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iPhone 6 Plus bends in your pocket, Note 3 doesn’t

Just weeks in after the release of the new iPhones, a problem is being reported that the new iPhones, especially the iPhone 6 Plus due to its large size, significantly bend easily, destroying the form of the smartphone.

iPhone 6 Plus Note 3  bends

This is not a rare case scenario as a lot of users have been using the hashtag #BendGate to spark discussion, and it goes to tell that the iPhone 6 Plus bends even when it is just sitting inside your pocket for a long time.


Some will defend that even older iPhones and most smartphones will bend if given enough pressure (Unbox Therapy retweeted bent Apple products today) and some will say that if only Apple didn’t make the device so thin, the company could have ended up making a better phone with no protruding camera hump, better battery life & a more solid build quality.

The videos above confirms the reports, showing how easy it is to bend, and to confirm that this issue is not exclusive to the iPhone 6 Plus, Unbox Therapy also tries to bend the Note 3 to which it does bend, but it returns back to its original form without breaking.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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32 Responses

  1. SpiderWak says:

    well that would suck.. I wonder what were the conditions that made the phone bent inside front pockets.

  2. zero says:

    Magpalit na sila ng brand name banana

  3. benchmark says:

    like what it is posted, hinde lang sa sa Iphone yung ganyan, same din sa big phone siguro yan. Maybe they could try sa HTC(yun lang, makapal ata yun phone na yon). Some bends back maybe dahil sa plastic construction…or try din nila lagyan ng casing yung phone…kasi most of the time, nilalagyan nila ng hard case yung mga Iphone. :-)

    Just my idea.
    -k zoom user here

  4. kamote says:

    i have a 4.7 inch htc all the time in my tight pocket,, doesnt break or bend. 2 years na.. eh yang iphone kaya?

  5. jajajason says:

    Lumia 1520 with an even bigger 6″ phone user here. I’m sure the phone bends in my pants when I’m sitting awkwardly or crouching but nothing permanent.

  6. Cesar noel says:

    As usual Apple produced another very fragile phone.

  7. breakstaff says:

    Well lg did it last couple of years with there lg g flex + self healing but di sumikat. Pano IPHONE yan eh. Kahit na anong unit basta me apple na logo sikat. Uto uto talaga mga tao.

  8. aypon says:

    iphone yan, bakit ilagay sa bulsa? ang mahal kaya nyan, dapat sa noo nakapikit, di pa mag bend, astig kapa tingnan kasi nga…iphone yan

  9. kj says:

    Sana ang note 4 walang ganitong issue. Excited na to get mine dito sa Seoul ngayong weekend. http://global.samsungtomorrow.com/?p=42495

    • x says:

      Sinubukan i-bend yung Note 3, di naman nag bend ng katulad sa IP6 Plus. So malamang, safe din ang Note 4.

    • MorD says:

      So far wala pang reports sa ibang bansa kung nagbbend ang Note 4 so probably safe siya as the Note 3.

  10. Mark Angelo says:

    Interesting topic.. However, Apple must have known that issue before they finalized the design. Siguro mapoproteksiyunan naman yan ng solid hard cases kaya OK lang yan. At least manipis… hehe

    • SpiderWak says:

      di ko talaga makuha.. buy a thin smartphone then putting a case on it. Parang walang silbi din dahil kakapal uli yung phone dahil sa casing. Dagdag gastos pa.. kung ganyan lang naman bakit di nalang kapalan ang phone para di na kailangan ang case?

    • Jay says:

      The logic there, if you fail to get it because of your prejudice against this phone, is that when used with a case, it will still be thinner compared with other phones encased in the same manner. e.g. iphone 6 plus + case > Samung Note 3/4 with a case.

      Get it?

  11. AsusFan says:

    They’re pocketing it the wrong way!

  12. 2ways says:

    dalawang bagay lang yan

    dapat flat ang puwet mo para di siya mag bend

    or dapat pagawan mo ng kahoy na kahon bago mo ibulsa, astig !

    • Mir says:

      front pocket po. binanggit pa sa vid.

    • 2ways says:

      pareng Mir
      masyado ka namang seryoso

      ang alam ko mga australiano lang ang seryoso sa buhay

      konting humor naman sa life, para bawas kulubot

      nabasa ko na eto palang version ng epple ang pang laban nila sa LG Flex at sa samsung curve

  13. haha says:

    Tim Cook: You’re bending it wrong!

  14. z ultra user says:

    Been using xperia z ultra for two months now, most of the time it sits inside my front left pocket,. massive at 6.4 inch, it is also bending but comes back to its normal form without breaking despite having an aluminum frame, no cracks or marks.

  15. iPhone5S says:

    iPhone 5S user here.. Never had issue with this kahit pa madalas sa pocket ko ang phone, front and back. I guess, this is a result of too much force.

    • elitegamer81 says:

      You have to keep in mind that the iPhone 5S only has a 4″ screen compared to the iPhone 6 Plus which has a 5.5″ display.

      The bending issue is due to the phone’s size. Did you even read the article? While you’re at it, also watch the video to better comprehend what they’re talking about.

  16. Hentai Kamen says:

    I am planning to upgrade my iPad mini to iOs8, is this feature included with the update?

  17. Zobel says:


  18. Rainbow Rat says:

    Well ..that is what you get for your hard earned thousands.. baka masolve naman ang bending ng IOS9?

  19. lol says:

    who needs a bendable display if you can have a bendable phone. =>

  20. atong says:

    1 year na lenovo k900 ko nka bulsa everyday in mu tight jeans pocket di naman sya nabebend

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