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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad

Been getting a lot emails from people wanting to buy a tablet this Christmas, mostly as a gift to themselves. The top two contenders are the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Here’s a quick guide to all those who asked just to help you make that final decision.

For a more appropriate comparison, we’ll pit the 16GB iPad 3G + WiFi against the 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000. That should even the playing field for both with the inclusion of the 3G SIM slot.

photo credit: united gadget

Size and Form Factor

At 9.7″ across, the iPad is way bigger than the Galaxy Tab which is only 7″. The difference also reflects on the screen size and over-all weight of the devices.

The iPad is better for watching movies/videos, e-magazines and browsing the web due to the bigger screen real estate. This is more prominent if you are sharing the device with two or more people at the same time. You can place it at some distance and still be able to enjoy what you’re watching or reading.

The Galaxy Tab is better in a more personal setting like reading an eBook. It’s still good with watching videos or web browsing but more on a one-to-one basis. Since it’s also lighter than the iPad, it is easier to hold for a prolonged period of time. While the Galaxy Tab is fine when held with one hand, you’ll need both hands to manage the iPad.

Android Market vs. iTunes App Store

The iTunes App Store is undeniably the king of mobile app market. Both free and paid apps are available in the Philippines. Unfortunately, Google’s Android Market is only limited to free apps in the Philippines and the paid apps are nowhere in sight.

There are 3 times more available apps in the iTunes App Store than in the Android Market so you have a much wider selection with Apple as well.

As for app compatibility, the iTunes App has versions for the iPhone/iPod Touch and another HD version for the iPad. On the Android Market, there could be some resolution compatibility issues with the Galaxy Tab’s screen size and the app’s native resolution.

Support & Warranty

Up until today, the iPad is not officially released in the Philippines so there’s no local warranty to speak of when your device conks out. You’ll either send it back to GreenHills for repair or ship it to Apple Singapore for warranty claims.

With the Galaxy Tab, you can get support and warranty from Samsung Service Centers. If the rumors are correct though, Apple is set to officially release the iPad this month so warranty shouldn’t be a problem after then.

Mobile OS and Feature Differences

The iPad runs on iOS 4 which is specifically made for the device. On the other hand, Android Froyo isn’t really for tablet form factors. You’ll have to wait for Android Gingerbread to get the full compatibility with tablets like the Galaxy Tab.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab’s 2 biggest advantages over the Apple iPad are the camera and the voice calling/SMS features. If these are very important to you, then there’s no contest here. Then, there’s the WiFi tethering on Froyo too (there’s WiFi tethering on the iPad when jailbroken via Cydia).

As a mobile device, the iPad scores points on battery life with up to 10 hours on a single charge. The Galaxy Tab comes at a distant 7 hours.

Multi-tasking is no longer an issue since the latest iOS 4.2 already solved that.

Price and Affordability

The 16GB iPad 3G+WiFi sells for about Php32,000 in the grey market. That’s Php3,000 cheaper than the Galaxy Tab which has a suggested retail price of Php34,990. The iPad 3G can even go down to a much as Php26k in some stores so there’s a huge difference there already.

If you can’t afford the straight cash payment, Smart has a postpaid plan for the Galaxy Tab. At Php2,000 a month, the Galaxy Tab is free and you’re locked to the network for 24 months. That brings you a Php1,000 for unlimited internet a month and Php24,000 for the Galaxy Tab over the 2-year period.

Paired Devices and other Factors

Perhaps, the least obvious among the things to consider when deciding between the two is the use case. What would be the primary use of the tablet and what devices will you pair it with?

If you already own a smartphone (say a Galaxy S), getting a tablet with a smaller form factor may not make sense since the size difference isn’t that much (becomes redundant). If not, then the Galaxy Tab can serve as a tablet and a smartphone at the same time — you’re getting two for the price of one.

If you’re heavy in content consumption, the iPad offers much longer battery life and if you’re always on the road, battery life trumps everything else. Really important if you also bring along a laptop or netbook with limited battery life.

There’s really no clear-cut winner here because the decision will heavily rely on how you will use it. For tablets, I’d put more weight on apps, battery life then price.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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131 Responses

  1. Carlo Ople says:

    Awesome article Abe! I agree with you that the choice will also revolve around the ecosystem of the device. I currently have an iPhone 4, iPad, MB, and Apple TV. The iPad makes so much more sense than the Galaxy Tab for me since the iPad syncs with everything in my house, lol.

    In fact this afternoon I was watching Youtube on my TV via Apple TV while using my iPhone 4 as a remote control for it WHILE surfing and tweeting on the iPad.

