iPhone 5 -- what we're missing?!

iPhone 5 — what we’re missing?!

Apple has finally announced the iPhone 5 and with it, some slightly significant improvements were made over the iPhone 4S. We look a bit closer and dissected some items to see what we’re missing.

Apple didn’t waste any time and started the announcement with the new iPhone 5.

The new iPhone is thinner (7.6 mm) and lighter (112 grams) yet is now taller than the previous ones at 4.0-inche diagonally. In the last 5 years that Apple has introduced the iPhone, this is the first time that they’ve actually increased the size of the display.

Apple iPhone 5 specs:
4-inch display @ 1136×640 pixel, 326 ppi
Apple A6 chip
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
HSPA+, LTE up to 100Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band
Assisted GPS and GLONASS
Bluetooth 4.0
8MP rear camera, LED flash
1.2MP front-facing camera @ 720p
iOS 6

Apple also introduced new features like the Lightning connector, new set of EarPods, and the pure glass and aluminum design.

So, what is missing in the picture?


● Philippine Release Date. Apple did not mention the Philippines in its initial release date. Hong Kong and Singapore are going to get it on September 21. The next batch is in October and around 100 countries will get it by December. Are we expecting the iPhone 5 to be released by Smart and Globe this December, just like last year?

● iPhone 5 Price. Apple quoted price is the same as last year $199, $299 and $399 with 24-month contract for 24 months.

These are the prepaid prices of the iPhone 4S from last year. The iPhone 5 could be the same.

Smart iPhone 4S 16GB – Php33,200
Smart iPhone 4S 32GB – Php38,200
Smart iPhone 4S 64GB – Php43,200

Globe iPhone 4S 16GB – Php37k
Globe iPhone 4S 32GB – Php43k
Globe iPhone 4S 64GB – Php49k

● iPhone 5 LTE. Is the iPhone 5 compatible with LTE from both Smart and Globe? Apple did not say and according to their LTE map showed during the announcement, the Philippines isn’t included yet.

Apple website states that “Band support does not guarantee support on all LTE networks running on the same bands.”

Those are really important questions we don’t have answers yet. Your guess is as good as ours.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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68 Responses

  1. Ren says:

    3rd world country is their least priority…

  2. Ren says:

    3rd world countries = least priority. not even an apple store here.

  3. Ben says:

    Specific model Iphone 5 model numbers pertaining to supported cellular frequencies:

    That will give you a hint w/c model number will work with Smart and Globe’s LTE networks.

  4. ty says:

    How big is the RAM of this iphone?

  5. gabriel says:

    nice phone pero parang mas exciting ung ipod touch 5th generation

  6. Anonimi says:

    Parang paulit ulit nalang? although nabago yung design eh almost identical pa rin. For me ayos na yun design ng 4s except sa small screen. Yung specs eh hindi pa din mamamaximize sa technology natin ngayun. By the time na mamamaximize na eh malamang may bago ng iphone. In short, same old same old siya para sakin. Wag magagalit mga fanboys jan.. haha

  7. trollolol says:

    everytime na nagrerelease ng bagong iphone e nagtataka pa na hindi namention un philippines eh wala ngang apple store dito.

  8. numbskull94 says:

    iPhone 5 is finally here. it’s a lot better looking than the 4 / 4 S if you ask me. astigggggg http://youtu.be/cQwbuO55jfM

  9. numbskull94 says:

    ano? sorry. balikbayan ako eh hehe…from states.

  10. Justin says:

    Apple is obviously giving LEAST priority to 3rd world countries. Syempre, ang thinking nila “3rd world nga, eh, kaya walang perang pam-bili yang mga tao dyan.” Yet ang daming mga Pilipinong nagpapakamatay sa trabaho para lang maka-bili nito. Haaaaayyy…. ang dami pa rin talagang Pinoy na utu-uto!!!

