Apple's New iPhone SE is Great, but it's Insulting

Apple’s New iPhone SE is Great, but it’s Insulting

Apple just released their newest iPhone, the iPhone SE, and in a nutshell, it’s the iPhone 6S in an iPhone 5S chassis. That’s all nice, really, but I’m not as enthusiastic about it as I should be.

iPhone SE

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Save for Apple’s 3D Touch technology and maybe a few more emissions, the iPhone SE packs a lot of specs from the iPhone 6S – the speed, the software, Touch ID, the cameras and more in a smaller body that houses a 4-inch display.

Apple is selling us an iPhone with a 4 year old design


I honestly would consider getting an iPhone SE since huge phones can get really tiring to maneuver, and small phones these days come with big compromises, but the design that it’s using is the iPhone 5 design that debuted in 2012, and while that should save them costs and engineering time, it screams lazy – with the only way of people knowing that you upgraded is if you look closely or if, you guessed it, you get the Rose Gold version. It’s not that you want people to know you have a new phone, but it would take away from Apple’s premium experience when you’re using a phone with a 4 year old design.

The iPhone SE is a more affordable 6S with few compromises

And speaking of costs, the recycled design should be the reason why Apple is able to sell it at the price of just $399. That’s $250 cut from the iPhone 6S. If I had an iPhone 6S and I didn’t care about size nor 3D Touch, it would have frustrated me a lot knowing I could have saved around Php11,600 if I waited. Besides, generally speaking, the iPhone 5 is a better-designed phone at launch compared to the iPhone 6.

And finally – the iPhone SE’s base model is still at 16GB, which is really unacceptable at this point.

Don’t get me wrong, though, because generally, I like the premise behind the iPhone SE – an ‘affordable’ small iPhone with very little compromises. It’s just that, I expected a little more from Apple, the company who positions itself with the words “Think Different”, and I don’t see anything new here.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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60 Responses

  1. Dudirty says:

    This article is an insult to yugatech. I mean really, you rant about a non-flagship apple phone that it’s primary objective is to make it more affordable and sell it to those who like smaller phones. Again, it is not their flagship phone so why rant about this phone not offering something new?

  2. ross says:

    hehehe sa tingin ko failure na naman yan, iba na labanan ngayon mas marami ng pag pipiliin na mas ma feature at kahit papano mas mura pa, no prob yan s amga mapepera.

  3. Easy E says:

    Im still proud with my iphone5. Four years and still relevant, thanks to the SE

    • Chappy says:

      I agree. I love my iPhone 5S and I’m super excited for SE. Cheaper yet better version of 5S. :)

  4. abuzalzal says:

    This thing isn’t really affordable, outside the US they are selling it to Galaxy S7 level price

  5. cruizer says:

    Insulting because you are not the target market for it. This is for people who want a smaller phone that runs iOS.

  6. Apple designers & engineers got lazy with iPhone SE seriously. Its just like they found old iPhone 5S shells lying around and stuck iPhone 6S guts in it gave a new colors and called something else.

  7. Quackdr says:

    WHAT? Are you paying for a “made-to-order phone”? Obviously not. If it doesn’t fit with your requirement, then it’s not for you… there are other intended market. Move on! Lol… I never expected this kind of consumer rant from a Marketing Mgt. student and PRO of Commerce & Bus. Student Council of a respected University.

    • DRQUACK says:

      Clap clap chong, nice comment. You contributed a lot. One, ad hominem much? Two, your comment is insulting. What does this post have to do with what he’s doing? Please, enlighten me.

  8. XY says:

    A disappointment.
    Apple could do much better.
    This will be like the 5C, only the fanboys will love it.

  9. Jelo says:

    Bili na…bibili ako….

  10. Not an upgrade, it’s another release phone. They release a smaller phone packed with performance not a phone with new features. They will soon release maybe Iphone 7 but this release is not in line with it.

  11. Dazed_37 says:

    I’m pretty sure this phone will be a hit because I believe there are still people out like me who prefer small-screened phones.

  12. Peejay says:

    So, what does SE stand for?

  13. deuts says:

    Ano to? May maisulat lang? hahahaha

  14. H says:

    A lot of people won’t admit it but they buy the latest iPhone as a status symbol. So if you’re one of those, then yes you’re going to be disappointed with iPhone 6 SE because you won’t be able to show it off since it looks like an older model.

    • Kyle says:

      I thoroughly dislike this type of mentality, typically prevalent on Android-based smartphone users. Owning an iPhone doesn’t automatically classify one as what you’ve assumed.

      I buy iPhones due to the fact that I prefer simplicity over customization.

      I won’t be getting this ‘SE’ because I’m perfectly fine with my 5S as it is.

      Going to stop there since I don’t want to start a pointless comparison battle.

