iPod Shuffle 3G: Unboxing Photos

iPod Shuffle 3G: Unboxing Photos

Apple sent in a review unit of the new iPod Shuffle 3G. Though obviously lacking the usual control buttons, I’m still a bit amused at how small this iPod is (compared to the older generation Shuffles). See tons of unboxing photos after the jump.

ipod shuffle 3g

In the box: earphones with controls, short USB and iPod Shuffle. The cable of the earphones are a little different from the old ones (this one is more rubbery).

ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g

ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g


ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g

ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g

ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g

ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g

ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g ipod shuffle 3g

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41 Responses

  1. Dinah says:

    oh wow, small but terrible :-)

  2. JohnLloy says:

    biggest disappointment = cannot use any ordinary earphones.

  3. godgets says:

    ditto @ JohnLloy.. i’m not using ipod earphone to my ipod.. why? i don’t want people to see me using ipod

  4. I prefer large headsets thats why this ipod is not for me.

  5. whackerZ says:

    Money clips are coming back into fashion. This shuffle is about the right size albeit much thicker, could probably pull double duty as money clip.

  6. Raf says:

    to godgets, may i ask why? is there something wrong in using an ipod?

  7. gelo says:

    yeah, how can i use my high-end Sennheiser pxc450 with active noise cancelling on ipod shuffle? i’d rather buy an expressmusic phone hehehe

  8. JohnLloy says:

    I also don’t use iPod orig earphones why? ang sagwa na nga ng driver ng ipod’s ang sama pa ng tunog ng earphone mas maganda pa sound quality ng china earphones ahaha

  9. godgets says:

    @raf.. i have a friend naholdap ang ipod not once but twice..

  10. is this already on the shelves here in the philippines?

    maybe for safety reasons, guess ko lang hehe.

  11. yuga says:

    I saw a couple being sold in stores locally. Costs between Php4,490 to Php4,990. Apple Online Store is cheaper since it’s only Php4,190.

  12. Gene says:

    Small and Horrible!

    We (most of us) never asked for anything smaller than the ipod shuffle 2G! this is terrible!

    what is this? a race to the smallest mp3 player in the world?!

  13. Raf says:

    i see, sabagay mabuti na mag-ingat

  14. Jerome says:

    Small ipod. Huge memory :)

  15. calvin says:

    rubbery cord means it’s less likely to get tangled. or it would be easier to untangle.

  16. wow wow wow!

    so small and so functional!!!!

    ang ganda!

    how much is that?

    does it have an LCD screen?or ull make guess what song comes next?

    mac <–ur gayness hehe

  17. mike says:

    I still prefer the ipod shuffle 2G, simpler, cheaper and you can use 3rd party headphones/headsets. Also considering the price of original earbuds is almost like buying a new ipod shuffle all together… which aren’t that good at all.

    I guess this product will mostly appeal to mac fanboys…

  18. Mark says:

    Hurrah for Apple’s stock and shitty earphones!

  19. Patrick says:

    The instant I saw the headline, my first thought was: an iPod Shuffle 3G?! As in iPhone 3G?!
    Then I remembered… oh, 3rd generation. :P

    I still stand by my previous opinion on this sorry excuse for an upgrade: it’s the worst iPod to date.

  20. Anne says:

    Yeah iPod earphones are shitty. I also don’t use them. Flaunting those white wires = invitation to muggers.

  21. william says:

    by far the most pointless ipod in the line up.. you cant use other ear phones without the special button of some sort.

  22. Agrimensor says:

    LOLz @Mark & Anne

    Matawa ako sa pinsan ko kanina. Pinagmamalaki ipod nya bigay daw ng mister nya. Nung pakinggan ko tunog basura ang earphone. Sabi eto earphone ko galing CDRking (Im not promoting ha!). Namangha ang loka bat daw ang ganda ng tunog kesa sa original. Sabi ko na lang “well, that’s what you pay for buying an ipod”

  23. goosebumps says:


    lahat ba ng review mo sayo na ang item? hehehe

    **ingit mode***

  24. yuga says:

    @goosebumps, nope, 99% of the time they are returned to the agency/company.