  11. k says:

    I think SOME (and mean SOME, who just buy iphone for style and status symbol.) people who is very fond of iphone is very positive people. why? because although the iphone is really left behind samsung and others regarding specs/hardware, screen estate, applications, freedom… still they can find positive traits to it.. and now its just by the looks… man, they will buy it because it is more cool looking. see -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFhjDX-DUew&feature=colike

  12. Mr. Curious says:

    I don’t see any promising specs or anything interesting about this phone.. =(

  13. Howie says:

    Globe will be using 1800 MHZ frequency as mentioned in this article:

    As such, units acquired from North America will not be compatible with our local LTE.

  14. Rabby says:

    IMHO, it’s not being 3rd world is the issue here, it’s the local telcos failiure to be on time with Apple’s standards. The presentation slide show must have been already made some time and Smart and Globe has not complied during that time.

  15. iF**K says:

    in terms of tibay.. hindi pasado sa akin ang mga apple products.. lahat ng iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS at iPad ko ay sira ng lahat… lahat din ay disposable, walang gustong mag repair from legit manufacturers… haaaaay bakit ba until now naka iPhone 4S pa ako.? sabi sa isang blog na Apple has control over the life of their older apple products… sila ang may control when to expire this.

    • precor says:

      Sir, baka naman matindi ka mag handle mo sa Apple Products mo. Kahit naman anong tibay ng isang product basta mishandle at maski papaano ang gamit, masisira talaga.

  16. H says:

    Eh di tiba-tiba na naman mga smugglers nyan.

  17. NineSwordz says:

    Hmm.. still looks the same as iPhone 4, only longer. Not even excited with the “new” specs. 8mp? A6? XPERIA line-ups already have 13mp exmor R and Krait processors. Good thing they finally switched to a 16:9 resolution, but still not 720p.

  18. berkanoshow says:

    No NFC. QR codes? man. It is thinner, lighter, taller and faster (just like all the new other phones their). It is just an evolution more than anything else. I have to say though that Apple owners don’t mind incremental upgrades anyway.

    What were they thinking with the Touch and Nano? 299 USD and 150 USD??? One can buy a nexus 7 or kindle fire HD at least add 50 USD more… they are quite pathetic …

  19. Wombosi says:

    These topic can be shortened in to 2 words “not much”

  20. leeto says:

    I have an Iphone 3G pa, but that will be my last Apple gadget. Hirap sa MMS, bluetooth, no business card. If u upgrade, I have to go to IPhone store. As if im tied for life to go everytime to its store everytime I upgrade it.

  21. Gerard says:

    It looks like apple stopped pushing on innovation, and have focused its resources for litigation.

    Nothing new or impressive from the company that says “Think Different”.

    • leeto says:

      Well Gerald, Apple they really “think different”. That is why they are now focused on litigation and not on innovation.

  22. Edu says:

    A big YES!!!
    Smart runs on LTE 2100mhz and 1800mhz.
    Globe runs on LTE 1800mhz.
    iPhone 5 A1429 GSM MODEL supports these bands.
    Look here http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/

  23. Ken says:

    definitely an upgrade, but that’s what’s wrong with it. Apple is supposed to bring something revolutionary instead of evolutionary

  24. alainL says:

    4″ screen?! WOW! So big! Unbelievable!!

  25. Marcelino says:

    Ang iPhone 5 ay para lamang sa mga loyal customers ng Apple. Why?

    New dock connector, new sim card (nano), and an old design from 2010 since iPhone 4.

    If you’re a die-hard Apple fan, go for it.

    In my case, since I own a 4S, I don’t think it’s practical and worthy to upgrade to iPhone 5.

    IN MY OPINION, the Note 2, Razr HD, Xperia T, and Lumia 920 are more worthy of our HARD-EARNED money.

  26. Kevin says:

    Mark my words and mark them well: Apple left out NFC on this thing because it will be featured in the next iPhone 5S next year. And the hype continues…

    • Marcelino says:

      I concur. Samantalang ang ibang smartphone companies ay FULL-BLAST na. Sila naman, relax na relax at nagpalaki lang ng screen, nag-upgrade ng processor, at naglagay ng aluminum sa likod, YUN NA YUN.

