iPhone 5 is coming!

iPhone 5 is coming!

While there have been numerous speculations and rumors about Apple’s iPhone 5 for months now, it’s only today that we’re getting something more local and close to home.

At least one of the editors of a Philippine newspaper is getting an early look at the upcoming iPhone 5.

I can’t categorically reveal the name and newspaper for fear that it would get them into trouble with Apple. Besides, there’s an NDA to be signed. You know Apple is super-strict about these kinds of stuff.

Photo of an iPhone 4, predecessor of iPhone5

The review unit cannot be published nor shared or revealed publicly within the two-week period before it is announced. That should give us an idea that Apple will officially announce the iPhone 5 in 2 or 3 weeks time.


In a related news, Deutsche Telekom in Germany has actually confirmed pre-orders for the yet-to-be announced iPhone 5.

BGR also leaked a document from Best Buy outlining product introduction of the iPhone 5 with pre-order starting 1st week of October.

We all know Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal and David Pogue of the New York Times also get iPhone review units a week or two before they are announced/released.

So here’s the likely scenario — iPhone 5 announcement later this September with launch and release from Globe Telecom by October.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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64 Responses

  1. Dan The Beast says:

    Hello fanbois!

    • Meio says:

      Hello there, cheapo!

    • luis says:

      e ano ngayon! so what kung fanbois kami? well di ka siguro market ng apple products…

    • Dan The Beast says:

      don’t call me a cheapo if i can buy a couple of brand new iphones with a month’s salary. btw, i own 3 smartphones, an iphone included. oh yeah, i am a cheapo. :D

    • John says:

      LOL @ 3 smart phones. HAHA

    • Meio says:

      It’s funny that despite the salary that you are bragging about, you have the mentality of a high school student, calling iphone owners fanbois. you have 3 smart phones including an iphone? i truly doubt that people who own iphone call other iphone users fanbois. nice try cheapo!

  2. namie says:

    They have no choice but to reveal it soon.. not unless they planned the ‘accidental’ lost of their prototype unit.

  3. Nhoel says:

    ambilis naman ng pacing…
    baka the time na maafford ko na to eh iphone20 na!

  4. Mikhail says:

    May nabasa rin ako na lalabas na ang Iphone 6 by November.

  5. nameless says:

    :D Masaya ang mga apple boys! Nice one!

  6. Sherwin says:

    Why apple handled it to a news editor instead of globe telco which it should be them since they need ti test the unit before rolling it to the market.

  7. Bon says:

    Wow!!!… and it looks… exactly the same as the iPhone 4.

    • Bonbon says:

      because the picture is of an iPhone 4! fail!

    • Bon says:

      Yeah. Now I know kasi linagyan na ni Yuga ng “Photo of an iPhone 4, predecessor of iPhone5” photo description after I posted my comment. Sorry, ha. Kabilang kampo (Android) kasi ako eh that’s why I thought otherwise. Non-fail.

  8. Dan_md says:

    Yey, iPhone 5! Kidding… Not excited.

    Will probably get one if it’s free. For its yet to be announced price, I could already buy several knives, forceps, retractors, or a new diagnostic set.

    Already have an iOS device. Will wait for the Symbian Belle update of my N8 and stick with it until it breaks down. Ngek, Baka abutin ng 5 years…

  9. Bijz says:

    it will leak out for sure.

  10. Dan_md says:

    iPhone 4 users: tanggalin na ang kinaiingat-ingatang g-mask, ilabas na ang nakatagong kahon, iwithdraw na ang naipong pera… Trade-in time na! Hehe.

  11. imitator101 says:

    I read somewhere that the reason why Apple is suddenly aggressive in suing Samsung is because their iPhone 5 looks like the Galaxy S II.

    In other words, it might be that this time around it’s Apple who’s a Samsung copycat.

    Can’t wait to see the actual iPhone 5 to see if this is true

  12. rd says:

    hmmm…whats gonna be the specs?
    we already have dozens of smartphones got 1gGb RAM and dual core CPUs(1.4Ghz) avail on market…
    whats will be the PROs of this coming iphone5 aside from its ios

  13. Mike says:

    Now the momentum shifted to Samsung!!!! They’ve already sold 8 millions SGS2 worldwide.

  14. Same old UI, same old form factor, just millions of apps.

  15. Zeus says:

    To Globe:Don’t care about iPhone. It’s gotten too ordinary. Give me N9 NOW!!! Singapore is launching.

  16. koki_motok says:

    With all this fancy hardware/software, one thing is neglected…. BATTERY LIFE!!

  17. darius09ugger says:

    I’m not happy, malalaos na ang iPhone 4 ko..

  18. SM Sale says:

    I just cant wait to see IPHONE 5! I’ll save money for this.