    Rawr. xD

  2. manny says:

    yes, nice article indeed. but of course, most people will inject their dislike for anything apple.

  3. yui says:

    Sir abe, dito po sa SM Dasmariñas ang IPAD 3G + wifi (16 GB) nasa 26k w/ warranty. :)

  4. rene says:

    Sir Abe you forgot Archos 101. It should have been Archos 101 vs Apple Ipad. They have more or less the same screen size. The former has more features than the later, and its cheaper.

  5. harley says:

    clear enough! thank you so much Sire Abe and for always replying to my tweets!

    so happy! it is my birthday today and i still check the net to read your blog! it has been my daily habit!


  6. mr. bogus says:

    my points
    music player

    web browser
    calls and messaging
    camera(back and front)

    pwede ba both!!!!!???

  7. ocommon says:

    Waiting for HP Slate or RIM Playbook..

  8. garz says:

    The first who commented was a show-off.. We’re not even talking about iPhone, Macbooks and Apple TV.. geez..

  9. ako ang nagwagi -iPad says:

    Sa bandang huli -iPad pa rin ang panalo! Pano kasi wala pa rin matinong competitor itong iPad na hindi ka mabubwiset gamiten!

    Apple Fanboys = 1
    Apple Haters = 0

    sa palagay ninyo wagi din kaya ang tablet na ito kung hindi ito ginawa ng Apple?? Sa palagay ko hindi
    kasi Apple is known for its innovative designs and understanding of what consumers want and the rest is just vying for a slice of the Apple pie hehe, yung iPod (MP3 Player) napataob nyo na ba? i doubt it


    in 2001

    * Bill Gates of Microsoft demonstrates the first public prototype of a Tablet PC (defined by Microsoft as a pen-enabled computer conforming to hardware specifications devised by Microsoft and running a licensed copy of the “Windows XP Tablet PC Edition” operating system)[51] at Comdex.

    * Apple unveils the iPad, running Apple iOS.

    in 2011
    * Apple unveils the iPad 2, running Apple iOS.
    * Android Tablet bandwagon goes mainstream. hehe

  10. mr. bogus says:

    eto nanaman ang mga hinayupak na fanboys!!! pweee!!!

  11. scorer says:

    apple fanboys = 1
    apple fanboy haters = 1

  12. Quobetah says:

    O come on! You can’t seriously recommend galaxy tab as an option for a tablet just to appease the fanboys! First and for most Google itself told it’s partners NOT to use Froyo for tablets because it’s not optimized for it. That alone should tell you that buying a tab you also immediately agree to buying a substandard OS on your tablet…hence you should expect lags, and bad apps.

    2. Apps! It’s the apps stupid! Forget about the smartphone apps that could be and is being blown into a bigger screen but Tablet Optimized ones…of which ONLY apple has on it’s AppStore. That alone will enable your tablet to do things three years from now that it wasn’t even designed for when it was first release..meaning the usability of you purchase increases over time rather than fade. That is very evident in the iOS ecosystem.

    3. Screen size. I’m using an iPad and I can’t imagine a screen smaller than it to be any more useful. The screen size is perfect. It’s both mobile and enough for browsing without needing to zoom! 7 ins is a substandard size. Deal with it!

  13. Lyle says:

    Here’s a video by CNET comparing the two tablets.

    It might help people decide which is more useful to them.

  14. whatif says:

    gusto ko yung first poster “I currently have an iPhone 4, iPad, MB, and Apple TV” hindi ako apple hater pero hater ako ng mga tao na mayabang porke naka apple. linaw ng topic ipad vs tab need mo pa ba isali lahat ng apple gadgets mo? lakas ng bagyo dito lol …

    sunod nya ay “since the iPad syncs with everything in my house, lol” so ilang libo ginastos mo para mag sync yung ipad mo sa lahat?

    nuff said…

    back to topic….
    nakahawak na ko ipad (hindi po akin… office ko po ang may ari) ayaw ko lang sa kanya eh ang bigat!at kailangan mo mag dala ng bag na pag lalagyan nya talaga.. hirap sya hawakan ng isang kamay ng matagal (halimbawa sa mrt ka at naka tayo…)

    sa galaxy tab naman sa malls ko lang sya nakita so no comment muna… :)

    can’t go wrong with both I think…

  15. lalaking talakero says:

    eto na naman ang mga lalaking talakero or man naggers, nag aaway dahil lang sa mga tablet, sus!!!! ang bababaw ng mga talak ng talak oo mahiya naman kayo sa sarili nyo! sinisira nyo na naman pagbabasa ko ng matinong review…… haaaaaaaaayyyyyyyssssssss

    applications that i add every now and then makes a big difference for me. it makes my iPad like a new gadget everytime i install an app. my 2 centavos

    as an open minded guy, i respect other people’s preference. no need to make talak talak!!!!

