Apple sells unlocked iPhone 4 at $649

Apple sells unlocked iPhone 4 at $649

The US Apple Online Store has started selling unlocked iPhone 4 with the 16GB model priced at $649. The move could have been prompted by the expiration of the lock-in with AT&T which lasted for years.


If that’s the case, it is also possible we might be seeing Apple also offering unlocked iPhone 4’s in other countries, including the Philippines. Other countries like Hong Kong already have unlocked iPhone 4s due to legal restrictions.

The starting price of $649 translates to about Php28,500 and the 32GB is $749 (Php32,500). Still not that cheap but obviously beter than the Php38k and Php42k prepaid offer with Globe.

This also means you can ask your relatives in the US to buy you one and it should be able to work here in the Philippines.

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54 Responses

  1. superG says:

    and that is nice :)

  2. xara says:

    i’m enjoying my iphone 4 32gb, bili na ;)

  3. dreu says:

    i’m enjoying my iphone 4 32gb, bili na ;)

  4. pasaway says:

    sorry off topic. im a fan and avid reader of this site pero napansin ko lang na karamihan sa pinpost na articles dito galing sa gsmarena? :p

  5. William T says:

    Steet prices for iphone4 16GB is 30k and 34k for the 32GB.

    I would have bought one long ago, if not for Steve Job crazy idea of using a MicroSIM, I won’t cut my main SIM just for this phone. While I can use an adapter for other phones, I rather keep my SIM as is. So Apple loss is Android gain, or is it Samsung’s gain? (Since Samsung got my cash, and Google got nothing, I never click on ads :-) …)

    • Mat says:

      You dont have to cut your line. The Telecom companies can convert it to MicroSIM. Globe charges 50 pesos, though.

  6. i don’t think this will be offered in the Apple Ph for now, Globe still has the distribution exclusivity contract with Apple. probably in the next year of so.

  7. Mat says:

    Seeing that the image with the price is not “billing details”, $649 is likely sans tax. That means this is, likely, $700+ for 16GB.

  8. Loki_Newgate says:

    Ano po ba ang lamang ng iPhone sa Android phones??
    ang alam ko lang kasi iPhones are quality phones.

    • Mat says:

      I have 2 Android phones(HTC Desire & DHD) and the white iPhone 4 so I can say iOS is not as intuitive as some might like to say. I’m not saying its bad, but OS wise I would rate them at par with only your preferences to be a deciding factor.

      Some things of note about iOS4:
      1. You have to look for a back button FOR EVERY APP. Even built in apps are messy.
      2. Market download is outright slow. So much so that I’m starting to see conspiracies.
      3. No active integration with anything. No widgets means no instant notifications.
      4. Screen is beutiful. Wonderful screen, better than anything. I can see why people rave about it.
      5. Build is very good. Feels great in the hand, but its obviously fragile. However, it did survive a drop from 2-feet with a capdase jelly case.
      6. Not being able to Bluetooth data is a pain. I rarely take out my laptop anymore, but the iPhone is FORCING me to.
      7. Cant live without a computer. Related to #6, Android can work without ever connecting to a computer. The iPhone’s reliance to iTunes negetivly affects my UX.

      While the iPhone 4 is a very nice device, I would recommend against trusting the hype around it.

      To answer the post I’m responding to; Yes, the build and quality of materials is nice. Unless you intend to use it as a paperweight, you will be interested in the other features and, I must say, I’m dissapointed.

    • Pinoy Persuasion says:

      Very well said! IPhone 4 may have the best resolution but it has so many limitations compared to Android phones. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and I am super happy with it! I can do the vital tasks like Bluetooth sending of files and I can even edit my Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, etc using ThinkFree app. I can open Adobe PDFs and other files. You are right, if you have an Android phone, you can forget about your pc or laptop (at least for a while)!

    • Loki_Newgate says:

      Thank you for answering my question. So Android phones have the upper hand aside from being cheaper than iPhones :D

    • Jologs says:

      One advantage of the IP4 over Android is the sheer number of QUALITY apps. You might want to consider that when you make a decision. And as for the limitations, well, almost all will be addressed by the time iOS 5 comes by, which will at around September. And for IP4, you can be ensured of official updates. the 3gs is still upgradeble to iOS 5 and by that time, it would have 27months from the release date already.

      Owned a desire and 3gs and now an ip4, and I am very satisfied. :)

    • Mat says:

      That is true. IPhone apps do seem more refined. It might have to do with the strict quality control in place. However, paid Android apps are not bad either, but the crown go’s to iPhone here.

