Apple Music cheapest in India at $2, only $3 in Philippines

Apple Music cheapest in India at $2, only $3 in Philippines

When Apple announced their own music streaming service, top contenders like Spotify found itself a strong competitor in Apple Music.

However, Apple’s $10-a-month subscription seemed to expensive for Asian countries like the Philippines where Spotify Premium is just Php129.

Apple is dangling a better carrot by offering 3 months free membership. But after that, you will be charged automatically. The basic Spotify service is free though but with limited features and with ads inserted between playbacks.


Now that the service is being rolled out in many countries, looks like subscription prices for Apple Music are significantly different.

In poorer countries, the pricing is much lower. In India, for example, the monthly fee is $2 for individual and $3 for family plans. In Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand, it’s $5 and $7; in Hong Kong, $6 and $10; and in Singapore, $7.50 and $11 (in US dollars).

In the Philippines, monthly subscription is just $2.99. It’s only available to iOS devices at the moment but support for Android will come next quarter.

Will Filipinos find Apple Music better than Spotify Premium? Chime in on the comments section.


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10 Responses

  1. Louis says:

    Pls review apple music. Thanks!

  2. Reader says:

    *their own music streaming service

  3. poche says:

    Its available on the pc and mac too by using itunes

  4. Rouge says:

    $2.99 aint bad for Apple Music premium account. That amount translates to around Php130.00 per month after the 3 month free trial. For comparison, US customers are required to pay $9.95 per month after the trial. Only thing Apple missing currently is partnership with local carriers (Globe/Smart) because music streaming will definitely eat a large slice of your already capped mobile data plan. Spotify has partnership with Globe and Deezer/Spinner has partnership with Smart. I have a Deezer premium account free with my current data plan with Smart which allows me to stream unlimited music. Data consumed by streaming is not counted against my limited 5GB monthly allocation. Only advantage Apple music have is they already have Taylor Swift on board ?. Nuff said

    • azeroth says:

      I noticed that apple music have wider range of available music, i find it true for OPMs.

  5. carloxy says:

    So far so good, been using it since this morning on my Mac. Im still deciding if ill ditch Spotify for good and stick with this one coz this one has Taylor Swift ya’ll! hehe :D

  6. Louie says:

    Alam ko sa US 9$ din ang spotify make sense talaga na sabayan ng Apple ang pricing sa Pinas.

  7. Nelson says:

    Advantage of AppleMusic

    – Beats1
    – 256 kbps AAC which uses lower bandwidth than 320kbps of RDio and Spotify.
    – Has more OPM; ex. more TrueFaith / Side A..haha

  8. Del says:

    Hello. Does anyone know the offline songs you can store in Apple Music? Spotify can only store 3,333 songs. If I can store more songs in Apple Music, I’m switching over! :)

  9. prince0271 says:

    For me, Apple Music seems to have a large base for OPM music. So yeah, im with Apple Music HAHA! Apple should also include music amplification control which i find interesting on Spotify.

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