  16. lalaking talakero says:

    eto na naman ang mga lalaking talakero or man naggers, nag aaway dahil lang sa mga tablet, sus!!!! ang bababaw ng mga talak ng talak oo mahiya naman kayo sa sarili nyo! sinisira nyo na naman pagbabasa ko ng matinong review…… haaaaaaaaayyyyyyyssssssss

    free and paid applications that i add every now and then makes a big difference for me. it makes my iPad like a new gadget everytime i install an app. my 2 centavos

    as an open minded guy, i respect other people’s preference. no need to make talak talak!!!!

  17. Ryan Ang says:

    I own an iPad, and I can’t recommend anything better right now. iPad Wifi+3g has to be one of the better mobile solutions available out there. While I’ve been in the position of making the switch, I just can’t trade the functionality this device has given me. Not having Flash does affect on how you surf, It isn’t much of a burden to find other sites which does support html5 video. I’ve heard Flash on Android is pretty limiting too in its current iteration. Btw, iPad+vlc or cinexplayer will give you a very nice portable media player (no need to reencode) not to mention the gorgeous IPS panel.

    Maybe until Gingerbread is already out or maybe Honeycomb, we’ll see how the tablet experience with Android will change. Right now I would say get an iPad and an Ideos if you want to experience both worlds hehe

    Also, Carlo Ople isn’t bragging about his Apple connected lifestyle. He’s merely stating how locked he is with his current ecosystem. Whatever works ika nga. :)

  18. Carlo Ople says:

    Wow, ngayon ko lang nalaman na toxic pala mag share dito sa blog ni Abe, haha.

    Sorry if you guys felt nagyayabang ako. I was just explaining how the ecosystem thing works. The reason why I love the iPad is because it CAN sync to everything else that I use.

    Anyway, I hope that clarifies things!

  19. I’m waiting for the 27-inch iSlab.

  20. Teknisyan says:

    I’d go for iPad, since I have my cell phone for the voice call and SMS, also nothing beats watching a movie on a larger screen!!!

    But of course the support issue can be a deal breaker to some people!!!!

  21. Teknisyan says:

    I’d go for iPad, since I have my cell phone for the voice call and SMS, also nothing beats watching a movie on a larger screen!!!

    But of course the support issue can be a deal breaker to some people!!

  22. Benito Guevarra says:

    Now don’t go writing off the Galaxy Tab yet. I actually got one (from Smart) and am very pleased with it. Don’t get me wrong. I like the iPad, and its advantages are a sleeker interface, smoother scrolling in books, PDF files and websites, and tons more apps (among other things). But I got the Samsung for similar reasons that I went for the Nokia N900 instead of the iPhone (I’m actually not fond of Samsung phones): full browsing experience with Flash (when I go to sites, I don’t want watered down mobile versions) and easier access to files with expandable storage (you can connect it to PC and it’ll act as a mass storage device, just drag and drop files without needing iTunes or WIFI, but read/write speeds are slower compared to N900), & full Angry Birds comes free (with Christmas and Halloween editions pa! And despite what they say about phone games not optified for bigger screens, Angry Birds actually looks fantastic), among other things. It comes with Office (Word, Excel, Ppoint equivalents – read and edit files) preinstalled. Both iPad and gTab are excellent devices but they cater to different markets, with some overlap. Try them before bashing either.

    BTW, correction on the article: the gTab (from Smart) is free at plans P3000 and P4000, and costs P4000 with plan P2000, while for plan P1000, you shell out P16,000.

  23. jums says:

    nilampaso lang ng android ang ios e.

    bluetooth file transfer -check
    connect your device to ANY pc/laptop -check
    connect USB thumbdrive on your android tablet -check
    real multitasking -check
    microsd card -check
    flash player (froyo) -check
    file manager -check
    pang totoong techie -check
    pang simple at pogi pero may utak -check

    btw, i own an archos tablet

  24. lolipown says:

    @Carlo Ople
    some people are just butthurt at the very mention of enjoying their favorite apple product.

    -> coming from a non-apple user.

  25. erwinator says:

    Majority of the people do believe iPad is better. then again it is a matter of preference.

