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Google Video Ads coming up

Apart from the usual contextual text ads that we’re familiar with, we’ve also seen some images ads once and a while as well as trhe rare animated ads. Now, Google is introducing “video ads” as well and we might see some of them later this week.

The video expansion, announced late Monday, will affect thousands of Web sites that rely on Google to post ads related to the surrounding material on a page. For instance, a news story about housing might prompt Google to display an ad for real estate agents.


Google isn’t allowing the video ads to appear on its own Web site — a heavily trafficked destination that produced 58 percent of its $2.25 billion in revenue during the first three months of this year. {story here}

The scheme will allow advertisers to come up with a short video ads which will them be shown alongside the regular contextual and image ads. However, this time, the viewers will have to click play before the videos are played which is reasoable enough so it will not distract readers and only attract those who are interested. As expected, this Pay-per-Play video ads will cost more.

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