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AdSense now Reports Targeting Type

Ealier the other day, Google AdSense updates its reporting feature which is more simplified and streamlined. Two of the better part of this update are reports for Referrals and Targeting Types.

We now offer more detailed reports about the type of ad targeting you’re displaying on your pages. See how much of your traffic is viewing site-targeted CPM ads and how much is viewing contextually-targeted CPC ads.

To view separate reports for contexual targeting and site targeting, visit your Advanced Reports page. From there, choose AdSense for content as the product, select to show data by individual ad unit, and click the checkbox marked Show data by targeting type – contextual or site. Then generate a report as usual.

In addition, we’ve added advanced reports for referrals – you can now track your clicks, sign-ups, conversions and earnings over a more flexible date range. [more]

Now, you’re able to see how much are you really getting from targetted advertisers (those are paid via number of impressions, not clicks):

And forget about the referrals — won’t get you anywhere. The whole time, I only got $0.10 for a single Firefox referral.

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