  19. darius09ugger says:

    Everyone has phone preference, at ang iPhone ay hindi para sa lahat, ganun din yung ibang phones. If you don’t like the iPhone then you don’t have to hate it. I also like the SGS II, but i prefer iOS. For now, i am waiting for the iOS 5 to update my phone.

  20. migs says:

    ito na naman ung target ng mga pasosyal!! hehe..

  21. trycks says:

    problema sa mga tao, di sila makuntento. Puro pasikat, wala yan kung bago o luma ang cp mo, importante kontento ka.

  22. quzaqi says:

    i’ve known enough iphone users. what’s funny is that i think their phones are smarter than them. mas na-admire ko pa yong users ng even 2008 model phones ng samsung, blackberry and sony ericsson who actually showed me that they can fully utilize their phones like wireless printing and even hacking (illegal nga lang yon). iphones are potential tools. however, to tap its potential, the user must not be a fool. did i just make a rhyme?
    for now, im still sticking to my windows mobile phone. so much more functionality. but i really love the retina display of the iphone. if only they would make their phones (apps included) suit my needs.

    • leeto says:

      you are definitely right to the point. we must buy any gadget because it suits our needs not our urge to flaunt. kaya nga mga Pinoy mahirap pa rin ngayon because of wrong priorities. I admire the Chinese for their frugality and practicality, kaya dami na Chinese billionaries sa Forbes mnagazine at wala pang pure-Pinoy doon. My point is we should buy the thing because we need it to help us in our lives and that it will not enslave us. Spend only within our means, di panay utang para meron maipagyabang pero gutom naman.

    • Meio says:

      “for now, im still sticking to my windows mobile phone. so much more functionality.”
      it appears that you are the person you are referring to about phones that are smarter than their users.

      pero i agree with leeto, and your point leeto is different from quzaqi.

  23. 2toyzki says:

    Sir abe, can u ask him the official name of the next iphone(s)? Some sites say that there wil be 2 new iphones, the big and the small one. Which one of them yung hawak nya ngayon? Thanks!

  24. rbsoriano says:

    Its time to scout some 2nd hand iPhone 4.

  25. ayan, mas magiging affordable na ung mga previous versions ng iPhone hehehe everyone now can afford to buy iPhone :)

  26. Will it be better than the present, or will just be different in appearance.

  27. csseyah says:

    Wow sana nga may maliit nang version ang iPhone.. I’m very interested..

  28. Messie says:

    Well, it must have been that dude from one of the leading broadsheets who have gotten first dibs with the Apple gadget before. If one will just take time to look back, he was one of the first owners of an iPad 1, iPhone 4, and iPad 2 here in the Philippines. A certain E-I-C of ** if I’m not mistaken…

  29. smith says:

    hello seller, am interested in your item, kindly give me your final price.

  30. PJ says:

    i read somewhere that iPhone will or is planning to release a “low end” variant to capture the middle and low end market of Nokia.

  31. Schweid says:

    Sir Yuga do you have any reviews on the latest xperia mini unit the successor to the x10mini and mini pro? and also its SRP as well the Motorola charm and flipout, thanks!

  32. ayan na si iphone 5! i heard it can capture 3D videos without a need to convert it… parang LG Optimus 3D

  33. karl says:

    .sabi nila the new iPhone 5 will have a dual core processor. I don’t think that the iOS5 will utilize the dual core to its optimum ability. sayang lang ung dual core.

  34. amang says:

    “At least one of the editors of a Philippine newspaper is getting an early look at the upcoming iPhone 5. ”

    -malamang si art samaniego yan ng manila bulletin (Tech News). Tama ba?

  35. Tech84 says:

    Surely the price of the iPhone 4 iis expected to come way down when Apple releases the iPhone 5

  36. Ryan says:

    Iphone will never loose the global limelight because apple comes first when it comes in fashion and technology before other. with a solid iOS and application, I am still an apple solid user… cheers!!! to iphone5…

    • walayan says:

      Tell me of any innovation that apple release it first in the market be before the others? Apple is the best company in copying others! just polish the feature here and there and claim and brag about it.

  37. Chai Chen says:

    iPhone 5 = hologram screen and keyboard!
    For the win!

    I’ve become more of an Android fan though … but I’ll see what iphone 5 has to offer. (^_^)

  38. carl says:

    hndi nman cguro lahat makakabili ng iphone dahil wala ng stock kapag may bagong labas na iphone ang apple kaya hindi lahat magkakaroon…

  39. parenghilton says:

    yehey.. makakabili na rin ako ng 2nd hand na iPhone 4 na mura.

  40. Andy Smith says:

    Ayos to! I wonder how this phone would look like.

  41. insider says:

    haha…i hope this gizmo doesn’t create any unnecesarry and over-exaggerated hypes…

  42. I think iPhone 5 is going to rock the market. I am all waiting with wide expectations.

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