InfoMaxx selling iPad 2 for Php36,500

InfoMaxx selling iPad 2 for Php36,500

Spotted just this morning are a couple of new iPad 2’s being sold at local store, InfoMaxx Megamall. Their grey market price — a cool Php36,500 a pop for a 16GB WiFi model.

There’s been a really short supply of iPad 2 nowadays and even the Apple Online Store is delaying shipments by as much as 4 to 5 weeks from date order.


The entry level iPad 2 retails for $499 (might go for Php23,999 when it officially arrives in the Philippines). The Php36,500 price is primarily driven by low supply and huge demand.

Anybody will to pay premium price just to get your hands on the first few iPad 2 in the Philippines?

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77 Responses

  1. aira says:

    Never… Mag hintay nalang kung kailan darating para walang sisihan hahahaha

  2. undergroundz says:

    will it blend?

  3. I’m willing to wait. No problemo.

  4. Docalfred says:

    Patience is a virtue. Anyway,still enjoying my Samsung Tab. ;-)

  5. jakati says:

    I can wait :)
    I am still having fun with my GalaxyTab

  6. Dan The Beast says:

    Kung mapera lang ako, why not. Laruan ng mga bata. :D

  7. Jhunie says:

    Any app that can do video calling from galaxy tab to PC? or PC to Galaxy tab?

  8. BON says:

    aww nO! masyadong mahal! ^ ^

  9. Infomaxx is very notorious for their insane price framing.

  10. gambit says:

    pahingi po ng advice..which one will i buy, samsung galaxy tab or sony xperia arc? your suggestions will be greatly appreciated…thnx

  11. gambit says:

    pls advise..which one is a wise buy, samsung galaxy tab or xperia arc? thnx…

  12. c says:


    galaxy tab is a tablet, while arc is still under the smartphone category. depende sa needs mo. kung priority mo eh telephony, go for arc. tab has tel features, but is too big for casual use.

    • gambit says:

      @ c

      thnx 4 d input..i know the specs of each – arc n galaxy tab, but im having a hard time choosing one.for galaxy tab users, is it worth your money ung tab nyo?

    • pogi says:

      pre depende talaga syo yan eh. size ang pinakamalaking difference nila.
      ang arc madaling maibulsa.
      ang tab medyo malaki. kung nagccommute ka, mahirap gamitin yan.

    • jx says:

      go for arc, original design good hardware and software specs and if u have been in sony event last week the best ang arc sa design at eye catcher talaga

    • Dan_MD says:

      Some motor things to think about: the galaxy tab is h
      just an enlarged android phone. It won’t get the update to the dedicated tablet android OS (honeycomb). Also, you NEED the Bluetooth headset to make calls (unless of course you don’t mind using the speakerphone in public). :)

    • gambit says:

      thnx a lot for the inputs..i guess i’ll go for xperia arc…

  13. pogi says:

    katangahan naman kung papatulan yan

  14. Norman says:

    Pretty much contented with first Gen. I remember infomaxx sells iPad key board dock for 6k. Natawa nlng ako sabay alis hehe.

  15. Lee says:

    no thanks

  16. Les says:

    meron bibili nyan pero di niya sasabihin na binili niya sa InfoMaxx hehe.

    ako… i will not bite that price.

  17. Dan_md says:

    InfoMAXX: maxximum profit. Only the impatient ones will fall for this. For that price, one could already get the iPad 2 32GB wifi + 3G variant.

  18. Gumz says:

    overprice ah… ilan na kaya nabinta nila…

  19. Edwin C says:

    Ah, basta. Hintay pa rin ako pagdating ng iPad 2. Kailan ba talaga, kuya. At ako ay bibili.

  20. csseyah says:

    Mas maganda nang maghintay para sigurado!

  21. nivla says:

    Insane price nga.. if I want to buy this, hihintayin ko to na dadating sa hongkong.

  22. Ethan Tremblay says:

    The thing here is, are you willing to pay 12 500php more just to avoid waiting for 9 whole months?

    In my perspective, no way, I would rather buy a tablet which have the same price of the SRP and have the same or even better specs. I guess I would start seeing some iPad2 in the premises of DLSU “campus” hahaha

  23. Winziph says:

    grabe ang mahal naman talaga.