    You guys should wait for iPad2.rumor says it’ll be released around April 2011 already with retina display and dual cam for face time. it’s not confirmed, but I suggest for those who’s yet to own an iPad should wait for the later release.

  26. Fernand Anthony Pelin says:

    iPad will be officially released locally on December 14, 2010..warranty won’t be a problem anymore.

  27. Carlo says:

    How much is the cheapest iPad 32GB WIFI+3G, and where to buy (store)? I want one as a X-Mas present for myself hehehe.

  28. alsor says:

    Sa website ng Smart free lang ang Galaxy Tab at plan P3000 or mas up to date ba yang info mo sir Abe.Thanks

  29. YuYu says:

    i go for the Galaxy Tab, (and i’m really considering getting one).

    and my only reason is the SIZE.
    if there’s a 7″ iPad then i’ll probably reconsider.

    i’ve played around w/ an iPad, at nabibigatan ako. masakit sa kamay. ;'(

  30. Robin says:

    I agree with YuYu. These two products do not compete with each other in my opinion. With one having 7″ and the other having a 9.7″ screen it is like comparing a 11.6″ laptop with a 13.3″ laptop… first you pick the size you want, than the brand.

  31. Jean Paul says:

    I also debated whether I should get an ipad or a Tab. In the end I settled for the Ipad because of the stability of the IOS, quality of apps & watching videos on a bigger screen. Contrary to other people saying it is a lot of hassle to convert movies for ipad viewing, you just have to download a free version of VLC player which can pretty much handle any video files. Absolutely no regret on my purchase..

  32. Giogagz says:

    Sir abe, comment lang aq sa itunes apps store at android market. Mas madami nga ang itunes mga walang kakwenta kwenta naman karamihan. Compare po sa android market maraming maggandang apps kahit free. Ang magagandang apps ng itunes ang mamahal naman. Opinion q lang po. Sa multitasking naman po android ang true winner jan. Sa 2 devices na to ipad at tab, i’d rather go to ipad kc mas mura xa compare to tab. Tama nga cnabi u sir abe google mismo nagsabi na android 2.2 ay d nakadesign para sa tablet. Hntayin na lang natin ang android 2.3 gingerbread.

  33. Benchmark says:

    I want any tablet device for portability lang, mapa Ipad man or G tab.

    But then again, I have my 14in laptop and touchscreen phone…and since it is just a WANT (not need), maybe I can pass pa muna.

    It is very informative by the way. Kaya nga kasama ka na sa saved buttons ko ang Yugatech. Hehehehehe

  34. Benchmark33 says:

    I want any tablet device for portability lang, mapa Ipad man or G tab.

    But then again, I have my 14in laptop and touchscreen phone…and since it is just a WANT (not need), maybe I can pass pa muna.

    It is very informative by the way. Kaya nga kasama ka na sa saved buttons ko ang Yugatech. Hehehehehe

  35. imanol says:

    My mom and bro have ipads. When they first arrived, I used my mom’s extensively for a week then I stopped borrowing it. Same goes for my wife’s iphone 4. I gushed at the retina display and speed (as opposed to her old 3g), but lost interest in it in a week. I’ve had my Galaxy S phone for over a month and I’m still playing around with it. What’s the difference? It’s the freedom android offers. With iOS you get to play around with apps and games and that’s it. With android, you play with flashing roms and kernels.

    Go to XDA and you can find all sorts of ROMs that can cater to your specific needs. If you want kernels that overclock your CPU for performance boost at the expense of battery life, it’s there. If you want undervolting and underclocking to extend battery life, it’s there. If you want a stripped down, no frills, smart phone, it’s there. And if you want to access paid apps in the market in a country where it’s not allowed, like the Philippines, there is MarketAccess. :)

    With iOS, you get what Steve gives you. And what he gives you works nice and smooth. You can jailbreak and get even more goodies. What iOS has over android is that: It. Just. Works. Those who like an excellent out-of-the-box experience, like my wife, should go for an iOS device.

    However, an adventurous personality (like mine), will find it restrictive and that it gets old real fast. I love and enjoy the freedom of android. You don’t have to even be technically inclined. There are tons of how-tos that all you need is the ability to read. And besides, Samsung’s S-AMOLED is just…. wow!

  36. regine says:

    ano ba yan…
    sa screen pa lang
    ang labo na ng SAMSUNG!
    ang mahal na ang pangit pa.

  37. scorer says:

    apple fanboys = 2
    apple fanboy haters = 3
    android fanboys = 2

  38. Adrian says:

    For me Apple iPad pa din. wala akong problem sa iPad ko and ok ang browsing, games and reading experience.

