Globe drops iPhone 3G Prices and more!

Globe drops iPhone 3G Prices and more!

Due to popular demand, Globe Telecom has announced it has dropped the prepaid price of the iPhone 3G to Php37,599 for 8GB and Php43,799 for 16GB. There are more freebies that come with the postpaid plans as well. See details of the new plans after the jump.

The prepaid plans come with Php1,000 load spread over 5 months; that’s P200 per month. Also, the first 1,000 phonekit purchase will get Php1,000 additional off (discount) on Apple iPhone 3G price.

iPhone 3G 8GB Plans (Initial Fees)
Plan 1599: Php15,100
Plan 2199: Php12,600
Plan 3299: Php10,100
Plan 3999: Php2,500
Plan 4999: FREE


iPhone 3G 16GB Plans (Initial Fees)
Plan 1599: Php20,600
Plan 2199: Php18,100
Plan 3299: Php15,500
Plan 3999: Php8,000
Plan 4999: Php2,900

Now compare that to the original pricing here.

GPlan & GFlex Offerings:
G-Text: Php29,000 for 8GB / Php34,300 for 16GB
G-Mix 800: Php25,000 for 8GB / Php30,500 for 16GB
G-Talk 1200: Php22,900 for 8GB / Php28,400 for 16GB
G-Talk 1800: Php20,900 for 8GB / Php26,400 for 16GB
G-Match 2500: Php18,700 for 8GB / Php24,200 for 16GB
G-Max 3500: Php16,400 for 8GB / Php21,900 for 16GB
Platinum 5000: FREE for 8GB / Php2,900 for 16GB
Platinum 7000: FREE for 8GB / Php1,200 for 16GB
Platinum 10000: FREE for 8GB / FREE for 16GB

Thanks to Ms. Menchie of Globe Telecom for the tip.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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66 Responses

  1. apple fan boy says:

    Ha! already got one!

  2. aczafra says:

    Good News! Still expensive but good news still!

  3. yuga says:

    If you bought it at the higher original price, I think you can get a refund. ;)

  4. Jedd says:

    Nobody drops prices if the demand is already popular. Globe must have realized iPhone fans know how to compute, calculate, and discern that the original price was a RIPOFF.

    Don’t prepaid iPhones go for $600 only in the States? That’s only around P27,000. If the unlock guys manage to make the apps feature functional, perhaps it would be way cheaper to buy imported and then unlock.

    I think there’s still a lot of room there in the P37,599. The postpaid plans are fair enough. It’s the prepaid kit that really don’t make sense, at least for the consumer.

  5. Rico says:

    Right you are Sir Jedd! Still too pricey for me. I can wait a little longer.

  6. I will still buy 4 PSPs with that amount.

  7. smart says:

    and we have to thankful this small adjustment?

  8. quinito says:

    I’ll get the Gmix Plan 800 Php30,500 for 16GB.
    1/4 lang ng sweldo ko.hehehe

  9. Paul T. says:

    still pricey… I’ll still hope that the price drop…

  10. LiNTEK says:

    I’ll wait a little longer…..

  11. herbert says:

    Saw your interview 3 minutes ago in Bandila. P 1.4 million a year in hosting alone?

  12. vance says:

    still expensive, hmm will Apple store locally be able to sell iPhones too hehe…

    In us even some franchise supermarket will be able to sell iPhones. syampre mas mura pa rin sa us. hehe

  13. pando says:

    good news! can’t wait for friday. thanks yuga!

  14. frozenpyro says:

    I totally agree with sir jedd, if it’s really that popular, why would they drop the price. Maybe no one is making any reservation.

    May countdown pa sila e wala naman pumapansin kasi sobra sila buwaya sa profit…

    Pag mataas ang demand, mas tataas ang presyo, pag konti ang demand, mas bababa ang presyo kasi madami sila unit na kelangan ibenta..

  15. jhay says:

    Good that Globe has listened to consumers. Still, we want more price cuts! :D

  16. Jan Alvin says:

    Haha, tama yung malaki ang demand sa product. Kaso ang conversion rate nila ay mababa sa expected.

  17. yuga says:

    @jedd & frenzypyro – i stand by my belief that there’s a huge demand for iPhone 3G. The problem is that the demand isn’t met with affordable rates.

