8GB iPhone 5C leaves you less than 5GB usable storage

8GB iPhone 5C leaves you less than 5GB usable storage

Apple has just made official its new and more affordable 8GB iPhone 5C to cater even to the price-sensitive individuals in hopes to ramp up its already-flourishing sales; but with its pre-installed apps, the available storage for users to use clocks in only at less than 5GB.

5c 2

Apple Insider reports that because of iPhone 5C’s newly-free Garage Band, iMovie, iPhoto, and iWork apps altogether weighs in at nearly 3GB already and all the storage left drops to around 4.9GB.

It’s not all that bad considering that no one really maximizes internal storages as the company claims it. For example if your smartphone has a large 32GB capacity, you couldn’t really store 32GB worth of photos and videos – the 32GB basically is the overall storage capacity of your phone. Another good example here is Samsung’s Galaxy S4 that claims to have 16GB of internal storage but mainly because of the company’s TouchWiz UI, there’s really just 8.56GB of free memory. Sucks doesn’t it?


2 Mobile storage space

Going back to the 8GB iPhone 5C, losing 3GB for pre-installed apps is pretty small compared to other smartphones (the 16GB iPhone 5C even ranked first in the chart above). It’s just that 8GB, to begin with, is already easy to use up. Keep in mind, though, that Apple gives its users access to free iCloud services so they can backup and store media and apps on it; but of course having a spacious local storage is still preferred.

The 8GB iPhone 5C, as reported yesterday, would probably cost around Php25,000 when it gets here. We hope that the points raised will help you decide if you’re considering on getting the most affordable iPhone 5C.



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24 Responses

  1. afterman says:

    Mabuti pa ang Apple, kaya mag post ng medyo negative na article. Bakit sa mga local brands gaya ng Starmobile etc, puro papuri maririnig?

    • abuzalzal says:

      Tsaka kung tratuhin ang O+ dito parang birhen na nasa pedestal

    • afterman says:

      Pera pera lang ba sir?

    • anonymouse says:

      bakit puros suhol/pera/padulas ang comment? hindi ba pwedeng nasa mood lang yung nag sulat?

    • diakoplastik says:

      wag kayong hipokrito. ang blog na to ay ginawa for revenue service. ofcourse binabayaran sila to promote the products. yugatech is not created for public service. rather appreciate nyo lang mga reviews ng yugatech as it serves its purpose not please hypocrites. kung magsalita kayo parang ayaw nyo kumita. marami ba kayong pera? peace!

  2. pati nokia di rin pinapatawad nila oklabs.


    hi abuzalzal.

  3. nego says:

    Still not worth buying IMHO. At 25K you can buy an iPad Mini with Retina Display 32GB even iPad Air. Or other hi-end smartphones of Android. Just saying :)

  4. eric jay says:

    “the most affordable iPhone 5C” XD

    • phonebuddy says:

      ..which is almost the same price as the android flagships.

    • Bryan says:

      ^ that and also it’s made of cheap plastic which most iSheeps used to compare

      It the list of phones above, I see only 2 phones with no variants or whatsoever that could allow memory expansion through microSD card. Oh wait, aren’t those iPoop 5Sh*t and 5Cr*p?

      They must be mistaken, surely one can’t maximize all 32GB with videos and photos, but it will be ignorant for them not to include heavy games and apps. 16GB is, IMHO, a standard. 8GB is Apple’s way of telling those who bought it to “Go f*ck yourselves”.

    • Bryan says:

      forgot about Nexus 5 and htc one mini. nexus is crap too since it’s made by LG. even some of those working in LG agrees with me.

      for htc one mini, I’m not sure why this was included. obviously the flagship model is the big brother and not this one.

  5. jip says:

    si megan Young sana maging model nyan…

    daring daw sya sa new movie nya

  6. JP says:

    At 25k the Sony Xperia Z1 compact is the better choice if what you are after is a small phone but with high end specs.

  7. JC says:

    iphone 5c 16gb at Lazada is roughly 25k..so why this 8gb will still be on that 25k+ price? 22k+ pa ata sa Kimstore ei…so sana naman…kahit nasa 18k-20k na lang ‘tong 8gb :)

    • aze says:

      Hi JC,

      when comparing price, ALWAYS stick to SRP.
      25,000 is the SRP of 8gb ip5c, and you can see below the SRP of other version of ip5c.

      IPHONE 5C
      16GB – 29,000
      32GB – 34,200

      so obviously, if lazada or kimstore will offer the 8gb, it would be priced lower so they can sell it competitively.

      so yung SANA mo na 18k lang ang ip5c 8gb ay mukhang magkakatotoo.. :)

  8. vince says:

    5 gig usable storage is acceptable if you can add a 32 or 64 gig micro SD card. Android has micro sd card slots, e apple meron ba?

  9. al says:

    Why compare internal storage? Most of the android phones have card slot (except Nexus 5 & HTC One mini), which you can put up to 64gb. Android users always buy a memory card to go with their phone.

  10. fo' shiz says:

    Shameless money grab.

  11. ronzbonz says:

    Cheapness redefined

  12. Rafael says:

    Swerte pa pala ako sa 9.27GB usable storage ng Samsung S4 ko. =)

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