    • Pinoy Persuasion says:

      iOS5 seems to be copying some of the interface of Android, at least that’s why I read in tech blogs. One example is the pulldown notification bar in Android. Just goes to show that these days, it is the iOS who is following Android.

      I am sorry, but the advantage when it comes to “more refined” iOS apps would be no more as there are more more Android app developers these days due to the increasing popularity of Android. Common sense dictates that the more popular the platform is, the more refined apps it will have.

      And with the upcoming Android devices from Samsung, HTC, and LG with better screens, the Retina Display of iPhone will also be overshadowed. I guess when that happens, the lack of Adobe Flash support in iOS will become a major issue, too.

    • M says:

      Android does not equal a good phone if the phone itself is flawed. I wouldn’t generalize Android phones. There are a few lousy ones out there. It’s not just the OS that makes a phone good. Let’s compare the products as a whole, phone to phone.

    • Mat says:

      The post above is mine. Sorry for the name typo.

  9. Jeric says:

    Yup probably $649+(roughly $50 tax) = 699 (around 30k)

  10. mikey says:

    the ~$200 cut probably means the next iphone is incoming

  11. Ligrev says:

    But plus taxes… depending on the state you’re in… Cheaper pa rin yung mga SG Factory Unlocked offers dito sa atin. Saw a black iP4 32gb for only 33k.

  12. nameless says:

    Go people! sell now your kidneys for these tech junkies. :D They are going to release iphone 5 this year anyway.

  13. Paul says:

    Apple must be in a hurry to make a list ditch earning for the iphone 4 LOL. Tempting people with open line units

    then after a month they introduce the iphone 5 ahahaha. oh well its either that or they are losing income to the android invasion.

  14. Zo says:

    Possible reasons for this move:

    Android eating up iPhone’s sales and a last ditch effort before they release iPhone 5 – most likely

    This is of course on a global sale since we very well know the Philippine Mobile Market is a very diverse one and android not a favorite yet among the general public.

    (so to loyal Apple and Nokia fans: don’t cut my head off, i’m basing my opinion on the global market) :p

    • ry says:

      What? Android not popular here?(or at least less popular than iPhone) Are you crazy or just dunno what you are talking about?…when we say android usually mga smartphones…a lot of people I know before buying smartphones the determining factor first is the OS. Takot kang macut off ang head ng Apple fanatics— mas madami pong may Android phones kaysa iPhone sa Pinas you should be very scared.

    • izkwaterz says:

      Yes. Dapat ka ngang matakot sa aming mga fandroids dito sa pinas. Marmi kaming mga jologs ang nakakaafford ng android dahil mura na nga mga china android phones. Nabili ko android phone ko 6k lang. Feeling ko sosyal na ko. Nakatouch screen phone kaya ako nu. Inggit kayo? Pakialam ko ba sa mga aps aps na yan. Di ako bibili ng mga aps na yan nu. Daming libre at pirated aps sa android.

    • Jologs says:

      I think it’s a no-brainer. Of course they want to get rid of the existing stock since they will be releasing iP5 around Oct-Nov. If I remember correctly, they did the same thing with the 3gs before the release of IP4.

    • Jologs says:

      And don’t worry we won’t cut your head off. We like sensible discussions. Di naman kme warla sa mga may sense magexpress ng opinions. ;p

  15. Denz D Naitawei says:

    “Now if you are thinking that Apple is probably doing this to get rid of old stock before the next iPhone comes out, do remember this isn’t going to stop with the current iPhone and will continue with the next generation iPhone. Also, unlocked iPhones are in great demand worldwide and those markets which sell them are often out of stock, so they are definitely not doing it to get rid of old stock. One can only wonder then what took them so long to do this.”
    -GSMArena (

    Some Apple Stores on other countries are already offering openline units so I guess it was expected after the end of the AT&T

    • Denz D Naitawei says:

      exclusivity contract. iOS5 is nice despite others saying they copied most of the new features. For iOS users, they’re a welcome addition to the set of features for the iPhone. To the poster above (Mat) who stated iOS is not as intuitive, maybe you just preferred another OS. To me (and probably others), it’s as simple and intuitive as any mobile OS can get. I don’t get why the back button is not intuitive (some apps do use swiping instead of the back button) and I don’t find the official OS apps to be messy (they appear to be well designed for me). Downloading of apps via iTunes thru PC or thru the phone is quite fast for me (maybe you got slow connection). For data transfers there are apps for that (whether via bluetooth or via internet). And for your last complaint about having to connect to a computer, iOS 5 will change that.

