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Apple launches the new iPad Air

Alongside the new iPad Mini with Retina display, Apple also introduced the latest generation of their 9.7-inch slate which is surprisingly called the iPad Air.

apple ipad air

Apart from the new naming, Apple has also made a few adjustments on the iPad Air, making it thinner (7.5mm vs 9.4mm) and marginally lighter (1lb vs 1.4lb) than the 4th Generation iPad.


The company also gave their new flagship tablet a performance boost by equipping it with their latest chipset which includes the 64-bit A7 processor, a quad-core GPU, as well as the accompanying M7 processor.

Apple iPad Air specs:

9.7-inch IPS LCD Retina Display, 2048×1536 pixels @ 264ppi
Apple A7 64-bit chip dual-core processor
Apple M7 Motion processor
5MP iSight rear camera
1080p full HD video recording
1.3MP front-facing FaceTime camera
Built-in microphone
4G/LTE (Optional)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
Assisted GPS
iOS 7

The base model (16Gb, Wi-Fi only) of the Apple iPad Air has a price tag of USD499 and will be sold alongside the iPad 2 which is priced at USD399.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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35 Responses

  1. kimsooha says:

    well both iPad mini & iPad Air have storage options range from 16GB all the way to 128GB

  2. wallyb says:

    Next will be iPhone Air. With air shuffle technology!

    Ayyy O+ pala iyon mga dabarkads.

  3. Syntax says:

    Apple definition of new : lighter and thinner

  4. Berkanoshow says:

    Hmm the lighter Ipad Air for USD499 or the Lumia 2520 with LTE for USD499?

  5. del says:

    kahit anong gawin walang makakatalo pagdating sa tablet ng apple. ipad pa din. cgro sa smartphone may edge sila but not in ipad.

  6. mang karyo says:

    Sirain naman ang charger ng Apple!

    • mag titinapa says:

      ung luma oo sirain talaga pero ung bago na lightning connector hindi sirain in-terms of durability.


  7. Ryan says:

    anung bago? gumaan lang… konting bump up sa hardware… boom $$$ na.

    • abuzalzal says:

      gumaan lang ba kamo? baka di mo alam kung gaano kahirap na internal design ang kailangan gawin dyan. baka nga ikaw di mo kaya pa gaangin sarili mo e. lol

    • abuzalzal_girl says:

      bobo.. magaging mabilis ba ito or magiging maganda ba ang display nang ipad mu kung magaan ito? hahah

    • abdulsalsal says:

      abuzalzal_girl inutil haha, malamang tinaasan ang specs di ka ba nag babasa. e kung tumaas nga ang specs tapos luslos naman tinggil mo sa bigat e wag na din hahaha

  8. Iyan Sommerset says:

    I really don’t get this fetish with thinner and thinner devices. Lighter, I understand to some degree. But thinner? That just compromises structural integrity, makes it prone to overheating, being prone to manhandling damage, etc. Hell, there may come a point where a sudden gust of wind goes *whoosh* and whoosh goes your tablet.

    • abuzalzal says:

      and wooosh goes your stupid opinion you fu*king imbicile :))

    • Jimmy Nap says:

      Being pak from behind by his gay lover every night makes abuzalzal a very bad boy wawa naman.

    • Megan Yang says:

      Excuse me, but manhandling means to move something with great effort. How can a lighter device such as the iPad Air be “prone to manhandling damage” when you’re not even exerting extra force to hold something with less weight? Also, people fail to see the advantage of a lighter form factor in the long run, especially for those who use their iPads as a productivity tool. In real life usage, having less weight to strain your arms means more time for either productivity or leisure.

      (Sent from my Nintendo Game Boy Color)

    • apir says:

      buti pa si megan yang , pang miss world ang sagot, pasok na pasok at may sustansya. lab u!

    • Iyan Sommerset says:

      man•han•dle (?mæn?hæn dl, mæn?hæn dl)

      v.t. -dled, -dling.
      1. to handle roughly.

  9. webbed says:

    apple is to good….ipad v/s tab…ipad always 10 steps ahead

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  10. Nathan says:

    looking forward to its release! :)

  11. Ronald says:

    Already got mine in white 16GB LTE version from as tore in V Mall Greenhills for P29,000.

  12. ymer2682 says:

    bought mine for 27.5k at sm north edsa last week.. since this is my first tablet, i dont have any point of comparison but so far my experience with ipad air is great! i use it for entertainment and im quite satisfied with its performance though im not actually too familiar with the benchmarks and stuff, it provides the basics i would require from a tablet..plus hardware wise i think its really durable with that high-end feel to it..hope Yugatech will post its review on this product.. thanks.. =)

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