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Premium Spigen cases for Galaxy S6, S6 Edge & LG G4

Spigen has always been the first one to leak out renders of upcoming flagship smartphones thru their early case designs, some of which we shared here before. So it’s no surprise that they have become one of the more popular brands when it comes to 3rd-party cases and accessories.

We have 4 different Spigen cases here (the other one we did not open and use since we’ll be giving it away to a Galaxy S6 Edge reader) which are made specifically for the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and the LG G4.

This one is the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for LG G4 in in gold color which we bought the other month in Best Buy, San Francisco (the other one, in gunmetal color, was sourced from Lazada). It’s relatively thick, especially around the back, to give a solid protection from drops and shock. The gold trimming sandwiches another strip of rubber that protrudes outside the corner of the glass panel to protect the edges from accidental bumps.

Once suited up, the LG G4 feels a bit bulkier though comfortable to the hands. Fits even with the leather cover and ceramic cover in place but can be very hard to remove if you need to access the battery or the SIM cards. Some audio jacks (esp. the L-shaped ones) will be compatible with this case.

This Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex Case for Galaxy S6 comes in gunmetal color. It’s basically a bumper case since the rubber and hard polycarbonate band only protects the sides and edges of the handset. Fortunately, the kit also comes with a clear protective film for the back side to give it some resistance to potential scratches.

It’s a simple, no-fuss bumper-type case which is easy to install, relatively minimal footprint yet provides ample protection.


This last case for the Galaxy S6 Edge is the nicest of the lot — a Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Case. The clear polycarbonate material with gold trimming gives the Galaxy S6 Edge in gold a treatment that retains the elegance of the S6 Edge.

It is thicker around the sides to help protect against bumps and shocks although the curved shape of the S6 Edge doesn’t really give it total coverage except for the top and bottom corners.

All fo the Spigen cases above comes with a Spigen Kuel H10 Stylus Pen and screen protector as part of the package (if you get them locally here while the one I bought in the US did not have any extras).

You can check availability and pricing of cases here (ranges from Php990 to Php1,790 each).

Btw, we have an extra Spigen Neo Hybrid case (worth Php1,790) for the Galaxy S6 Edge to give away to readers. Check follow the Rafflecopter widget below for instructions.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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32 Responses

  1. CliffRosario says:

    What smartphone do you currently own?
    I currently own a Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

  2. Redhorsedude says:

    Spigen cases kickass.

  3. Elinor S says:

    Galaxy S6

  4. Xeno says:

    I currently own a Galaxy Note 3 but I might buy a Galaxy S6 Edge in the near future

  5. Neil says:

    LG G4 :)

  6. sammerpan says:

    Galaxy S6 edge FTW!

  7. Hayatte says:

    iphone 5s

  8. Lukenn says:

    I currently have an S6 Edge. Give me the case hahaha.

  9. Efren Villalon says:

    S4 from my son.

  10. Marvin Nick Eco says:

    I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge..

  11. Junnel Montelibano says:

    LG G4!

  12. Erwin Regalado says:

    Currently have a Samsung Galaxy Edge! hope I’ll be lucky enough to win this… thanks!

  13. Bryan says:

    i want the Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Case please. hehehehe.

  14. Benmarlowe Obra says:

    Samsung Galaxy 6s

  15. Jaric Bernabe says:

    galaxy s6 edge

  16. good luck all! ganda ng spigen hehe

  17. S6 flat owner, can’t look for anything else!

  18. ryan reyes says:

    I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold platinum. The best smartphone I’ve ever had.

  19. Mark Cabatbat says:

    Samsung Galaxy 6s :-)

  20. Mark Cabatbat says:

    Samsung Galaxy s6 :-)

  21. Charles Cheng says:

    Samsung Galaxy S6 :)

  22. christian says:

    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge!

  23. christian says:

    Galaxy S6 edge!

  24. chris says:

    s6 EDGE

  25. chris says:

    GS6 edge…

  26. markc says:

    samsung s6 :-)

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