  24. fabs says:

    No way and I don’t find a need for it, my desk top laptop and N8 serves me well

  25. arj says:

    makakabili ka na ng netbook at a lower price na mas maraming features compared to such a high price

  26. oyo says:

    Ye, pag walang bumili they might lower the price. The price still rest on the consumers. Or best to wait na lang…
    Sa ganyang price nakabili ka na ng ipad 2 at kindle reader…

  27. roland says:

    NO! adik lang ang bibili nyan hehe

  28. oscar dela hopia says:

    Let’s not compare the Galaxy tab to iPad 1 or 2. Galaxy tab looks cheap and performance is too shitty. The topic is if you will get an ipad2 for that ‘godly’ price.

    BTW, InfoMaxx sells Huawei IDEOS at 19,000 pesos. We should burn this store.

  29. rhyan p says:

    im waiting for motorola Zoom or any android honeycomb tab

  30. mambabakaw says:

    WTF. LOL

  31. berns says:

    Sobrang obsessed at di mabubuhay ng walang ipad lang bibili niyan!

  32. berns says:

    Absolutely ridiculous…………

  33. denznet says:

    I want to buy it next month

  34. Mat says:

    Something I did notice about InfoMaxx; They are open to bargaining. I did that with a DHD and they reduced the price below SRP.

    I have to say, however, the initial price there is always a shocker.

  35. rabby says:

    36,500 for several months of bragging rights

  36. kubrick says:

    nagkataon lang ang cheap nyong lahat…

  37. Jujo says:

    apple icare store here at sm city davao are selling ipad 2 16gig wifi next week at the price of php 45,000.00
    ANO BA YAN!!!!!!!! sobra naman :(

  38. rj says:

    hi wala ba nagbebenta dito ipad2 na medyo mababa price?

  39. rj says:

    hi meron ba nagbebenta dito ipad2 text me 09995490368 thanks

  40. frrf says:

    damn that fucking store most of their items are overpriced

  41. infomaxxshouldburn says:

    infomaxx should close or better burn to the ground!

    sobrang mapagsamantala sila.

    they cater to stupid people who doesn`t even have the slightest idea of a gadget’s price.

  42. infomaxxshouldburn says:

    infomaxx? YUCK! they should close or better, burn to the ground with their ridiculous prices!

  43. Name: cndy says:

    wow! Buwaya nmn ng infomaxx.. Ang laki ng patong! Mananamantala! Anyhow,business is business we can’t control the price that their making. Take it or leave it!

  44. Steve Works says:

    We are gonna wait, Singapore or Hong Kong Official Launch. For the warranty and correct price.
    Was planning to get units from Japan. But the calamities and the fact that the iPad there are locked to SoftBank Telecom. It would be stupid to get it.
    Wait for June or July Singapore or Hong Kong.

  45. happy and contended with ipad 1.:)

  46. TERENCE TAN says:


  47. Jor Atienza says:


  48. Patrick says:

    Never been happy with my iPad 2 purchase for 34.5k and that’s 64gb + wifi!

  49. otepsphere says:

    If I have money to buy iPad 2 why not? :D ..yeah it’s super duper overpriced!!! :D

  50. Ammiel says:

    You’d rather wait for the next couple of versions , for me there’s no significant feature upgrade to entice me enough to get ipad2

  51. im confused.. help.. should i buy ipad2 instead of a nice laptop computer?

  52. john says:

    ipad is not meant to be a full-time computer, it’s for those people who are always out, and this is only basic needs like browsing the net, checking emails, and kill boredom….

    so if you want a nice laptop computer buy macbook…. it’s totally worth it…. i have macbook pro 15″ 1st gen unibody, it’s now 2 yrs of using everyday for how many hours and still working very, very well :)…

  53. ankie says:

    bringing ipad2 on april 1 from canada
    let me know whos interested

  54. ankie says:

    bringing ipad2 on april 1 from canada
    let me know whos interested,,,,,,,

  55. im interested also,,how much po??

  56. marc angeles says:

    me 2 im interested for ipad 2 how much will it cost

  57. marc angeles says:

    me 2 im interested for ipad 2 how much will it cost 09178451734

  58. frud says:

    Got my Ipad2. i bought in San Juan, Puerto for $499 in Piso P21457. So happy to have it…

  59. Six says:

    iPad2 official launching daw tom a :)
    They said available daw cya sa Electroworld Parksquare and Avant Greenbelt 4!

    cant wait :)

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