    • H says:

      Kyle, I did NOT say everyone who owns an iPhone buys it as a status symbol.
      “A lot” doesn’t automatically mean every iPhone owner. So if I say there are a lot of criminals in the Phil, it doesn’t mean everyone in the Phil is a criminal, okay?
      I also said “IF you’re one of those, then yes you’re going to be disappointed”. Extra emphasis on the “IF”. (bato bato sa langit…)
      Lastly, I own an iPhone 6.

  15. the white box greenhills says:

    its a demond from consumers and yes its a very powerful phone!!!

  16. I’m a 5c owner and I want to upgrade my phone. But I didn’t buy 6 and 6s because of the huge sizes, so I’m glad that I waited for this. Design-wise, I actually prefer the 5s body as the 6 and 6s feels quite slippery, so it’s not really an issue.

  17. Melissa B says:

    How did this become insulting? This will be insulting if they released this as an iPhone 7, but they only released this phone to answer the demand for smaller iPhones. What I find insulting is the fact that Yugatech allowed to publish this post.

  18. Juan says:

    LOL stupid article

  19. Babana says:

    It’s hard to read such an article like this from a well established and respected tech blog #yugatech. Very immature and screamy!

  20. JPlusO2 says:

    Why not insult Samsung for releasing J1 because it doesn’t offer something new like the S7? Lol.

  21. Sinasabi ng mga tao na this article is immature, insulting, stupid etc. etc.. Ako naman may tanong sa inyo – nabasa nio ba un article talaga?

    The author clearly presented his points on why he finds this Iphone SE as “insulting'” Pwede naman nga kasi mag introduce ng same hardware (as 6s) on a 4″ phone pero atleast ibahin naman un design.

    I agree with him that this model screams laziness. Why? Asan un premium experience na lagi ibinibida ng Applekung ang hawak mo naman ay “luma” na?

  22. Easy E says:

    Na excite ang mga tao sa SE. Hahaha. Keep it coming!

  23. epcj says:

    yan ang mga salitang nanggagaling sa isang taong bumibili ng phone para lang ipagmalaki sa iba, porket 2012 ang design hindi na nya napansin yung upgrade sa internals pati sa camera, ginagamit ang phone bilang status symbol ????

  24. azril says:

    how in earth it is insulting? not all people like the design and big screen like the 6/6s.. me, personally like the 4″ screen and the 5/5s design.. heck, I’m sure there are also people who are preference similar like me.. and I’m still using my 5 as daily driver because I didn’t want to go up to the 6.. so when the SE came out with 4″ display and the old design? why not? people can opt for that.. to be exact it wasn’t meant to be another flagship.. just another release of a smaller display..

    the only insulting is the article… very stupid…

  25. TrueMaster says:

    I found this article spot on and could not agree more with it!

    1) I noticed how apple is using kinda trolls that will type on every single post and article that this is an “Amazing” phone for emerging market and so on. That’s a lie ! People who really wanted an iPhone but could not afford it, could simply get an iPhone 5s, which is on the market for 3 years!!! And 399$ is in US, where in Ireland it costs 499 Euros for 16GB verison. So before talking about affordability make some research people. ( Let me check how ppl in Brazil will spend 500 EUR on a phone :)

    2) Also, can you please explain to me that company considered as the most innovative one, cannot a come up with a new design ? Basically, they are taking parts from 5S + 6S and here we get a new iphone. Well this is not innovation in business terms its called reducing production costs. First course of Economics

    I was really waiting for a new 4inch phone from Apple. I am having a 5S for the last 2 years and thought I would change for a REAL upgrade, but it turns to me that yesterday I had 5S and today SE edition. Its funny how Apple is turning into Nokia, can’t wait for a day when people will realize it.

    Conclusion: 4inch target market is me, but I can’t find any reason to change my shiny 5s on SE.

  26. reggiewafu says:

    what is this entitled garbage

  27. lololol says:

    LOL. Goodness gracious! The iPhone 5SE is not a flagship phone. It’s a budget phone (per Apple’s standards). The author seriously has some thinking to do.

  28. “Safe for Apple’s 3D Touch technology and maybe a few more emissions”

    This article’s English is insulting, too. :-/ That sentence should be: “Save for Apple’s 3D Touch technology and maybe a few more omissions”

  29. OMG please correct the errors, you are a Thomasian pa naman like I am, WE PROOFREAD OUR WORK. In fairness kasalanan din ng YugaTech EIC halatang di nag-proofread.

  30. Karl says:

    iphone 6+ user and a former iphone 5s user here, the only reason I would buy this phone is to use it as a secondary phone. I like the specs but the design is lazy, would you rather buy an iphone SE or just buy a used iphone 6 or 6s? you should also consider that every new Apple products released here are overpriced.

