Dude proposes to his girlfriend with 99 iPhones

Dude proposes to his girlfriend with 99 iPhones

Now this is something you don’t see everyday. A man proposes marriage to his girlfriend with 99 iPhone 6’s. Yep, 99! But unfortunately, he learned that this is not the most effective way to convince his girl to tie the knot.

According to a post by The Nanfang and a rough translation of the Chengdu Business Daily’s post on Weibo, a programmer from Guangzhou spent two years-worth of savings to buy 99 iPhone 6 smartphones as a way to propose to his girlfriend on November 11, China’s Singles Day. A 16GB iPhone 6 in China costs RMB 5,288 each. If we’re going to do the Math, that’s a total of around RMB 523,500 (~Php3.8 million).


He then arranged the boxes in the shape of a heart and, with a bouquet of flowers, popped the question. Unfortunately, reports are saying that the girl rejected the proposal. (Jay-Z’s 99 Problems starts playing in my head.) As for the exact reason why she said no, we have no idea.

via: CNET, The Nanfang
source: Weibo

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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31 Responses

  1. bobonaman says:

    bobo naman yan
    sa halaga ng biniling iphone sana itinanong sa girl kung ano gusto gawin sa P3.8M
    baka gusto lang ng necklace or diamong ring

    ka simpling sitwasyon pina hirapan pa

    naisip siguro ng girl na bobo ang suitor niya dahil di alam gawin sa pera niya.

    kung totoo ang storyang eto, pero baka gimmick naman yan

  2. Freeje says:

    What a dum a$$!

  3. jokab says:

    she wanted samsung note 4

  4. E says:

    She is an Android fan not an iOS… XD

  5. providence says:

    baka fake iphone yan :)

  6. jujuju says:

    Matalino yung girl, bakit nga naman magpapakasal sa lalaking nag ipon ng 2 taon para sa homaygad na diskarte na yun, sana nagpagawa nalang sya ng future bahay nila, nagset up ng romantic dinner inside at nagpropose! :D

  7. Ron says:

    Plot Twist: 99 iphone boxes lang daw yun XD

  8. Wilwayne says:

    That’s the smartest move I have ever heard of. I think the guy is just being practical, P3.8M is really something, I think the guy was jump into conclusion that he might get rejected so he then spent his P3.8M to buy 99 iPhone 6s and if the girl says no he could just get his money back from reselling those 99 iPhone 6s and what if the girl says yes? They could also sell those 99 iPhone 6s together and get P3.8M and then use the money for their future. What a brilliant idea. Attaboy

    • archie says:

      Either you’re sarcastic or plain stupid on that thinking. Still a dumbfuck for buying 99 iPhones. Over 1 billion people in China and he’s focusing all his energy on a single girl.

    • Trululu says:

      archie you’re the one who’s being sarcastic for saying dumbfuck to the guy. Why would u say that? because the guy spent all his money that he saved for 2 years just with 1 girl? So you mean the guy should spend his money with girls not girl? that’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard from a human, seriously? r u an outer space creature or somethin? So if you were the guy himself, you would invest your Php3.8M to different types of girls? either a whore, a social climber, a fucking retard or an alien like you? am I correct? lol

    • Reality_Bites says:

      good observation. if he had bought a diamond ring and got rejected, it would be difficult to sell it. very smart & only people with a keen business sense will appreciate his gesture. to all other bashers, what you sheeple think should be a proper proposal is just your opinion. you’ve been brainwashed by society & jewelry companies in thinking a gem, dinner, & flowers is required to propose. :P

  9. Gravity says:

    maybe its just another marketing campaign…. :)

  10. Dragun says:

    Plain and simple, everybody can always say he dumb and stupid. Pero who are you people to judge him hindi naman kayo ang gumastos. Isa lang masasabi ko, walang basagan ng TRIP!

  11. anonymouse says:

    kayo naman mga sirs, in lab kasi kaya ganyan. you cant tell me na wala kayong ginawang kinda bugok-ish in the name of love. in this case nga lang eh me pera si kuya pambili

  12. Aaron Dela Cruz says:

    i think it is a bad idea to have a girl to think you are that rich and you are going to be his girlfriend because of spending his money for 99 iPhones so what if you are rich if you are not sincere for your proposal

  13. anokamo says:

    OK lang yan. Mabebenta pa naman nya ulit. Dami kayang suckers sa iPhone na kahit overpriced na, bibili pa rin.

  14. sam says:

    ano naman gagawin ng babae doon sa 99 iphones? I don’t see the logic in that. It’s not practical to buy 99 same iphones to propose because the essense of the proposal cannot be represented by the 99 iphones. And also the girl would think this guy is not so smart to spend so much money on something that is useless to both of them. If the girl likes you, even a simple necklace or ring will do. No need to buy fancy things.

  15. James Bob says:


  16. stupidcomments says:

    All he has to do is to sell the phones to get his money back. How stupid is it for everyone to assume that he is going to use it all. Common sense!

  17. nemo says:

    This news was also on engadget, I think it’s just a commercial for iPhone.How can he get hold of a lot of iPhone 6 when it was just released

  18. Reality_Bites says:

    all you haters just jealous you can’t afford 99 iphone6’s even after a decade of working! Hahaha!

    • POGI says:

      Tang ina mo! bobo kang hayop ka! Bakit ikaw may pambili ka ba? Puking ina mo asa ka lang sa nanay mong kinantot ko ng trenta! Ulol kang puking ina mo ka!

  19. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    She needs 99 OnePlus Ones…

  20. jaybee says:

    Nice marketing, Apple!

  21. Joel brooke says:

    monkey shit.

  22. waymor says:

    ayaw nya kc ung china made na iPhone, that’s why she rejected the proposal..

  23. pisting_yawa says:

    So sad the proposal ended that way. If the guy has no ebay account yet, selling those 99 iPhones on ebay is a good start to build his reputation and become trusted seller in a very short time. hahaha!

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