  39. whatif says:

    yugatech hits (pera) = 100000000


  40. Jhay says:

    The iPhone and the iPad are smudge magnets, especially for those who have sweaty palms like myself.

    I think it’s the glass that puts both devices a bit on the heavy side.

  41. giogagz says:

    To imanol agree aq sau. May ipod touch 4 (iOS 4.2) aq at se x10 (android 2.1). Boring po ang iOS compare to android. Halos d q na gnagamit ipod touch q dahil nakakasawa na. Pero out of topic na aq. Hehehe. Hntayn na lang natin ang nxt android tablet or rim playbook. Basta aq d na aq bibili ng iOS devices. Hehe

  42. scorer says:

    apple fanboys = 3
    apple fanboy haters = 3
    android fanboys = 2

    @whatif, :D

    Yugatech blog although it’s obsolete (design wise) but still its popular at halos lahat ng tech blog pag
    kinabitan na ng Apple stuff articles eh pumapalo ang hits pataas..example yung engadget at gizmodo

  43. Brand Loyalty says:

    2010 will be the Year of the iPad..just my thoughts hehe

    Brand Royalty: How the World’s Top 100 Brands Thrive and Survive [Paperback]
    Matt Haig (Author)

    Apple products inspire strong emotions because the brand defines the identity of its customers. Just owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle says something about you, so does owning an iMac. It offers, like all cult brands, a collective individuality. People want to be different, but they want to belong. Cult brands such as Apple manage to satisfy both impulses simultaneously.

    Secret of Success
    # Revolutionary Products. Apple didn’t invent the computer, but it has revolutionized our perception of it, through user-friendly and attractive technology.

    #Anti-conformity. The Apple ethos was summed up in a 1984 advert for the first-ever Apple Macintosh. Directed by Ridley Scott (the man behind cult movies such as Alien and Blade Runner), the Orwell-inspired ad depicted the IBM world being destroyed by the new machine.

    #Good looks. Apple products are design icons and cause people to react and respond just by looking at them.

    #Emotions. Brands are built around emotion. Products are built around function. Apple’s computer combine both together.

  44. Epstein says:


    Most people does not know who Carlo Ople is. haha
    Lagay mo kasi link ng blogs mo Mr. Ople.


    I am also planning on purchasing a tablet… The Archos perhaps…

  45. fr0stbyte says:

    Wew.. Fan boy review. Typical.

  46. madpoet says:

    @carlo- saksak mo sa baga apple gadgets mo ulol! eh ano naman kung may blog site sya? pwede na sya magyabang? patayin kita jan eh makita mo!!!

  47. Macboy says:

    what’s wrong with being a fanboy?hehe.the way you comment really shows na inggit lang kayo..hehe..if one can afford to buy a premium Apple device by all means buy it. yung iba kasi dito na nagcocomment doesn’t even own an iPad or any idevices for that matter or nahawakan nyo lang..hehe.. i also have an iPad, iPhone 4, and an MBA 11.6″..sarap nyong asarin guys, bitter kayo kasi di nyo maafford?hehe..i know carlo ople, he’s also from Philmug.ph..

  48. Macboy says:

    like Steve Jobs said, “if you want porn, get an android’.

  49. bitter for life says:

    idol ko yang si Carlo Ople, tama din sya sa ECOSYSTEM ng Apple, yung mga kumontra sa kanya mga [insert bad words here] yun whehehe, Yung ecosystem kasi ng Apple products parang “Triangle Defence ng Chicago Bulls” lang yan sa panahon ni M Jordan, Pieppen at Rodman under Phil Jackson

  50. mattrosuelo says:

    “sarap nyong asarin guys, bitter kayo kasi di nyo maafford? hehe”
    Napaka-elitista naman ng dating…

    Carlo Ople <- he's the guy who said "PGB" or "Patay Gutom Bloggers", hindi ba?

  51. walang imik says:

    Gusto ko parin g tab.

  52. mr. bogus says:

    @carlo ople: ur such a dumb….

  53. mr. bogus says:

    @carlo ople: ur such a dumb….

    apple is only the first not the BEST

  54. bench says:

    like ko ang galaxy tab maybe because of its size..portable..yun nga lang mahal sya..so I go for the archos 70 same size din naman..

