iPhone 3G Service Plans in 12 Countries

iPhone 3G Service Plans in 12 Countries

While the release of the iPhone 3G is fast approaching, I’m closely coordinating with a friend who’s on vacation in the US to grab me one of the $599 contract-free unit from AT&T.

If he succeeds, I may get it by the 15th. If not, we can only see how much the monthly service plans look like in other countries and hope it’s not going to be that expensive.

I surveyed 12 countries where pricing for the 8GB iPhone 3G has been announced for the July 11 release.


iphone 3g plans

Of the 12 countries, the cheapest plan costs Php2,115 per month and the most expensive is Php5,760/month.

The average of all of them hovers around Php3,116/month. This should give us a good idea for the ballpark pricing plan when the iPhone 3G hits the Philippines.

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6 Responses

  1. Phone Envy says:

    Yuga.. People.. I know this question is somewhat out of place for this particular subject, then again still kind of related.

    I wanted your opinion on a seemingly pretty strong contender to the iPhone: The new touch screen phone by Samsung — the F480 (F488 in HK). Overall, would you say that the new TouchWhiz UI (with widgets fyi) is something to look forward to? This looks like a copy-cat of the iPhone but a tad bit smaller. What I’m trying to say is that, so far, Samsung hasn’t launched a touch screen phone that had people praising it. But they seem to have very well improved with the F480 (New UI, HSDPA-triband-3g enabled, clear 5mp cam equipped with image stabilizer-autofocus-flash and claimed 3 days of battery life with moderate to heavy usage). True enough, I’ve read really good reviews of this phone albeit some complaints on dropped calls (is this provider related?) but overall good phone with ,unfortunately, no wi-fi & a high price tag (around 30K).

    As a whole, if you were to compare this to the iPhone, would you say we can trust this bugger will perform well in terms of software stability, ease of use, compatibility with other devices, and overall experience? What are your reservations if any?

    Would very much appreciate it. Thanks….

  2. yuga says:

    Samsung does good stuff with hardware but I’m not pretty confident with their software. The iPhone wouldn’t be that good if not for the Mobile OSX.

  3. Lindt Dale says:

    I agree with Yuga…. The only phones worthy to be called iphone-killer are Sony-xperia, htc touch pro or htc touch diamond (assuming htc will speed up the speed of htc internally)

  4. pando says:

    i think it will be closer to the average plan cost.

  5. vance says:

    I was reading the requirement for purchasing one in the us, and man you can’t use cash anymore, you’ll need a credit card to purchase one blus security ID and all that.

    What would be the requirements to buy a iPhone here manila

  6. Don says:

    just wondering? why do we have to get tied up with the plan (with telecoms operator) when in fact we an just buy the unit and use WiFi to do its applications? or is this a propaganda of telecoms company because they know that a lot of filipinos are already using wiFi (though IP,skype,etc using wiFi hot spots) in communicating (voice,date etc) instead of using their network? there are alot of wif free zones and is booming, my neighbor have one and can access it for free.. but i don’t because i have one installed in my house…

    maybe we need this to connect to the telecoms network using 3G if we are in hiway with a driver.. or inside a bus or train..

    by the way, i am writing this using my Nokia e90… with athe wifi while having a cup of coffee..

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