How to get the 5.7GB iOS 8 without erasing anything

How to get the 5.7GB iOS 8 without erasing anything

With the rollout of the iOS 8, we’ve seen a lot of people in our news feed complaining about the large storage requirement to get the new OS. The system imposes that your iDevice should have at least 4.6GB up to 5.7GB free to successfully download the update. Now before you delete anything to free up space, here’s an alternate way of getting your iPhones up to date.

iphone 5 update

For this approach we’ll be using a computer so the update will rely on the PC’s internal storage rather than your iPhone’s – thus eliminating the need to delete photos, videos, or apps. Also, be sure to back up your devices before updating just so we’re on the safe side of things.


1. Make sure your iTunes is running on its latest version so it can offer the iOS 8 update
2. Plug in your iDevice to your computer (see list below for compatible devices).
3. Be sure to tick “Check for updates” when it detects your device.
4. Download and install the update

Note: Download time and file size depends on what your current device and OS version is, so be patient! Our iPhone 5 is currently doing this update and we’re already at 20 minutes and counting at the time of writing.

iOS 8 is compatible with:
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPod touch 5th generation
iPad 2
iPad 3rd generation
iPad 4th generation
iPad Air
iPad mini
iPad mini with Retina display

As an addition, here are 7 new features for your old iPhones running iOS 8.

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19 Responses

  1. norman says:

    it took an hour to update

  2. Joshua says:

    Nice tip man! Seems late. Just deleted 4 apps for this! God Bless ????

  3. theo says:

    Wonder if a bug will make users iOS 8.01 in a day or two ?

  4. theo says:

    Wonder if a bug will make users download a gB of data for iOS 8.01 in a day or two ?

  5. ios8 says:

    ng gnawa ko yan sa Mac ko nag prompt na i sync ko un mga app purchase sa Mac ko then okay after 10 minutes error so binura ko pa rin un mga apps no worries nsa purchased folder naman ng appstore un mga nabura mo e install nlng uli hehe

  6. Platipus says:

    hi have you experinced lagging when you turn on the phone or even texting? For ip5 users please thank you

  7. Jeff Dela Cruz says:

    hello! I tried using iTunes but eventually, I got stuck to recovery mode because of errors (9 and 2009 specifically), and I can’t restore anymore. Any suggestions?

    • Dicekei says:

      ganyan din po sakin. Ilipat mo po sa ibang usb port then restore mo lang ulit. Ive tried 3 diff usb port and dun sa pangatlo narestore na sya. Na stuck din ako sa recovery nung una

    • Jeff Dela Cruz says:

      I’ve tried 2 pa lang but I still can’t restore. Manghihiram nalang muna siguro ako ng ibang cables. I should’ve freed some space nalang.

    • totoymola says:

      nangyari din sa akin yan kaninang umaga. nakailang beses na ng recovery mode. naikabit ko na rin sa lahat ng usb ports pero ayaw pa rin. kaya diskonek ko muna usb din sinara ko itunes. pinatay din binuhay ko ung unit, kabit ulit cable. ayon tumuloy lumabas rin c Hello, Hola..

  8. saku says:

    5.7 GB just for a mobile OS update? Sounds like Apple haven’t heard of the term ‘optimization’, eh? The lack of expandable storage in iDevices is finally taking its toll thanks to this ridiculously large update

    • asterisk says:

      apple should hire you as a consultant.

    • Dwight says:

      5.7 did not work for me, while updating my ipad – when it was nearing completion, it asked me to free 1.4 gig again, i did, after that – i was stuck in recovery mode, but i was able to fix it.

  9. Angel18 says:

    24 hours na update grabe !!!

  10. Dance Tagle says:

    I got stuck on recovery mode and it’s been 24 straight hours that I haven’t been able to open or use my phone!! It won’t restore no matter what I do :-( Suggestions?

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