  18. edi filth says:

    i think 15k for 8gb and 20 – 25k for the 16gb would be fair for prepaid kits of globe. coz’ 37k and 43k isn’t very fair at all. what do you think guys??? btw, thanks yuga for all the updates coz’ i’m really an apple fan i’ve been really waiting for the iphone 3g for a long time, and quite frankly i’m so disappointed with globe’s overpricing of the iphone.

  19. iphone_fan says:

    @Yuga your right there is a great demand but the problem was people want an iphone but people are not willing to buy it at the original price… So the probable result will be lower iphone sales. To be able to generated more sales and more profit on the part of globe they decided to lower the prices.

  20. Mataas pa price….

    Surely get one, too!

  21. pudge123 says:

    magmumura din yan!!!!! 2lad din ng N70 ko,, orig. price nung lumitaw 35k nung 2005 25knung 2006 18k nung 2007 hayhay
    libre din ung wifi wow

  22. godwin says:

    haiyz…i really love i phone sana nmn naman ba2an niu pa ung price so that i cn i have one have mercy nmn 2 the filipino people…hehehe..but still i will do evrythng 2 have globe sna ba2an niu pa ung price..plzzzz.hehehe

  23. Eric says:

    Kung namamahalan kayo sa presyo ng iPhone from Globe, isabihin hindi talaga siya para sa inyo! Kaya wag na kayo magcomplain!

  24. dzv says:

    There is one VERY important point that should be raised about the new iPhone plans that Globe has announced. As you can see, Globe charges Internet usage based on time, not data usage. The problem is that by default, the iPhone will stay connected ALL THE TIME (this is what I’ve been told). Even if you are not specifically using any data services, the iPhone will maintain a permanent data connection whenever possible.

    Does this mean that Globe will be charging users for accessing the Internet 24 hours per day, even if they don’t mean to? That could be over 20k Pesos in one month!! There is apparently a way to turn off the data mode of the iPhone, but most people probably wouldn’t be aware of it. Not to mention, you can’t receive pushed emails, weather reports, stock updates, etc if the data mode is disabled.

    I don’t know if Globe is aware of this behavior of the iPhone, and this seems like something that should be investigated further, before every Filipino iPhone owner gets shocked with a 20k+ bill after the first month!!

    And by the way, if you look at the comparison chart at you will notice that Globe is the only provider on that list who charges based on time, instead of data usage…

  25. mark says:

    what if i’ll buy one abroad, can i be able to use it here?

  26. penatbater says:

    If this is cheap, shoot me nalang ._. i’d much rather buy LG secret at a cheaper price pa o.o


  27. GlobeUno says:

    The Sony p990i and Nokia n92 and e90 all debuted in the Philippines at PhP40k unit cost.
    None of them had 8gb of storage, let alone 16gb.Lets not even compare their operating system/user interface with the MAC OS in the iPhone.
    Globe didn’t pay a lot for this exclusivity only to have people get the units with prepaid. They want to reward and sell to loyal line subscribers. They paid a lot to convince Apple to bring the new iPhone here, when we were snubbed in the first iPhones launch.

  28. ivan says:

    too overpricing!!! i’ll surely have one if it will drop its price for 16G to lower than 25K. Yuga, magkano ba ito sa hongkong?

  29. ivan says:

    drop price very soon and i’ll surely have one to put in my pocket sooner. ano sy mo, yuga?

  30. Polo says:

    Go get yourselves a SAMSUNG OMNIA instead. This trumps the iPhone 3G in every way.

  31. Meron daw ginagawang 3G 8GB hiphone ang chinese @ 5000 pesos lang, yon na lang ang hihintayin natin mga kabayan, bakit pa tayo magpapaloko sa epol-epol na yan? bakit di sila humihintong mag selfmedicate kasi? na over tuloy! “not for every body raw”. hindi ganyan ang tunay na negosyante dong, “segurista” ang tawag nyan! mahilig sa pera!

  32. makoy says:

    Guys, pag nagpabili akong iphone sa UK or US at dinala dito sa phils, di gagana to?