      Masyadong nagpapa-relax etong Apple. By the time they realized it, napag-iwanan na sila.

      I’m not even excited about iOS6. It’s the same shit.

  27. dolf17 says:

    agree. they must develop or create a “new” model. i’m disappointed with this iphone 5. there’s no WOW factor….

  28. radioactive_balut says:

    Nothing new on the table aside from an additional grid of icons? Yun lang?


  29. john stan says:

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, do you have any use for NFC in the Philippines? Is it really that much important to have it as a feature?

    • deadmau5 says:

      You’re right, same with LTE where exactly can you use LTE in Manila? let alone the Philippines.

      bottom line is we can’t use the full potential of smartphones in this 3rd world country of ours.

    • psikick says:

      agree with deadmau5… there was a time when itunes had no philippine market support, but people still bought the iphone… fact of the matter is, dito sa pinas, apple equals cool daw… kahit talo sa specs at functionality compared sa ibang phones marami pa rin bibili kasi cool…

    • Jojo says:

      Having a LTE / NFC, is having next to the latest tecnology… means ready ka na sa next implementation in time here sa Pinas. The phone depreciation di agad magbaba kong ang specs ay near to the latest technology… otherwise we are open lagi to open our wallet sa mga companies na yun :)

  30. jpesarza says:

    You people should stop hating nonsense, why do you care if people wants to look cool or just hype about their iPhone? Don’t be a sore hater, you should consider the fact that there are others who did their due diligent research and come out satisfied with each purchase.

    • Blue says:

      I wish you performed your own due diligence with your grammar. That said, just as it is the right of those who insist on buying an overpriced paperweight like iPhone, it is the right of others with better reason to call the stupidity of Apple sheep.

    • kamote says:

      wow, diligent research? the iphone? really?

  31. Cocopako says:

    Kung maiimprove lang sana bb, wala sinabi ang iphone na yan

  32. shen says:


    Only 1GB of RAM?
    Only 8mp Camera?
    Only 4″ inches Screen for a High end Smartphone?

    they just made iphone 4’s longer.
    Optimus G. is way better!

  33. Mark says:

    Anong walang NFC? Meron kaya… NO F*CKING CHANCE ;-)

  34. R2 says:

    I’m not an iphone fan but i like the way they improve it’s size making it tall rather than wider, it just fits in one hand unlike other high end smartphone now. But of course it’s still depends on what you want. :)

  35. aki says:

    walang maipagmamalaki na bago

    halos lahat ng magandang spec.ay meroon na sa ibang mga flagship smartphones.

    pinahaba lang nila ang iphone 4’s mukhang payatot tuloy…

    LG’S OPTIMUS G. is much better.

  36. aki says:


    only 1GB of RAM?
    only 8MP Camera?
    only 1136×640 pixel?

    ONLY 4″ Inches Screen? at pinahaba lng ?
    (in my opinion sa panahon ngayon di yan sapat sa paggamit ng internet surfing and browsing, or watching a videos sa c.p.)

  37. anon says:

    Bakit andaming haters ng Apple dito? Wala kayong pakialam if we have the money to burn or if we think the iPhone is just better than the others. You have to admit, other than the specs, the design is a major factor why people will buy it. Other phones may have the upper hand in specs, pero in the end, nasa tao na yun. Design-wise, the iPhone is the superior one. If it can do the things I want it to, specs are just secondary to me. So even if I have the 4s, Ill still buy the iP5 coz i can and i want to. Sorry na lang sa mga haters na walang pambili and will try everything to discourage others. Pake nyo naman sa mga taong bibili, pera naman namin yan. And no, dont worry, di kami mamumulubi coz of it.

    • ecaps24 says:

      Cool ka lang Apple fanboi. :) Alam naming madami kang pera.

    • deadmau5 says:

      Kaw na mismo nagsabi. You ‘burn’ money for an iPhone.

      If anything, that attitude says you crave for attention. That post tells me the iP5 is merely a symbol for you.

      I would respect your opinion if you actually knew what you were gonna do with the iP5, but you sound like some person who goes to Greenhills just to jailbreak.