    • KKK says:

      thanks apple fanboy

    • Mat says:

      What you said are valid points and individual preferences do come into play. That’s why I said, and I quote, “I’m not saying it’s bad, but OS wise I would rate them at par with only your preferences to be a deciding factor”.

      About the “non-intuitive” OS, I think you just proved my point by saying “some apps do use swiping instead of the back button”. There is no universal back button besides “Home” and that doesn’t lead you to a previous section of an app. it brings you to your homepage. Can you get used to looking for an app’s back/return option? Yes. Is it intuitive? No.

      “Messy” was meant for the fact that there is no universal control for apps and not how the app looks like. Hence, it was in the same section as the back button. Yes, the apps are pretty. I will concede that point even if it was not in my original statement.

      Your statement about being able to transfer data via Bluetooth via an app is new to me. Can I have the name of the app for me to try it? Concerning transferring files “via the internet”; of course you can and I do not contest that. I did not state it was not possible. My gripe was with Bluetooth.

      As for downloading, you may not that I specifically mentioned the “Market”. Web pages and other ways to download were not mentioned in my statement. Just like most people, I too know about the process of elimination. It’s not the network; it’s the “Market”.
      You mentioned the fix with the implementation of iOS5. Sadly, I cannot comment on it because I have not been able to use it. If you have and it indeed solves the iPhone’s reliance on iTunes, then I stand corrected. I welcome improvements, after all. Till then, I think my point concerning iTunes remains valid.

    • Jologs says:

      iOS 5 will be released come fall, and yes, it will implement OTA updates. :)

      It’s really a matter of preference. Ako, I love iTunes kse it makes the content of my phone super organized. So kanya kanya lang yan. You raised valid points and I thank you na you’re not trolling like the others. :)

    • Mat says:

      any time. I enjoy a good discussion.

    • Izkwaterz says:

      Noong may china iPhone,ang saya saya ko na kaso naguluhan ako dahil sabi jailbreak ko daw para mas maganda. Ngayong meron na kong android na murang mura, walang panlaban ang pagkamahal mahal na iPhone. Ong gondo gondo tologo nong ondroid no. Fanis ang iphone. Go android! FTW! WTF!

    • Jologs says:

      watta a troll… ho hum!

  16. I hope Apple will also sell the next-gen iPhone unlocked.

  17. marhgil says:

    Mega One in SM malls is selling unlocked iPhone 4 at 31K for 16GB and 36K for 32GB. I just bought one yesterday and just bought a prepaid microsim for 40 pesos. Ang mahal kasi sa Globe, 42K, prepaid, locked pa.

  18. Willy says:

    It still cheaper to buy an AT&T locked + Gevey SIM.

  19. tae says:

    kaya binebenta na unlocked iphone 4 dito kasi lalabas na yun iphone 5

  20. nix says:

    i enjoyed reading the comments thread, i still love the iOS, loving the ip4, and hoping to use one android in the future, i wont be surprised if there are more android users than iOS fans, there are a lot of cellphone manufacturers using the android on their devices(Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Cherry Mobile etc) so i assume that by today, there are more android users out there. :) its just a matter of what you are used to, and where you are comfortable.

  21. scandid says:

    Still with same price after one year! Wow! Iphone 4 Rocks! \m/

  22. Dominic says:

    Sure the price is not an important thing as long as it provides smooth operation.

  23. anony says:

    i always have this belief that when you buy apple products your actually paying for their R&D, thats why its so expensive

  24. nameless says:

    For R&D? definitely no! It’s the brand that you are paying for. Have you checked online how much really an iphone cost without the “Apple” brand yet?

  25. nameless says:

    R and D? Definitely not! It’s the brand you are paying for. Have you researched how much an iphone really cost without the “apple” brand?

  26. wreek888 says:

    Planning to upgrade my iphone 2g to iphone 4. Should i buy now or wait for iphone 5?

  27. ino says:

    planning to uprade my iphone 1g to iphone 4. bili na ba ko or wait pa ko for iphone 5?hheheh

  28. japoy says:

    yes this coming december may lalabas na iphone 5,

  29. japay says:

    im dealing 40k white iphone4g who’s interested

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