  33. nanan says:

    bumili na lang kayo sa US mas cheap pa…it would only cost 199 dollar for 8 G and 299 dollar for 16G

  34. ChrisToo says:

    grabe, yung mga paulit-ulit na rip-off yung price, sa mga paulit-ulit na 199-299..mag-basa naman kayo! kaya nga me ‘*’ sa dulo e.. buti na rin ganun yung price..’too overpricING?!’ what?! I agree with globeUNO, feeling ko siya nagbabasa.. dami reklamo.. wala kasi tayo pambili!!

  35. Josh says:

    Yeah still pricey i’d expect it to go not higher than 20K (included of 12% tax) but the price of globe … tsk tsk apple’s sales will not be so happy here in the pinoy land.

    Apple: Thinner much faster BUT HALF THE PRICE.

    Globe: Thinner much Faster Ubusan muna ng kayamanan Hahhaha…(devilish laugh)

  36. Josh says:

    And another thing… Dapat napunta nalang ang iPhone 3g Sa smart. Smart is more kinder or maybe sun cellular… Globe your just too much…

  37. Pinoytips says:

    Have to agree with Josh. Smart could have done the launch better probably. But then who knows? Maybe not. ;o)

  38. aries says:

    i like to answer the for nanan..yah its ryt cheap here USA 8gb is 199$ and 16gb 299$ but you can not get the phone only you need to do is subdcribe for a at&t plans..but thats so expensive same as can not get a phone only you need a plan to get a iphone here USA..but now there are some online shopping that you can buy for iphone 4gb 8gb 16gb..unlocked use with any sim cards worldwide..its cheap to cost only about 400$

  39. tuberong_tagalog says:

    i wouldn’t spend my hard-earned money for this gadget, too pricey… just like their mac computers… i’d rather wait for a china clone to come out of the market, hehehe.

  40. degenerator777 says:

    too pricey naman yan why would you spend 34+k php sa touch screen na phone na 2mp lang and camera and walang front camera para pang video call. just like mac’s laptop sobrang mahal di naman ganun ka sulit. may mac ka nga hanggang dun na lang yun… mag isa ka

  41. Chris Anderson says:

    We have have the iPhone 3G 8GB,3G 16GB,4GB,8GB,16GB in stock for sale at affordable prices.

    iPhone 3G 8GB Cost…..US$400
    iPhone 3G 16GB Cost….US$450
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    iPhone 8GB Cost……..US$300
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    HTC P3600i…………..US$460
    HTC Advantage X7500…..US$980
    HTC MTeor……………US$200
    HTC touch diamond…….US$550
    HTC Shift……………US$1,250

    Nokia N90……..US$200
    Nokia N91……..US$220
    Nokia N92……..US$230
    Nokia N93……..US$260
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    Nokia N95……..US$350
    Nokia N70……..US$170
    Nokia N71……..US$180
    Nokia N73……..US$200
    Nokia N74……..US$230
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    Nokia N77……..US$260
    Nokia N80……..US$260

    They are Brand New/Unlocked to all networking Systems and would function with any network world wide,and also comes with all its Accessories and Manuals.

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  42. apple says:

    do you thnk its worth it kapag u subscribe from globe plan the cheapest plan for iphone 3g? ung 1599 ba un then ul pay 15thou pa? but if you’ll buy in u.s.a pano mo magagamit dito sa pinas?i really want an iphone..guys help me decide the pros and cons..haha..thanks :)

  43. TRiAD says:

    I believe that Globe’s iPhone will be competing against the hacked iPhones. Hacked iPhones are cheaper than the one they sell at globe.

    And for the justification of higher prices in prepaid kits… Globe just wants to punish users for using prepaid because they get less income (per person) from them.

  44. clyde says:

    kung cnu may alam kung sa ako makakabili ng less than 22,000 na iphne 3g 16gig, contact me….. kc ang mahal sa globe, parang away magbenta,, kakaasar…..

  45. pulubi04 says:

    Guys, may nakuha yung friend ko na iphone from globe kasi matagal na syang subscriber at may na accumulate syang points. ang kapait i phone. kaso ayaw nya gamitin, coz she needs cash more. Now GLOBE delivered it na sa kanya and she’s selling it at 33,000Php. Naka sealed pa with Gift Certificate na 20% off sa iphone accesories till March 1, 2009. Shempre it also includes warranty, etc. naka paper bag pa ng Globe..hehe..if you’re interested email kayo sa [email protected].