    • wflower says:

      Burn your money away. You and a gazillion others. What’s so cool about having the same phone as 20 other people in an elevator.

    • Jiron says:

      “if we think the iPhone is just better than the others” That’s the thing. We know, and you know, that Apple could have made the iPhone better than what they unveiled! If I objectively want a new smartphone, I would cross out the iPhone 5 immediately. Why? Because, it is not a worthwhile upgrade from the 4S. No real new features that Apple once allured the consumers with. I’d even consider the iPhone 4S, heck even the iPhone 4, because there is not much these phones that the iPhone 5 can’t do.

    • kit says:

      If you’re just gonna use it as a status symbol, forget it. If you won’t even use half of its feature, forget it. If you’re used to burning money, forget it. If you’re still dependent, forget it. If you are rich, then Apple is richer.

  38. ecaps24 says:

    I like iPhone’s design but I don’t own one. It’s just too hefty for me financially. What I have is a Samsung Wave which I own for about 2 years. Just a piece of advise for smartphone buyers. You’ll really look cool if you own an iPhone but as time goes by, you’ll probably realize that what you need for a phone are just the fundamental functions. Why waste a huge bucks if you’ll just use it for texting, calling and alarms? I don’t like browsing and using apps in a small screen. So, if I were you, buy a basic phone, and tab with great specs. Surely, those will cost less than the adored iPhone.

  39. Andre says:

    Nakakatawa kayong mga bitter sa iPhone! Bobo nung naka 4S eh, kaya lang naman di yan bibili kasi nanghihinayang siya na hindi pa siya naghintay ng unti para iPhone 5 na sana nabili niya. Tama diba? Hater niyo rin eh noh, kung ayaw mo sa iPhone, ba’t naka iPhone ka? Bobo.

  40. marv says:


    Let’s talk specs. Which of the two GSM versions (a quick Google search says no CDMA in the PH) will be supported here in our country?

    1. GSM model A1428*: UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); LTE (Bands 4 and 17)

    2. GSM model A1429*: UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); LTE (Bands 1, 3, 5)

  41. marv says:

    Figured it out.

    GSM model A1429*: UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); LTE (Bands 1, 3, 5)

  42. Okay lang naman talaga bumili ng iPhone because of brand loyalty. Huwag na sana ipilit ang mga baluktot na hirit kesho design is unparalleled o ecosystem is grea or I have money to burn. Tunog tanga lang ang dating.

    In the end, the iPhone 5 really is not worth the hype and the selling price. Talo na sa specs, hindi pa price competitive.

    That is just the truth. So iTards, huwag magalit sa katotohanan.

    Mayaman din ako. I do have the money to burn. Pero I have the brains not to burn that money.

  43. Raha Sulayman says:

    Okay lang naman talaga bumili ng iPhone because of brand loyalty. Huwag na sana ipilit ang mga baluktot na hirit kesho design is unparalleled o ecosystem is great or I have money to burn. Tunog tanga lang ang dating.

    In the end, the iPhone 5 really is not worth the hype and the selling price. Talo na sa specs, hindi pa price competitive.

    That is just the truth. So iTards, huwag magalit sa katotohanan.

    Mayaman din ako. I do have the money to burn. Pero I have the brain not to burn that money.

    • Jojo says:

      Agree… being wise is good. Rather waldas sa under specs. In other words, we have option.

      Galaxy note user :)

  44. epol says:

    parang mas cool pa ata yung mga naglalabasan na prediction design ng iphone5 sa youtube lalo na yung transparent iphone5 kuno. nakakatawa lang kasi ng i-launch ng apple ang iphone5 mas lalong dumami ang humanga sa lumia 920 at S3.

  45. Annonymous says:

    Yeah! Screw iSheeps!!!


  46. mave says:

    …We all have our take on the iPhone, however you can not truly judge the phone if you haven’t owned or experienced one. If I am asked about Android phones, I don’t comment because I haven’t really experienced it. It would be unfair.
    I’m a user of the iPhone from the 2G, 3G, 4 and I’m now queing for the iPhone5. I love the iPhone because of how effective it is for me. I don’t buy it just because I have the means or it is the “it” phone, I love the iPhone because of the over-all experience. The resale value of the phone is just a bonus.

