iPad starts shipping; did you get one?

iPad starts shipping; did you get one?

[ Updated: Read our full iPad Review ] By around this time in the US, Apple should be shipping the iPad to hundreds of thousands of customers who pre-ordered the device. The iPad will also be available in Apple retail stores across the US.

The mainstream reviews are also out this week and looks like it’s mostly a thumbs-up for all of them.



But for us here in the Philippines, there’s still a couple of ways to get a hold of a unit. So if you’re willing to spend $499 (for the base unit), plus taxes, plus shipping, plus customs fees, then you’re looking at a total bill of around Php30,000 to Php35,000 for the 16GB WiFi version.

I had a unit pre-ordered but that one didn’t make it to the April 3 cut-off (mine was April 12). If anybody out there got theirs early, please do share your first impressions with the rest of us at the comment section.

Of course, I’ll share my own verdict when that review unit finally arrives.

[ Updated: Read our full iPad Review ]

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54 Responses

  1. I will get it if I love wastin’ my money. I will get it if I’m rich enough. I will get it if I’m competing with my neighbors. I will get it if I love Steve. I will get it if I love showing off it to public.
    I can’t get it. But I can have it soon and no I will not get it. I think it is just the same with Apple iPhone. Few features to considere useful and efficient, but be wise. Don’t be blinded by the so-called trends for ‘touch-gadgets-for-call-people’. Maybe I am just wearin’ some eye glasses that are immune to Apple.

  2. Arnold says:

    Mine got through the April 3 shipping. But won’t get it until a couple of days depending on how fast my friend in Cali will have it shipped to me. But I’ve already downloaded several apps from the iPad App Store. Hindi naman halatang excited ako…:-)

  3. ricpac says:

    Arnold, you should ship it over via Johnny Air Cargo. Dead cheap and trusted.

  4. Phillip says:

    Headed to the local Apple Store in a few hours. Pre-reserved mine.

  5. francis says:

    i will get mine on Wednesday in Manila :-)

  6. I’ll get mine when my friend arrives form the US next month. Tagal pa! For now Kindle & Stanza on iPhone will do.

    @Arnold looking forward to an in depth review :)

    @Jade I wouldn’t call $499 (base model) as expensive, the price is in line with your average netbook or a high end phone. If you’ve tried the iPhone and loved reading ebooks via Kindle or Stanza and occasionally browsing the web and playing some casual games on the side then this device is a perfect fit. You should try it, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it as well :)

  7. Arnold says:

    @RicPac – I decided to skip on JAC this time. Yup, their services are cheap and trusted but it usually takes a week to deliver the package. I couldn’t wait that long. :-)

    @Rico – Yup, will definitely put up an-in depth review once I get to play with it.

  8. loadex says:

    iPad might revolutionize the way people use computers..ala CSI na tayo.. where the iPad is passed to different people for viewing the info.. instead of people coming to the station (where the PC is located) to view information.

    Steve Jobs walking with a big grin all the way to the bank again.

    Siguro madami na naman manufacturer ang sususod sa iPad… do I see Acer and Asus already on the drawing board?

  9. RaGe Einzeln says:

    with the way Apple / Mac / Safari performed on PWN2OWN 2010, being very expensive for 16GB, no flash support (i think) and limited functionality…
    hmmm..think quadruple times guys…

  10. Chetlog says:

    Wanted one but necessities come first. This German company is also offering theirs : WePad. Google it.

  11. Adrian says:

    bukas po dating nung sa akin :)

  12. Ramphrey says:

    iPad = waste of money

  13. Andro says:

    @Phillip – I’m heading over to the Apple store to get a reservation. But won’t it be available in 60 days pa? :(

  14. Paul says:

    Abe, how about for local stores in the Philippines?

  15. mindyQ says:

    i won’t get one because Asus, Acer and/or any Taiwanese tech firm are bound to make something better and cheaper than this IPAD.

  16. Jhay says:

    Nope, for that amount I’d get a BlackBerry or a new netbook instead. :D

  17. Kim says:

    For those who will get their unit/s days from now, congratulations! :)

    Well, expensive or not, it’s not worth $499 for me. Not even $399. Pretty bad move for the Apple guys, for sticking onto the design of the iPod touch. hindi naman araw-araw, pasko hahaha

  18. I can still resist the urge to buy this one. But depending on the evolution of this device I might get the 2nd gen! :)

  19. anonymous says:

    walang WOW factor, butas ang bulsa. just like the iPhone I got for almost a year. dati parang it was the ultimate gadget, ngayon, parang wala lang, pinagsawaan. instead of iPad, i’d rather buy a macbook.

  20. fr0stbyte says:

    Will wait for 2nd G or 3rd even!

  21. jimputz says:

    ricpac, meron ka alam other companies like JAC..
    I used it for years to ship stuff and wonder if
    meron pa iba.

    anyone has any idea how much local apple dealers will
    sell it? Digihub is selling the ipod touch 32gig
    for P13,400 cash payment and its cheaper than
    $299 in the US. So unless the IPAD will be sold much
    more expensive.. i may just wait for it instead of
    getting one via JAC…

  22. andro says:

    Any feedback when it’ll be available at local apple stores ?
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  23. @Rico

    Be efficient dude. Spend time googling and reading stuff before jumping into an Apple pad.

  24. @Jade thanks for the Google advice. I already did my research. I was actually torn between the Kindle DX and the iPad, the DX being $10 cheaper. I chose the iPad with its myriad of other uses compared to the DX. Aside from the fact that I’m already used to reading a lot of ebooks (via Kindle app) on the iPhone’s much smaller screen. Transitioning to a bigger screen will surely be a treat. I have specific needs, particularly ebook consumption, that I’m pretty sure the iPad will be able to sufficiently address at a justifiable price. Here’s my piece of advice, you should base your decision when buying a device on your needs. Comparing it to other devices feature for feature (such as netbooks, notebooks, PCs etc.) that serve a different purpose altogether will cloud your judgment. Aversion to the brand, especially if it’s a good and long standing brand will also limit your choices.

