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Centralized Google AdSense Ad Management

Google just announced an upcoming change in its AdSense Program that allows Publishers to modify their ads without changing the code.

The ad code management will then be centralized in the AdSense panel.


This new ad management feature means that your ad unit settings (such as colors and channels) for new AdSense for content ad units will be saved in your AdSense account every time you generate ad code. Then, if you’d like to change any of these settings in the future, all you do is make the update within your account — you’ll no longer need to manually replace the ad code on all of your pages. For instance, you can quickly change the borders of all your 300×250 medium rectangles from red to blue with just a few mouse clicks. Fancy! We hope that this new feature will help you save time and will simplify the process of optimizing your ad units.

This feature has not yet been rolled out yet. Well, I say it’s about time. Been wondering about this for years now actually and why it hasn’t been implemented before. I thought it was just easier for AdSense to store some bits of info about your ad account which it has been doing since they introduced “channels”.

Basically, they’ll only be adding Ad ID to your code and that ID will pull out all ad layout/scheme information when displaying the ads on your site. Hope to see this one rolling out soon.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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12 Responses

  1. Pretty nice stuff. You don’t have to edit every WordPress template page when changing the ads. ;D

  2. Lonely Pinoy says:

    A good news indeed.

  3. mr nice ash says:

    so is this format-based or channel-based? if it’s format-based, then all the ads of same format that are displayed on my different sites will have same schemes? i would prefer channel-based in this case.

  4. McBilly says:

    About time too! Great news Abe. I’ll be looking forward to this. :)

  5. Goe Dee says:

    Improving! This is what most of us is waiting for.

  6. Normand says:

    I Like the idea.

  7. cad says:

    Very nice feature. Hope this will be available soon.

  8. webtyro says:

    cool! makes things easier for us..

  9. adsph says:

    another great new idea from google.

  10. unfortunately, this is soo buggy in my case that my earnings dropped BIG time while my traffic hit stratospherically high to a 1000%. channels are not showing any impressions and PSA’s are everywhere.

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