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Google Account Migration for Adsense Publishers

Google Account MigrationJust happened early this morning. Google Adsense initiated a migration of old Adsense Publisher accounts to the new Google Account.

So, the next time you login to your Adsense panel, you may be greeted with a new page asking you to switch your account to an existing Google Account or create a new login.

Please take a moment to update your AdSense login.

We will soon be requiring all our publishers to update their logins to a Google Account . This change will provide you with enhanced security and will make it more convenient for you to use other Google products with just one account. Learn more

To begin the process, answer the first question below. After you complete the process, only your login changes. All your other account information will remain the same.

While this could be a welcome change for some Adsense Publishers, having a single login to your AdSense Account as all your other Google Services like GMail, Calendar, IG might be too risky for security. Me, I like them separated.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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8 Responses

  1. Noemi says:

    I had this notice two weeks ago. I agree with you it’s safer to have 2 logins. I wonder why they’re taking this step.

  2. Chino Yray says:


    it’s a no brainer step actually. We don’t even have to think why they made this move. This is just simple, user-friendliness.

    Remember that Google is now moving like Microsoft(when it comes to the features) and Microsoft is moving like Google (the search & advertising feature).

  3. Ade says:

    I like integrating alkl of Google’s services, but not Adsense. That’s why I’m not merging Adsense into my Google account.

  4. Hi Abe,

    Haven’t been able to keep up with this blog for a while … still covering alot of good stuff as always. Interesting to see this issue raised here. There are both good and bad points regarding a single login for both AdSense and the rest of Google… but in my case Google isn’t offering me the choice. Becuase I already had an AdWords account with a Google account as the login I can _not_ change my AdSense account to the same login.

    OK, you say, for security many prefer it that way. But, I also can’t stay logged in to my other Google services like GMail and my home page .. I mean iGoogle … because of the previous, now unused, AdWords account. Google won’t fix this or cancel the AdWords or do anything to help … many emails later and I am still stuck.

    I blogged about it here in a guest post:
    I’m really looking for help on this, it’s frustrtaing as the dickens and Google’s attitude appears very customer hostile.

  5. juju says:

    i’m asking 4 new google acount how i can get.i am fr. Oman

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