5th Gen iPod Nano Review

5th Gen iPod Nano Review

This is the 4th time that Apple upgraded their most popular media player, the iPod Nano 5G. I previously thought there’s nothing more you can add to this small media player but looks like Apple still has a couple more tricks up their sleeves.

Apple sent me a review unit last week and here are some of my observations about the new iPod Nano.

ipod nano

The exterior design has not changed since the previous one (see review of iPod Nano 4G), except for the addition of a VGA video camera and pinhole mic at the back. That, and the 2.2″ screen size.

Here are several sample videos recorded with the iPod Nano:

The videos are a little washed out and even playback on the Nano gives an impression it’s in greyscale and not color (even if it is). I think it’s decent and the frame rate is good enough considering it’s just VGA (0.3MP). The recorded videos can be accessed via File Manager when Disk Mode is enabled on the device. File format is MP4 and encoding is MPEG-4, 640×480 resolution at 29fps. Audio is stereo at 44kHz with a 128 bitrate.


The placement of the camera and mic at the back still puzzles me. Putting them at the bottom left end of the backside is counter-intuitive — I always end up covering the lens whenever I shoot. The pinhole mic picks up sound pretty well but there’s a significant amount of static noise that goes along with it.

The FM radio tuner works as expected and fixing on a channel/station is easy with the scroll wheel. However, you will need the earphones plugged in for it to work as it serves as a radio antenna.

The built-in speakers are hidden somewhere but from inspection, it seems the volume is strongest at the bottom end (cable port). It’s usable but not very loud nor has any semblance of bass either (better than no speakers at all). Speakers won’t work with radio as well since the earphones must be plugged in.

As for the other new features like the pedometer may only be useful when you’re a big fitness buff. Of course, there’s also the Nike + iPod Sports Kit package for runners. The VoiceOver, implemented earlier with the Shuffle, tells you the title and artist of the songs you listen to.

As for the sound performance of the player, there aren’t any improvements in that department (compared to the 3rd and 4th generation). Same with the earphones. I guess Apple focused more on adding those new features instead of impressing the audiophiles.

Nonetheless, if I said that the 4th generation wasn’t a worthy upgrade before, this 5th generation sure does offer a plethora of value-added features to make it a worthy buy. At the Apple Philippines Online Store, the 8GB iPod Nano is priced at Php8,790 and the 16GB at Php10,490.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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48 Responses

  1. MP says:

    how much is this?

  2. Deo says:

    This one cost 10k.php. its nice to have one…

  3. rsa1 says:


    did you even mind reading the article?

  4. Joroz says:

    Available na po ba ito dito sa Pinas? Or sa ibang bansa pa lang?

  5. Jericho says:

    Salamt po sir sa pagshare ng gadget na ito… Galing nyo talaga…

  6. yuga says:

    @MP – updated with prices.

    @Joroz – you can get any of the colors at the Apple Philippines Online Store. They’re also available on all Apple resellers in the Philippines.

    @Jericho – welcome.

  7. Brian_B says:

    Saan mo nakuha ang first video. I have never been there.

  8. rcsaint says:

    hmmm…pwede na pang-scandal..very handy…hehehe!

  9. yuga says:

    @brianb – Boni High Street at The Fort.

  10. bertsan531 says:

    this ipod is really good for listening to music tracks and radio , for me id rather get zune hd if want to watch videos coz I always have my mobile for taking picts and videos anyway.. nice shi tzu mr. yuga kaya lang nahulog sa bench hehehe…how many dogs do you have?

  11. Heard that this only shoots videos and not pictures – pretty weird if it’s really true.

  12. daniel says:

    Is it possible to use the FM radio even if I’m not using Apple earphones?

  13. yuga says:

    @bertsan – hahaha! yeah, puppy pa e. We now only have 2 pet dogs. Don’t ask about the python and the piranha. hehehe

    @reel advice – yup, no photos, just videos. weird nga.

    @daniel – yup, any headphone will do.

  14. Finally! I’ve been waiting for an iPod that has a voice recorder, the pedometer will also be useful for someone who needs to lose weight like me. :-)

  15. manong says:

    worthy buy? come on! those added features are too late in the market… or just because it is APPLE means it is BUY ME?

    better rename this post as an advertisment rather than a review

  16. iko says:

    mas nag panic ako dun sa nahulog na puppy kesa sa so-so video quality ng ipod nano.

  17. rcsaint says:

    hmmm…pwede na pang-scandal..very handy…hehehe!

  18. boo says:

    yuga, did you also notice that the build is also quite strange, parang mas naging toy-like compared sa previous gen? very disappointing itong latest release talaga… even the colors look tacky. the aluminum build also seems to be a little “cheaper to the feel” compared to last gens.

    this new nano is horrible.

