by the handle is a Bluetooth remote for your smartphone. All you need to do is pair to it like any regular Bluetooth device. It’s detachable so you can trigger your smartphone from a distance of up to 10m. It also has a micro USB port so you can recharge its battery.

To turn it into a stabilizing gimbal, loosen the knob, then press and hold the button on the clamp for three seconds. Once it’s on, it will immediately position your smartphone to portrait mode. Press the button once, and it will rotate the clamp 90-degrees counter-clockwise for landscape mode.

Switching back to portrait position is weird, though, as pressing the button again will turn the clamp further counter-clockwise and not the other way around. If you have a tall phone, it will hit the handle, but if it doesn’t, it will just position your smartphone in an inverted position. Weird.

As for its stabilizing feature, it’s a 1-axis stabilizer, which means it can only adjust for tilt. It’s not as smooth as 3-axis stabilizers, but it’s still useful as it can keep your video level even when you’re not.

The gimbal has an operating time of 2 hours, which should be enough for some quick vlogging. You can charge it via a micro USB port on the clamp’s side and would take about an hour to charge it to full.

The Momax Selfie Stable Smartphone Gimbal has an SRP of PHP 3,490 and is available at select Digital Walker stores. If you’re looking for a portable tripod gimbal for your smartphone without breaking the bank, then you might want to check this out.

Momax Selfie Stable Smartphone Gimbal specs:
Input: 5V/500mA (Micro USB)
Size : 188mm x 40mm x 65.5mm
Max. length: 580±10mm
Weight: 230g±5g
Bluetooth shutter: Bluetooth 3.0
Battery Type: Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery 401515 (Bluetooth shutter)
Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery 802030 (Stabilizer)
Capacity : 65mAh (Bluetooth shutter); 450mAh (Stabilizer)
Operating time: 2 hours
Charging time: 1 hour
Operating temperature : 0? – 40?
Single-axis Gimbal Mechanical range: Pan/120°(Landscape Mode); Pan/270°(Portrait Mode); Tilt/90°
Width of Compatible phones: 58±3mm(Min.); 111±3mm(Max.)
Thickness of compatible phones: 10mm
Max. Load: 400 g
Micro USB cable (30cm)
Protective Block

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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