  25. Very well said Rico says:

    Very well said Rico…

  26. Think says:

    Very welll said Rico…

  27. Mike says:

    Less than US$100 manufacturing cost & selling it for US$499 is ridiculous. I can’t believe so many people are just crazy about “overpriced” Apple products.

  28. lolipown says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I ordered one.

  29. Arnold says:

    @Adrian – are you in Manila? Did you have your unit delivered by a freight forwarder or through a relative/friend?

  30. Johnny E. says:

    If you are rich, I can recommend this one but checking the same application specs with iPhone and iPod Touch, I prefer the small gadget version. It still won’t replace my trusted netbook. Calling Apple’s attention, MacBook Lite?

  31. Kim Endaya says:

    I want an iPad…but I think I’ll stick with my iPhone 3GS for a while ;)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  32. Corporal Killjoy says:

    I’ll be getting one soon. The Raw Feed pretty much convinced me to

  33. There’s a very simple reason why you should get an iPad: It’s the future. I understand this because I work for the magazine industry and it’s dying. But with the advent of the iPad, publishing will now be available on the iPad. It’s like Harry Potter’s magic newspaper!

    So if you love the written word, an iPad is a must. If you don’t like to read, then of course you’d think the iPad is ridiculous. And that’s just one aspect of the iPad.

    I think anyone with an eye towards the future should at least be interested in what this gadget has to offer. It may not be what everyone wants but I’m pretty sure it’s going to change how we live tomorrow.


  34. foool says:

    My netbook can read ebooks better than any ebook reader today and more. Ipad is a waste of money. Everything it can do my netbook can do better.

  35. Lolo Tasyo says:

    @topaz: hijo/hija, I can see where your logic is getting at. However, though I love to read so much, my friends call me a bookworm, it doesn’t follow that I would get myself an iPad.

    I might get one, but not because of your “love to read; hence, got to have the iPad” point.

    Also, equating dislike for the iPad with not loving to read sounds a little arrogant, don’t you think?

    Having said that, I very much applaud your push for the written word and love for reading.

  36. RaGe Einzeln says:

    waw lolo tasyo goes with the times hehe ^-^ love it..

  37. lolipown says:

    a Kindle is still better if you’re just opting to read.

  38. RaGe Einzeln says:

    waw lolo tasyo goes with the time hehe ^-^ love it..

  39. Phillip says:

    Sharing a few of the videos I made:

    Claiming the iPAD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T22B4pNWZsQ

    Unboxing and setup at apple store: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUJBAVWmh0A

    Using the iPAD as a PDF viewer via Goodreader application: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkWpOV7CHms

  40. Dr. Jesus says:

    Hintayin ko yung review mo boss abe. Sabi ng kaibigan ko, mabigat daw.

  41. JCO says:

    one thing to know about iPad for would-be owners – it does not charge using powered USB hubs and non-Macs. So you’ll be tied up with the AC outlet and your Mac for juice.

  42. Azer says:

    Some photos and quick early impressions here http://erniea.com/ipad-v1/

  43. ethan says:

    I’m waiting for the 3G version which I hope isn’t a lot more expensive than this current one. iPad + Logmein for remote login to my work PC means no more heavy laptops while traveling or presenting to clients! No if only I could play WoW on this…:)

  44. ethan says:

    I’m waiting for the 3G version which I hope isn’t a lot more expensive than this current one. iPad + Logmein for remote login to my work PC means no more heavy laptops while traveling or presenting to clients! Now if only I could play WoW on this…:)

  45. francis says:

    i just got mine today, keyboard is very easy to use and very fast processor. i love it! :-)

  46. @francis

    Cool! How’s the WiFi signal? So far this is where the complaints are centered. Would be a big turn off if what they say about the weak WiFi reception is true.

  47. Pam says:

    @Topaz Horizon

    To the future eh?

    Future: Thanks to this iPad, the publishing companies opted to selling e-books and e-newspapers and now, we don’t even have anything to start a fire, swat flies, cut-out interesting articles from… Junk shop owners ventured to a new business. Its called “e-Junk Shop”.

  48. lee says:

    manufacturing cost is only a fraction of the retail price. think R&D, software devt, brand building, advertisement, intellectual property protection, etc. you think a company gets all these for free?

    basta ako, i realized something. those nifty things i criticize as being overpriced and unnecessary are usually those that i cannot afford to buy but would definitely buy if i had extra disposable income…..i’m sure marami sa apple hateboys ganito din….aminin

  49. Erman says:

    Which version would be best suited in Philippines? Wifi or 3g version? Is there 3g data service in Philippines?

  50. ipad=watste of money
    ndi ko na klangan yan….. para lang sa mga maluluho ya!!!!! tska sa pagkakaalam ko testing pa lang yan…….i think that is not a original version of ipad….. tinitest nila kung papatok yung product nila………

  51. mel888 says:

    guys you just dont get it.. ipad is the future..and its just a start.. 2million ipads sold in less than 2 months and super dami ang nasa waiting list.. it must be you who dont get the idea.., it has lots of uses.. the netbook’s idea is the ipad.. it just happens d pa sya capable as the ipad.. pinaliit lng na computer ang netbook.. weve seen the idea sa mga sci fi movies and now its here, it has unlimited uses, for me car stereo and in dash lcd will be obsolete. nav system will be obsolete, touch module in your car that can be a stereo, movie player, internet, gps navigator, what more.. maybe in the near future, doctors, lawyers, and even military will make use of a device as thin as this..

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