  55. scorer says:

    apple fanboys = 4
    apple fanboy haters = 4
    android fanboys = 4

  56. renzguby says:

    i’m not a tech expert but i’m not convinced. this two gadgets have strong probability that will be obsolete as soon as we realize. we are chasing limitless pavements of technological development. yes, i’m out of the topic. but here is what i’d like to say… i hope somebody would consider to give me ipad as gift. galaxy tab is extravagant and i don’t need it.
    but i noticed technology now a days are medium of racism and not anymore the color of the skin…
    what advocacy for technology are we promoting here?

  57. roman says:

    Mr Yuga ano bang tong blog mo pang US o Pilipinas, coz comments here are people who can afford which does no reflect the majority of the mobile users in the phil who are trying to avail the unli just to communicate with others. Ipad or Samsung tabs are useful becoz of paid apps, which of of us cant afford.

  58. shaq says:

    mga february kaya mura na to.

  59. croizanne says:

    sir abe, i’ve been reading your blog for years now. it is one of the few sites that i added on my google reader account. so far, i found your reviews fair. what i really like in your article are the inclusion of prices in your review. that way we’ll have an idea of what is the price in our market. by the way can you cover playstation move?

  60. Wakocoke says:

    Android has widgets

    real functionality :))

  61. Culangcukoke says:

    iOS has cydia

    total functionality :) )

  62. 3739 says:

    hehehehe… first poster ay show-off daw. show-off eh baka honest naman? Nagseselos lang kaya ang….

    Show-off din ako, I have

    Oh ha puro Nokia. =)

  63. inggit lang ako says:

    if i will be given a chance to have a lot of money i will buy both and all the gadgets in the world… hahah… takaw tingin nalang ako sa mga new gadgets and pray that someday i could own one. ill stick with my laptop and my ancient touch screen phone for now.. :)

    i like this blog site.. i learn a lot and i like reading the comments.. they make me laugh.,:)

  64. lolipown says:

    sige magaway away kayo, i’ll wait for the Notion Ink.

  65. lolipown says:

    sige magaway away kayo, i’ll wait for the Notion Ink Adam

  66. al says:

    these ppol made me laf, cat fight…bring it on..

    i agree with ios being boring, for ppol who wants a good os out of the box get apple, for ppol whos into messing wiht their phones get android..im using both…apple just works, android is just thrilling..

  67. NineSwordz says:

    Android has an application that can run PSX, SNES, SEGA emulators etc. (saw that on Archos 70 gaming review) And its very cool! ginamitan pa ng wii controller wireless yata.. smooth ang gameplay. naka-kickstand pa habang naglalaro! for half the price of those 2. dapat nga Archos 101 ang ginamit kesa samsung..

  68. RJ says:

    I’m an Android fan but I would say that iPad wins this game.. Google themselves said that Android is not yet ready for tablets. Gingerbread or Honeycomb will fix that. So right now, iPad does does not have a serious contender yet. Hindi lang naten alam kung sino ang susunod sa iPad. Will it be BlackBerry’s Playbook or Google’s Android tablet?

  69. NineSwordz says:

    Anyway, back to topic. what should I choose? Samsung. kahit mas mahal, coz I prefer “portability and functionality” and I love to “tweak” things. =) pero kung may iPad 7″ 16:9.. yun nalang.. haha. but still, matindi ang competition in the market, that’s why I’m going with Archos 70. lol!

    Not widescreen (16:9) – Fail
    Video output is supported but only at 480p – Fail
    No USB ports – Fail
    No Camera (kahit front man lang.) – Fail
    No Flash – Fail (fine! HTML5! lol)
    No HDMI – Fail (fine! may projector nga naman. lol)
    at iba pang ka-Failan na ni-mention na nung nasa taas. (jums)

    hehe.. (i’m not anti-apple, I’m just pro-functionality. lol)

  70. NineSwordz says:

    @RJ: buti nabanggit mo.. damn that Playbook! lahat ng Fails ko sa taas naging Win jan. hehe. But still, its only 1ghz… Let’s wait for the “Tegra 2” tablets (dual-core).. *drools* O_o

  71. chinodavis19 says:

    Sus.. Nag-aaway pa kayo dyan.. Meron namang mas mura… Apad or Epad.. Tag 6,000 lang… Android 2.2 din.. Tats skrin din.. Malaki din ang size, may maliit din… China made nga lang… Hehehe.. Pamahalan pa sila ng gadyet eh parang magagamit nyo lahat ng panksyons ng mga yan…

  72. nexusboy says:

    when i used to have iphone 3Gs and then iphone4 came out, sabi ko i’ll wait nalang for iphone 5.

    meron nang ipad pero willing to wait for ipad2. pag may ipad2 available, i’m sure iisipin ko ring hintayin nalang ang ipad3.

    what’s with iphone and ipad products everytime they release a new product, laging may kulang?