  25. mhaqkee says:

    im planning to buy one. pero prang ayoko na dahil sa mga review… ahm; can i ask, how much yung earphones lang nyang shuffle 3g? in case na masira ung kasama…

  26. yuga says:

    @mhaqee, the old square-shaped, colored iPod Shuffle 2G is still being sold and they’re cheaper. The earphones are not sold separately yet but Apple says they and 3rd-party providers will sell compatible accessories soon.

  27. @mhaqee

    Based on a review I read somewhere, they said the 3rd party earphones will cost higher than the normal ones due to the new DRM chip that apple has embedded in the new shuffle (meaning earphone companies will be forced to buy rights from apple to produce such).

  28. Philippine Yobbo says:

    Yeah Cdr-King all the way (though I own an IPOD Touch too). Cdr-King gives the average filipino worker a chance to own MP3/MP4 players at a cheap price. I don’t see a reason to own an IPOD suffle, it ain’t innovative enough like the IPOD touch, it’s one of those ‘wants’ not ‘needs’ kind of stuff.

  29. chiemartin says:

    So what’s so fascinating with the new shuffle anyway? Seems the 2nd gen shuffle is way better, thanks to the controls being on the unit itself.

    Nothing phenomenal.

  30. Nash says:

    i love the simplicity, but… errr about the earphones, how unfortunate coz owners cannot use any third party earphones.

    Another thing, no playback controls :(

  31. NotAMacFanboy says:

    I read in Cnet that you can use third party headphones, you just can’t control it. So as a workaround, you can adjust the settings with the ipod shuffle earphones then plug in your own headphones since the shuffle remembers the latest settings given (including the volume). You can’t skip songs but at least you can enjoy better sound quality.

    Disclaimer: I’m not a Mac fanboy. :-)

  32. jo says:

    gagawa din ng earphone ang cdrking para dyan. hehehehe

  33. MP says:

    I thought 3G means I can use it as 3G Modem =)

  34. Cortez says:

    I saw one at market market, priced at Php 4450, with 4GB memory. Better than the Shuffle 2G which was priced 3990 with only 2GB Memory.

  35. ZJ Morales says:


    I’m wondering why people are talking trash about iPod Earphones? Because I think it’s better than others, my earphones survived the laundry, and they conveniently increase volume without turning the audio to static. Well that’s my opinion, by the way I think apple’s earphones are expensive. :))

  36. nardong putik says:

    hassle masyado un papalit-palit ka ng headset. try nyo nlng gamitin un half ng headphone ng mga nokia phones na may control ng volume, songs. at least un pwede mo palitan ng ibang headphone un kalahati. tri-liner pareho un jack nila eh. but since wala pa ko ng unit na to, try nyo nlng guys, hope it works! =D

  37. kamote juice says:

    hi diba po may feature to na voice over.. ask ko lang po kung gagana ba yung voice over kung di mo bibilhin yung music sa itunes?

  38. pampee says:

    got one and it’s perfect for me.

    just don’t expect a monster to come out of a matchbox.. and you will certainly enjoy and find satisfaction in this latest ipod shuffle.

    have a life guys!

  39. Yamada says:

    Well, regarding Ipod’s stock earphones, it’s below par in regards with the sound quality (a philips earphone will sound better than it), but with regards the structure and durability of the earphone, it’s one sturdy earphone that could outlast most earphones you can buy. As it is stated above, it even survived a wash from the laundry (I also have heard this from other forum sites). A better quality earphones from iPod would be the 2 armature driver in-ear earphone with remote and mic. But instead of getting that, you could go for a better one of the same price or maybe a little higher.

    Anyway, back to the topic. The first time I saw that new release of shuffle, It already made me disappointed. I mean, yeah, it was a good design but to remove the main controls from the player itself is something not really advisable. MP3 players are rated for accessibility and easy roundabouts. To take the main controls from the player is a sad thought.

    I’m a Music Lover, I’ve had a lot of earphones that got through my hands (ranging from 100~1500k) most of them failed through typical usage. I still remember one of my players (It was the 64MB Nomad Muvo! damn, I loved that player), then came the 256MB Nomad Muvo TX! then now, 120 Ipod 6G Classic.

    I still have those 2 players btw, and they’re still working well.

  40. alex says:

    i have one of these,
    peru d ko alam kung paanu pag charge.,
    bigay lang kasi sakin ng sister ko.,

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