    You can not judge the phone solely by the specs it has, but rather you have to compare it to what you really need.

    If the iPhone is not for you, then don’t buy it, no one is forcing you to, besides, there are plenty of phones to choose from.

    • Jojo says:

      Speaking of experience of having this or that, we can read or heard from other people who use to have this or that thing. From that we could learn from them even not having that this or that thing.

      On this articles, the author wrote about Iphone5 missing piece on what the latest phone have on the market today and thats the point of discussion. Nobody can question person preference on phone. But we can’t deny the other person point of view on this or that thing.

      I do have some hands-on Apple store whenever I go to mall and of course others too, I observe some differences :)As an Adnroid user, I enjoy Android system and its regular updates… Whenever IOS apps are, there is equivalent in Android system. Whenever the latest hardware or technology the latest phone has (e.g S3, SGN2, etc) Apple will release later or go after in few months… sign of good business :)

      Do you think this competition are benefical for us the consumer?

      Enjoy Apple.
      Enjoy Android.

  47. Emery says:

    I am an apple fanboy in terms of Macs. Dati ok ako sa iPhones. I had 3gs and 4. I was impressed until samsung Galaxy s2 came out. Android is really for me. To all Apple fanboys out there who boast a lot that they have a lot of money, MAHIYA KAYO! Respect those who are proud that they are not bound to Apple. I can buy iPhones pero I choose Samsung over Apple pagdating sa smartphones. *Dependent ang Apple sa other companies like Toshiba and Samsung. CHINA made pa. RESPETO LANG PLEASE!

  48. luna says:

    Hi! I just chanced upon this thread while looking for what new phone to buy and it gave me a LOT of info and new products to research about. I am an avid apple user: nano, touch, mac air and will soon purchase an imac but i refuse to get an iPhone because i don’t wanna have the same phone as almost everyone i know. I have an htc cha cha and an old xperia.

    Now, please help me find what new phone to get because I feel my xperia is dying soon. My requirements: it has to be color white, has qwerty keypad (for some reason, i like feeling the buttons when i text, nahihirapan ako sa touch screen!), semi touch screen, camera with flash, wifi, personal hotspot, large internal and expandable memory. In short, a lot like my htc cha cha but newer or better. It doesn’t matter if it has games or whatever coz that’s what my touch is for. I want my phone to be reliable and have a long battery life. So there, what phone can you suggest i get?

    Thanks :)

  49. Pichan says:

    kapag bumili ba ng iphone5 ibig sabihin STUPID agad? ako wala pa akong iphone kahit isa. iPtouch 4th meron. pero phone wala. so balak ko tlgang bumili ng iP5. wala lang GUSTO ko lang. kung anong kulang, kung anong “WALA” ok lang. kasi hindi din naman maglalabas o gagawa ng gadget ang mag kompanyang yan ng KUMPLETO. kasi dun sila kikita/magkakapera. kapag gumawa sila ng KUMPLETO ang apps or kung ano man. ano pang silbi nila? kaya hahanap at hahanap mga yan ng idadagdag para mabenta mga produkto nila. babawasan din mga nailagay na features pra nman mabili din yung mga luma na may gusto ng features na yun. ganun lang kasimple. ang hindi ko lang maintindihan ay bakit nagagalit kayo sa mga apple fans??? sila ba nagagalit sa mga SAMSUNG fans?? or kung ano man. lahat ng tao may sariling pagiisip. kung ang tingin nyo dun ay katangahan, pwedeng ang sarili nyong idea ay katangahan din sa iba.

    so ako. tanga na kung tanga. bibili ako iP5. kasi gusto ko :)

  50. Jamirah Omar says:

    how can i cntct you if i wnt to buy iphone5 to u? 09192874680, ths s my cp nmber.. please text me cuz im really looking the cheapest price of iphone5.tnx and god bless..

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