  73. DontBeAHater says:

    Why not buy them both… (if you have the money) just to end the debate and comparison…

    For those who can’t afford stop bashing with the two tabs… they have their own use…(just buy what u want or what you prefer).

    i’m not hater or a fanboy… i just love to have those gadgets…

  74. Arvee says:

    IMO I really don’t consider iPad as a mobile tablet (mobile – compact, something you can carry around, not pertaining to having “cellular capabilities”).

    I’ve tried playing around the iPad and it’s seriously heavy (it’s even heavier than an Acer timeline laptop). I’m still amazed by the touch screen response, though.

    I haven’t seen a Galaxy Tab yet but I’ve already tried the Archos 101. It may have failed on some aspects against the iPad (screen contrast is average, form factor and design – a bit bad) but it really attests to what the product was advertised to do – multimedia entertainment (loud and clear speakers, 720p video playback).

    Don’t want to speak about OSes :)

  75. kjaonline says:

    I’ll wait for a tablet with the Google Chrome OS on it :D

  76. Wakocoke says:


    para may new feature sa bagong iteration ng apple products :)

    kaya magtataka ka kung bakit may 8GB pang ipod touch lol

  77. jums from uranus says:

    android users are techie? really now? if u accuse apple fanboys as bandwagoners then its also right to call android people the same.. remember LG optimus one? tingin mo ba pinilahan yun dahil sa “android”? tingin mo ba pumila dun mga “techie”? “simple, pogi at may utak”? weh? haha.. good joke dude! whether android, ios, wm pa yan.. ang point is uso2 lang yan.. karamihan (but obviously not all) naka android ngayon nakikiuso lang rin.. they dont even know what android is..

  78. jums from uranus says:

    @nexusboy lahat nman ng cellphone, tablet, laptops may bagong technology.. there’s no such thing as perfect gadget cause if there is then there’s no point of buying a new one right?

  79. NineSwordz says:

    eto predictions ko sa iPad saga. =)

    iPad2 – now it’s widescreen (16:9)
    iPad3 – may camera na (pero low-res [VGA] at sa harap lang)
    iPad4 – may HDMI output na
    iPad5 – may camera na pati likod
    iPad6 – hi-res na ang front camera, resolution mas mataas na (1280×720)
    iPad7 – 2GHz cpu, 2GB RAM na siya! lol

    Jobs is just teasing you guys.. matalino yan. isa-isa lang yan mag-add, if you know what i mean.. =)

  80. lalaking talakero says:

    @ 9Swords: that’s what you call marketing strategy just like any other tech company, so nothing new. kung sa tingin mo naisahan ka then na tease ka nga nya, kung nag-eenjoy ka naman sa bago mong laruan then well and good!

    @ apple haters: either namamahalan sila sa apple products at di kaya ang budget or simply… they are just narrow minded people.

    buti nalang kaya kong bumili angkop sa financial capability ko of course, iPad or SGtab, canon or nikon, coke or pepsi, jollibee or mcdo, smart or globe, pldt or digitel, safeguard or dove, sony or samsung, dorito or lays, MS office or Open office, toyota or jaguar, chinese or indian food, straight ka man or bakla, baptist or catholic, clinique or hugo boss etc etc etc

    it’s a matter of preferences in life or kanya kanya sa tagalog

    ganyan talaga ang buhay, walang parehong tao

  81. NineSwordz says:

    @talakero: exactly! well said. ;) well for this competition, iPad vs. G.Tab? iPad winner. i want to buy both! kaso isa lang dapat ko bilhin, kelangan magtipid.. hehe. Archos ftw! may matitira pang pocket money. =)

  82. imanol says:

    My mom and bro have ipads. When the ipads first arrived, I used my mom’s extensively for a week then I stopped borrowing it. Same goes for my wife’s iphone 4. I gushed at the retina display and speed, but lost interest in it in a week. I’ve had my Galaxy S phone for over a month and I’m still playing around with it. What’s the difference? It’s the freedom android offers. With iOS you get to play around with apps and games and that’s it. Customization options are very limited. With android, you play with flashing roms and kernels. And if for whatever reason it doesn’t do what you want it to do, chances are you’ll be able to find a workaround in XDA.

    With iOS, you get what Steve gives you. And what he gives you works nice and smooth. You can jailbreak and get even more goodies. What iOS has over android is that: It. Just. Works. Those who like an excellent out-of-the-box experience, like my wife, should go for an iOS device.

