iPad 3: Why not call it the iPad 2s or iPad 2 HD?

iPad 3: Why not call it the iPad 2s or iPad 2 HD?

With the announcement of the next-generation iPad tablet from Apple, a lot of rumors and leaks have surfaced identifying the hardware and design that will be used for the next iPad. Everyone refers to it as the iPad 3. This, despite the fact that we’ve already seen how Apple named the supposedly iPhone 5 as the iPhone 4S last year.

We’ve already established how Apple uses their naming convention with the iPhone — starting with iPhone 3G to 3GS and then from iPhone 4 to 4s.


It’s almost logical that the new iPad that will be announced this March will follow a similar nomenclature. It will probably have almost the same design and form factor but with a more improved hardware specification.

Hence, we’re more inclined to name this new iPad to be the iPad 2S or the iPad 2 HD or maybe even just the iPad HD and not the iPad 3.

Let’s put this to a vote — what do you think will Apple name its new tablet that they will reveal this March? My money is on iPad 2 HD.

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46 Responses

  1. Edwin says:

    For marketing purposes, iPad 3 is it.

  2. Stickler says:

    Fix your grammar first.

    • Num Lock says:

      Come on, this is not an English subject site. What is important, Yuga is giving us the latest gadget news and reviews.

    • Ry says:

      You have a serious problem, dude. English is not the main point here. If you’re into that, go to an english tutorial site and start teaching. What the hell.

    • ZAYNE says:

      YET ENGLISH Is a Core Part of Being an Editor of any Publication

  3. Dredd says:

    This site seriously needs an editor

  4. Fleeb says:

    Perhaps iPad 2S. At least they can keep people excited for iPad 3.

  5. Housten says:

    Ganyan si Sir Abe mag blog minsan.May maling grammar. He will correct it later. Ok.

  6. Lolz says:

    Lol grammar nazis. As long as he bring the goods nicely, minimal grammatical errors should have leeways. He’s not even paid for these e lol

    • Num Lock says:

      Content over grammar. Pwede na ngang lumaban ito sa engadget hehehe. On topic, for marketing purpose iPad3. But if they will just give us a nicer screen with no notable added features, iPadHD then.

      I believe the S naming convention is for iPhone only which means speed?

    • pinoy persuasion says:

      Mas maraming grammatical errors ang Engadget. On topic: iPad 2S AND iPad HD. Techies say that one new iPad with same resolution but LTE radio, and one new iPad with higher resolution.

  7. garz says:

    a leaked picture of the new iPad’s logicboard has an A5X chip. Not A6. So I guess ‘iPad 2HD’ fits..

  8. simplynice93 says:

    My guess are: iPad Pockethole and iPad $$$

  9. shacer says:

    iPad 3.2 honeycomb… upgradable to ice cream sandwich 4.2… haha

  10. quick brown fox says:

    Let’s look at some rumors please.
    -quad core
    -double the res, 4x the pixels
    -8MP cam

    That’s not just speedy and not only high def. If the rumors materialize, my money’s on the iPad 3. Or maybe some crazy name like iPad EX or professional-sounding like iPad Plus.

  11. EarlZ says:

    I dont really care what the name would be but what I would love to see is more hardware decoding support for media files, this would easily make me transition from samsung to apple when it comes to my portable media device.

  12. Benchmark says:

    Di ba may kaso yung name na Ipad sa China…parang patented yung name doon…binili daw ng Apple pero sa subretailer lang or something, kaya yung name na Ipad, hinde pa talaga nakukuha base sa news. Well that’s what I read about it. (Sorry I don’t have the link…)

    Anyway I heard it’s much ticker than the Ipad 2… I think that would be something near Ipad 2 HD or 2S….same kasi ng design daw eh, yung mga laman loob lang daw ang naiiba.

  13. Tolits says:

    IPAD SJ In Heaven :)

  14. booboo says:

    iPad 2012. Parang ASAP lang na every year nagpapalit ng name pero same old same old. :p

  15. R2 says:

    i go for ipad3. :D

  16. ;-) says:

    kainis. maluluma na kaagad ung ipad 2 ko ;)

  17. Anti_koreans says:

    iPad 3.
    Since its not yor language you don’t give a crap about grammar. I wish my government would stop caring about you and giving you tax payers money.

  18. Anti_koreans says:

    * it’s. Damn spell check.

  19. boo says:

    /\ ulol NA ulol ah

  20. tofu_boy says:


  21. karlfriedrich11 says:

    Yung nagsabing mali ang grammar, bakit perpekto ba ang balarila mo sa Filipino kaya dapat perpekto din ang Ingles? Yun ngang mga Amerikano hindi sinusunod ang grammar nila, tayo pa na nakikigamit lang sakanila. Ungas. Wag na kasi magcomment kung walang magandang sasabihin.

  22. loser says:

    igay for ipad fanatics

  23. rafsison says:

    yung mga utak-talangka dyan, ano ngayon kung may maling grammar,

    “kapag si sir yuga, perfect agad? di ba pwede magkamali?”

    Pilipino tayo hindi kano. Mga “GRAMMAR FANBOY” ;P

  24. James says:

    i’ll go for iPad 3 :)

  25. RJ De Leon says:

    Ipad 2 much ado about nothing

  26. Leo Lyndon Flores says:

    iPad 2 HD makes sense

  27. Marc says:

    iPad 3, HD or 2S doesn’t matter to me. As long as you have an Asus Prime, iPad what? haha

  28. The Truth says:

    Ipad 3(April) and Iphone 5(October) period, its already been talk of the town is U.S. especially my friend who is working at an Apple store in L.A.

  29. sherwood says:

    I’ll go for iPad 3.

  30. Jake says:

    i think it’s ipad 3..

  31. alainL says:

    It will probably be called iPoops or something.

  32. Edwin C says:

    Eh, kahit na bang anong pangalan niyan bibili pa rin ako. Kahit na pangngalanan nila iyan ng Apple of my eye, bibili pa rin ako. Hinde importante kung ano kaganda ang pangalan. Ang importante kung ano ang bago niyang nagagawa. My HD – HD ka pa.

  33. sinasil says:

    RJ de leon- much ado about your ugly face.

  34. Malds says:

    hehe it’ll probably be called ipad 3 because of all the hype it’s already created. From a marketing perspective people would be more inclined to buy a new device that they feel isn’t just a simple upgrade from what they already own.

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