Rounded Adsense ads for everyone

Rounded Adsense ads for everyone

The official Inside Adsense blog just published a new post announcing the option to make rounded corners for Adsense ad formats. Though this is just a minor development for Adsense Publishers, I’m sure some of the bloggers out there who are using smooth and rounded themes will be glad to have this option.

Rounded Ads

Aside from the regular square Adsense ad layout, you can now select between square, slightly rounded, or very rounded corners. This aesthetic update sure does make the ads look more appealing (thereby increasing click-through rates) than ever.


To get started with these new ad shapes, visit the ‘AdSense Setup’ tab in your account. As with all format options like sizes and colors, different corner styles will perform better for different publishers. We recommend that you choose the corner style that best matches the look and feel of your sites. Please keep in mind that if your page background color, ad background color, and ad border color are all the same, these new corners won’t be visible.

Does this also mean that if an image ad or a video ads comes thru, they will also be displayed with the rounded corners? Don’t think so.

Anyway, I wish they’d also open up the option of changing the text fonts soon too. Or, is that privilege only for Premium Publishers?

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5 Responses

  1. Patet says:

    How interesting! Thanks, Yuga. I’ll dash off and try this rounded corners feature with both regular ads and ad links. Something tells me, though, that this will work best with vertical ad links.

  2. markku says:

    Interesting, though editable font-size and typeface would be more appreciated.

  3. beeps says:

    Im very sorry for the Off TOpic: Yugs im currently here in CEBU for Work and also for the ICT Conference. as well as for the Cebu Chamber of Commerce meeting.

    Actually i was waiting for any latest IT Scene updates around the website unfortunately i was unlucky to find one. just an fyi. :)

  4. now i’m waiting for an oblong type of adsense

  5. Hmm making the borders rounded would not help those people who does not use borders around their adsense ads but it’s good to see more choice in customizing how the ads look.

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