iPod Nano already in stores.

iPod Nano already in stores.

Apple is yet again back from the drawing boards to make us all drool with the new iPod Nano.

After the iShuffle, I thought what else could Apple add to their line of iPods? You have the iPod mini, the U2, iShuffle, and the iPod Photo which they graduated into just the 30Gb and 60GB iPod about 3 months ago.


But lo and behold, the iPod Nano is here with the storage of an iPod mini (2GB and 4 GB) and the size of an iShuffle (available in white and black colors). It’s as thin as a regular pencil and just twice as heavy as the feather-weight iShuffle. Like the iShuffle, it’s light enough that you can wear it around your neck or strap it on your arm. With a 1.5 inch color screen, this baby is off to sell millions for Apple yet again.

Retails for just $199 a pop.

Damn, I want the black one, please.

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15 Responses

  1. hoop says:

    I guess that dispels the rumor that the new Ipod was going to be a cellphone too :D

  2. Unknown says:

    $10 per unit goes to the Microsoft? due to the lose case of patent issue..

  3. staticblu3 says:

    cool… bibili dapat ako nung shuffle kaya lang walang screen kaya un tsaka walang pera.. haha…

  4. AnP says:

    darn! i could have saved a lot of money had I waited a couple of months! :(

  5. Shawn says:

    get a free ipod, i 2 ipods so far from this :)


  6. jeff says:

    How much does the 6 G Nano cost? In Philippine peso please.. where can i get one?

  7. yuga says:

    Php 9.5k and Php12.5k respectively. There’s an Apple Center in Glorietta and another one in Greenbelt 1.

  8. raymil says:

    what’s the market price of the 6GB nano as of now?

  9. ehka says:

    where i can buy ipod nano which have a low price? not imitation d’ real Apple ipod nano…. maybe a ipod 2gb or ipod video…. if you know sumwhere just leave a mssge to me at [email protected] thats mah email… email to me the prices thnksssss

  10. ehka says:

    where i can buy ipod nano which have a low price? not imitation d’ real Apple ipod nano…. maybe a ipod 2gb or ipod video…. if you know sumwhere just leave a mssge to me at [email protected] thats mah email…

  11. Mary says:

    Its better to buy here at United states or buy it online at Apple store its a lot more cheaper and gurantee dat its original…If you have relatives here in States ask them to buy one for yah…80GB ipod Nano is the latest now where in you can watch video..its pretty cool..i can download all my favorite movies on it..Pinas ipods are so expensive..XADO po MAHAL…GRABE…

  12. angel says:

    nakakainis ibalik nyo na ipod ko nakakaingit!!!
    penge namn ako!!
    sino my low price ng ipod nano i want it!!!

  13. dheon09 says:

    Mary . . . walang 80G na ipod nano that’s ipod classic . . 4G/8G lang sa ipod nano :) . . . i got my ipod nano 8G 3rd gen for only 9,999 . . free delivery p within metro manila . . . 1 yr warranty and it’s orig :D

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