  46. lito says:

    i cannot afford to buy this cellphonne since i’m only a casual employee. if it is price like in the usd i assured that people here in the philippines will pay attention to this very expensive phone. lots of filipino now buying chinese made phone which is price a very low compared to any phone now that can have more function that can do to this phone. bakit hindi kayang gayain ang price. kaya china ngayon ay napakayaman bansa dahil sa mura ang product ok pa….

  47. pilam says:

    what are you gonna use the iphone for that’s the question pangporma ba para nasa uso ka well i think that’s just crap pinoy ka kakaiba ka don’t be a hog that want’s the latest gadget or laging nasa uso pinoy are orig if your not gonna use it for business, email, internet, and if you can’t afford it why buy it. be happy of what you got di mo kailangan magpaporma iphone lang yan yeah uso kasi, well nokia was #1 sa pinas noon ngayon eto naman iphone. “pinoy ka magpakatotoo ka” sabi nga ni francis m. (salute idol)

  48. leviathan_90 says:

    you guys are retards… globe brought the iPhone 3G to the Philippines with a GREAT PRICE and that’s y it cost that much there because the have to make up and gain profit to the money they spent on bringing them there. Y would anyone spend lots of money buying and item to resell it and not gain any money? c’mon guys its all COMMON SENSE!!

  49. sino_niloko _nyo says:

    if this iphone is popular and indemand why^globe is droping the price it makes no sense. both globe and smart are greedy comp just like gloria.^^

    • yuga says:

      According to speculations, Apple is going to release a new version of the iPhone 3G this June. This price drop may lead to the set pricing of the new iPhone.

  50. konami says:

    i hope i can buy some iphone but it’s realy expensive kac eh guy’s what if i buy to states gagana kaya dito yun over price kac eh………..

  51. robinson says:

    guz2 q sna ng iphone kc dmi benefits kso nga lng tma halos ung iba mahal pa dn xa mg hntay nlng aq ng ilang months yung pg mura na db?? o kya aman pbili nlng aq xa tita ko xa ibang bansa hehe

  52. oman says:

    YUGA pa post naman dito kung merong mga bagong low price na iphone 3g, i really want one so bad, hehe.. or email me [email protected]
    most of the time im online on yahoo messenger, thanks po.. ^^

  53. arianne says:

    where can i get a free iphone without paying my bills? i want to get a free iphone because its really expensive here in the philippines! pls help me where i can get one!! im just 11.

  54. muslim says:

    guyz, CHINA n lng may 3k or 4k also 5k.. hehehe! gala lng kyu sa GREENHILLS… but last tym i saw at ROBINSON’s PLAZA, they sell it for 15k, i dunno if its original or ja-fake..

  55. agot says:

    iphone for sale, still within warranty period sa globe, 50$ worth of apps.everything from original packaging still intact..99%SCRATCHLESS.09064530666

  56. huneebunch says:

    mahal talaga d2 sa pinas… dapat sa US ka tumingin kc yung 16G ipod touch 2G ko nabili ko sa US yun naka sale pa cya 299 lng compared sa 18K d2… yung iphone na china madami naman nakakalat dyan ingat lng kc medami yung sirain pero sabi ng mga frend ng pinsan ko ok naman daw wala problems…
    first time lumabas ang iphone d2 meron din ako nakita sa divisoria mall at sa 168 mall 8k-10k pero yung 3GS ewan ko lng…
    sa US pla madalas may sale kaya kung meron kayu kamaganak dapat timbrehan nyu na hehehe…

  57. sam galang says:

    my iphone just got stolen from my office.. it was a gift from my boyfriend :(
    i didnt know it was this expensive!

  58. raymond says:

    hay naku wag kayu paloko sa globe.

    gahaman sa pera yang globe

  59. kin says:

    i reli want an iphone..ask q lng if meron pa ung 4gb s globe..khit ung orig n iphone.mas gusto q pa un kc at least meron n qng iphone kht 4gb lng..hahaha

  60. the_idle_hands says:

    Liit naman ng sweldo mo quinito.. sipain pa kita jan yabang mo..

  61. This web site is mostly a stroll-by way of for the entire info you wished about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and also you’ll positively uncover it.

  62. jocelyn says:

    iphone’s are very expensive gadgets..and we know that every year gadgets may improve because of technology..but some of pilipino cant afford to but iphone even they want to have.. but thats the reality…

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