  19. Eka says:

    Mukhang maganda nga din yung iPod Nano 5th Gen but I still want to get an iPhone 3G S. Sir Abe, next time mag test ka ng video capabilities ng nirereview mo iinclude mo lagi yung shih tzu mo. Ang cute kasi niya, actually distracting siya kasi nakakalimutan mo na hindi maganda or maganda yung quality ng video. hehehe

  20. Eka says:

    I forgot to ask what your pup’s name is…

  21. paeng says:

    hey I got mine for P7,490 at accent micro (megamall), Ipod Nano 8gb 12 months 0%interest
    hehehe cheap!!!!

  22. Cheftonio says:

    I’d rather go for the iPod Touch 8gb rather than the 16gb Nano 5th gen.

  23. bot says:

    review naman diyan about: AUDIOENGINE, very impressive audio accessories for computers and mp3’s. available na kaya sa pinas? sori kung naliligaw itong topic. ganda sound for its size.

  24. bo says:

    would like to ask about the battery life of this ipod? how long it will last with 192kbps bitrate of mp3?

  25. mai says:

    tnx sa post po.. pde po mgrequest ? pde po mgpost keo ng prices ng lht ng ipod including shuffle pra macompare ung prices sa pinas and other countries?

    tnx po

    gsto ko lng sna malaman kung mas mura sa pinas o sa north america o sa tsina

  26. sam says:

    does it also have a 4GB 5th gen ipod nano???

  27. sam says:

    what is shown is only the 8GB and 16GB..does it also have a 4GB only???..please reply anyone??..hehe

  28. Justine says:

    @sam, walang 4GB 8GB and 16GB lang s’ya. :D

  29. Hanban says:

    Sayang. Wala pala rito ang review ng iPod 5G kung nasa speakers siya. Kasi sakin, hindi siya nagpa-play, maski sa mismong Power Mac ko na pinapatugtog. I wonder what the problem is…
    So yes. 5G ang iPod ko at hindi naman tumutugtog kapag ilagay sa speaker.

  30. eric says:

    hai. alm b ninyo kung panuh palitan ng themes ang 5th gen.. :D

  31. jasmine says:

    yuga totoo bang di sya nagpiplay sa speakers?
    im planning to buy kc.gusto ko din maplay ito sa speakers..

  32. Edwin C says:

    Ok lang naman ang video niya. Hinde naman kailangan HD ang dating kasi parang libangan lang ang video nito.

  33. Edwin C says:

    Yuga, kailangan pa bang i-attach ang headphone kung pinapanood mo lang ang video?

  34. mark says:

    yuga bakit nung nag DL aq ng video in mp4 format inde q xa maipaxok sa ipod….

    meon naman aq itunes… and alam q naman i opperate un…

  35. fedhz says:

    luma na din pala tong 5th gen. mura na ba sya sa Php8000 at this time? meron ako nakita selling for 7300 kaso personal warranty lang, pero brand new daw. hm…

  36. Charm says:

    Im planning to buy ipod nano 5th gen. But im still confused whether if its I-touch or nano? can anyone help me to decide?

  37. Deymn says:

    Having Trouble making the TV Out work for this unit. It says “Accessory not supported”. Very frustrating! It works for a while, then goes out and says that message.

  38. Wow, this is really awesome. Great review!


  39. cindy says:

    oohh…i got mine last april using a promo when you avail an HSBC credit card,u’ll have to pay 300 pesos for 2yrs a month with o% interest.

    mine’s work and fit for me very well,i like it so much!!!

  40. kimberly says:

    ito na lang ang bibilhin ko as a replacement sa nawala kong ipod nano 4th gen . di na rin kasi ako makahanap sa mga stores ng 4th gen lang .
    sir , tanong ko po .. meron din ba itong games at ung pag gamit ay parehas sa 4th gen ?

  41. joyce says:

    Available pa ba ito?

  42. Yanos says:

    @ joyce, kakabili ko lang ng nano 5G orange 8gb sa A. Shop sa Podium

    meron na lang sila mga 4-6 pcs (New,NOT refurbished.)

    You should buy now kasi pwedeng maubos yun ng mabilis

    a lot of ppl think that nano 6g sucks so they’re searching for the nano 5g’s that are left

  43. Stephanie says:

    sino po ang naghahanap ng ipod nano 5th gen.? Binibinta ko po ung ipod ko color pink, 100% smooth, no damage.

    if you are interested, just txt me at 09082295532

  44. mah says:

    nagbebenta din ba ang yugatech? or what??? syensya na c-confuse kasi ako., and pag nagbebenta sila, pano procedure nag pag buy??? please paki sagot po

  45. What software should you make business cards from your pc?

  46. Name: asdfghjkl says:

    Meron pa ba nito?? :))

  47. D3 says:

    Merton pa bang nagbebenta neto? Pinapangit ang 6th generation. Ang daming nawala na features

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