  31. archie says:

    Daming pikon na apple fanboys. May mauuto ba ang 16gb without expandable storage for $400? Sabagay kung nauto kayo ng mga dating model e siguradong mapapabili kayo nito. Ang mga isheep nga naman basta may bad article sa epol laging nakaguard up.

    • Wired_boy says:

      TRUE. Uto uto na lang talaga ang bibili ng 16gb na phone walang expansion card, 32gb or more should be the norm these days, super defensive lahat ng mga isheep hahahahahaha mostly sa kanila bobo. lol

  32. Aris says:

    well, iphone se runs like iphone 6s; and comparably faster than iphone 5, as what tells us. if I would give a chance to get an iphone, I would choose this one. hindi dahil mura, but dahil sa maliit ang screen. big phones are a no for me…

  33. ATXC says:

    Bob Freking, get over yourself… what a pertinacious brat.

  34. Rey Espano says:

    Basically author wants to buy iPhones to SHOW OFF! ahahaha, social climber moves eh? What’s wrong with a proven design than risking possible design flaws just to SHOW OFF to everyone you know, “hey I have the newest iphone?” -CLIMB PA MORE

  35. Paula Marist says:

    The only reason that shows is the absence of Steve Jobs and his creativity.

  36. gab says:

    typical filipino apple fanboy comment
    (otherwise known as “bumili ng iphone para magmukhang mayaman kuno,di naman alam kung pano gamitin):

    can’t think of a good counter-argument against the author’s valid points,
    attacks the author’s character instead.
    proves to the world that the stereotypical idiotic apple fanboy exists.

  37. gab says:

    typical apple fanboy comment:
    can’t think of a good counter against author’s valid points, attack the author’s character instead.
    prove to the world the stereotypical apple fanboy exists.

  38. evereth says:

    Taga uste din ako. Stupid writer. So you buy a phone and want to flaunt it? Hanggang dun lang kaya mo? I would flaunt a ferrari not a phone. Hay thirdworld talaga pinas.
    Anyway I would this phone. Its still an upgrade to my asus zenfone 2 in terms of camera quality. Yun ang habol ko and access to ios again.

    • Wired_boy says:

      Kung makapag stupid, tumingin ka muna sa salamin. The writer has a point, bakit masasabi mo ba na every FIlipino will buy a phone, only for their needs?? bumili na lang sana sila ng ‘bar phone’ sigurado needs nila ay sakto. Of course palaging nandyan ang flaunt factor, eh mostly sa mga pinoy mayayabang. Gumising ka nga at lumabas ka diyan sa palasyo mo, baka napaka ‘normal’ na lang sayo ang mga flagship phones unlike the average juan, na can’t afford a prestigious school like yours. cheers!

  39. ok na ko dito sa SE. sana lang mura (below 15k). 5s user naman ako e. importante may pc. transfer agad sa pc sabay delete. for sure madali mauubos ang 16gb (pero 12gb lang magagamit as storage) sa lakas ng cam nya

  40. Markoy says:

    Disappointing is a rather fitting word to use in this article. Insulting makes you look like a spoiled brat.

  41. Rommel says:

    “Save for Apple’s 3D Touch technology and maybe a few more emissions” >> perhaps, you meant “omissions”.

  42. Alien says:

    Insulting? Actually I think that this is a positive move by Apple. The iPhone 5s already had the perfect chassis. All of my phones are android, but I bought a 5s. It was my only iPhone ever. I still have it. Apple coming out with an iphone 6 in a 5s chassis is like a dream come true. I can’t understand how that is insulting to you even after reading your article.

  43. KolbyKryant says:

    A recycled look is always disappointing. Siguro tama rin na ‘insulting’ kasi naman, for people who want 4 inch iPhones (compact phones in general), nakaka hostage naman talaga kung ganyan lang yung magiging option mo. I mean, kaya ka nga bibili ng bagong phone is to have something ‘new’ diba. Not familiar. Otherwise, sana nag offer na lang ang Apple na ‘bring your 5S for internal hardware upgrades’. Meaning to say, nakakaasar gumamit ng bagong phone na mukhang luma. Hindi sinasabing may bago kang phone para mag-angas. Oh well, ang mga taong nagrereact lang naman sa bagong phones ay yung mga insecure at social climber.

    Kung bobo man yung writer, siguro di nya lang na point out dito yung lack of TouchID 2.0 (sobrang layo ng difference kaya sa TouchID).

    Samaktwid, kung gusto mo ng fluid mobile computing with superb battery life that can also double as your go-to camera without having to deal with the hassle of making your pockets buldge, then this iPhone is for you.

    Mga epal na gusto ng expandable storage, mag midrange na lang kayo mga ulul. Yung midrange na mabagal at puro bugs. Mga walang appreciation sa UI/UX. So baduy. Too baduy.

    iPhone or Pixel/Nexus phones lang dapat pagpilian mga gunggong!

  44. Maganda naman yung iphone se ah..

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