Apple OS X is now MacOS Sierra, comes with Siri

Apple OS X is now MacOS Sierra, comes with Siri

Next up at the ongoing WWDC 2016, Apple has announced that the next software version of the operating system will be called MacOS Sierra and is letting go of the OS X branding that the company has been using for a while now.

macOS sierra

The biggest highlight of the announcement is that Siri will be on the Mac, and it’s well integrated into your apps, notifications and of course, search. Additionally, users can also unlock Macs using an Apple Watch which comes in handy for mobile workers.


Apple Pay will soon be available for web payments in addition to using it on the App Store and via NFC. It also has a universal copy and paste feature that lets you doodle on an iPad and paste it straight to your Mac.


The rest of the update revolves around Apple services such as iCloud, Pay, and the Mac’s connection to other devices through Continuity. As to when it will be available, Apple is looking at a public beta of Sierra in July.

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