Apple Store at the Louvre Musuem

Apple Store at the Louvre Musuem

From my the first Apple Store I ever visited in Hamburg, the second one I went into was the one inside the Louvre Museum in Paris. Yeah, I know — this little Eurotrip is already becoming an Apple Store pilgrimage.

It wasn’t really intended but a my quick tour at the Louvre greeted me with this huge Apple logo at the lobby, just under the glass dome (you can also see that 6-foot tall white iPhone 4s on the wall).


I thought I’d get me the new Apple iPad here as a souvenir but it turns out the price of the tablet here is even more expensive than in Germany. The 16GB WiFi-only model retails for 489 euros or roughly Php28,000 at current exchange rates. The 16GB WiFi+4G model sells for 609 euros or close to Php35,000.

I think prices in Europe are just generally expensive. I will try my luck again when I go to Amsterdam after France but I guess I’ve already come to the conclusion that you don’t buy gadgets in any of the European states. Still the best place I’ve gone for gadget shopping so far is Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia (in that order).

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9 Responses

  1. garz says:

    Why in the world is there an Apple store inside Louvre??! It’s a disgrace to the Masters. >;p

  2. unggoy says:

    apple fanboy amp.

  3. benchmark says:

    I agree with you sir yuga, the first time I went out in an international trip (first and not the last) was in Malaysia and yeah, the prices there, specifically the gadgets are so cheap and their gadget mall there is so huge! Like an oversized Greenhills! :)

    Anyway have a great trip!

  4. bing says:

    @garz technology has repelled tradition, instead tradition acknowledges great inventions and embrace development

  5. gar says:

    @bing But it’s a freaking store! Had Apple existed during the Renaissance I wouldn’t have made a big deal out of that store being in there… hehe

  6. Fleeb says:

    @bing, the simplest explanation is that Apple have the money to pay for that space. It is strategic as well. It has nothing to do with tradition embracing great invention. Besides, these Apple products are innovation, not invention.

  7. apple grandcentral says:

    and to add more anxiety and miserable for you……
    check this out if you haven’t heard or seen it

  8. apple grandcentral says:

    and to add more anxiety and misery……
    check this out if you haven’t heard or seen it

  9. Silverlokk says:

    Prices are so high in Europe because of the taxes. A friend’s sister who was based in the UK for some time never bought CDs there, waiting instead for a trip to the PH to get them. Yes, they were much cheaper here than in the UK.

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