    However, an adventurous personality (like mine), finds iOS restrictive and that it gets old real fast. I love and enjoy the freedom of android. You don’t have to even be technically inclined. There are tons of how-tos that all you need is the ability to read. And besides, Samsung’s S-AMOLED is just…. wow!

    PS. Android also have live wallpapers!

  83. dulfo says:

    Nice article sir Abe! Coming up with this topic helps since I am on the same predicament. Ipad or GTab for Christmas? Also, thanks to your avid readers. I really enjoy reading their take on the subject.

  84. scorer says:

    apple fanboys = 5 [loves simplicity, it just works]
    apple fanboy haters = 7 [narrow minded pipol, envious]
    android fanboys = 7 [loves complexity, customization]
    nokia fanboys = 2 [love bus for everybody :)]

  85. Wakocoke says:

    @lalaking talakero

    good thing there are competitors!


  86. MobilePressy says:

    Nice review! Will look forward to having that as my wishlist this christmas season.

  87. al says:

    not everyone is as shallow as u think, i stil prefer my blackberry as my main phone though they call it dinasour os,


    chrome os is not tablet, its optimized for physicalkeyboard.

  88. al says:


    chrome os is not for tablets, its optimized for physicalkeyboard.

  89. willie says:

    hahaha… these are all marketing bullshits..
    i hate tablets…
    i travel every month and god knows how inconvenient to bring all these things with you..you are not even allowed to use them inside the plane..computers are everywhere nowadays..just a plain 3G mobile will do..

    hey, carlo op? are you serious? surfing in your home using ipad while watching youtube on apple TV? then lipat channel using iphone. can’t imagine how you do that or what is your position while doing those things?

    are you aware that there there are machines called desktop/laptop? you can do all those things at the same time. aside from that, they come in widescreen/faster/more convenient and cheaper. I think those studs who are using these machines are more clever than you.

    Maybe some comments were correct, yabang lang.

  90. hapi says:

    Dear Sir Yuga,

    Happy Holidays! Pls. allow me to share my views on both devices, especially since it took me more the a month before finally deciding w/c one to buy.

    1st, there is no question that in terms of built quality and applications, Apple is the clear winner. However, that doesn’t mean the galaxy tab is built w/ poor quality, in fact, in spite of the device made mostly w/ plastic stills fills solid and sturdy to use.

    Now, in terms of portability and productivity, galaxy tab is at par (or even above par)compare to pad, taking into consideration that you can make / receive calls, send sms and even take photo w/ it. Actually, if you ask me, the tab is more of a PMP w/ mobile phone features.

    At present, I’m happy and satisfied that I chose the galaxy tab, its very protable to carry and pull it out of my body bag anytime I need it.

    P.S. in terms of apps not properly scaling w/ the galaxy tab… it true, but they are still viewable comfortably and as of now there are new apps that scales perfectly w/ its 7″ screen.

  91. hapi says:

    Excuse me for having some “typo” errors….. ;-)

  92. peeyaj says:

    The comments on this thread is hilarious. Here’s PhoneArena comparison between the two:


    Spoiler alert: the iPad wins.

  93. jums from uranus says:

    it’s a matter of preferences in life or kanya kanya sa tagalog<– tumbok mo pre..

  94. scorer says:


    apple fanboys = 6 [loves simplicity, it just works]
    apple fanboy haters = 7 [narrow minded pipol, envious]
    android fanboys = 8 [loves complexity, customization]
    nokia fanboys = 2 [love bus for everybody :) ]

  95. Hi says:

    Update:Samsung just texted me this afternoon re the arrival of their limited units of galaxy tab.Matagal din kasi na out of stock sa robinson galeria.From the original cash price of 34,900 now its sold at P38k and P40k for card price.Good thing I got approval from smart last saturday.I was able to avail the Gold Rush Promo from Smart Powerplant Mall.(dec 3 to 5) If you’re a gold card credit card holder,no more requirements and instant approval.2mrw ill be claiming my Galaxy tab w/o cash out and for only 2k a month for 24 months with unlimited internet.Kaya sometimes it pays to be patient to wait for the right timing.

  96. raymond says:

    Hello all,

    I wish to say that this one’s a very nice review. Mr. Abe is right that the iPad and the Galaxy Tab have their own niches in the market for people with different needs. Personally, i’ll prefer the Galaxy Tab because it’s more portable and it’s like having an iPhone and iPad rolled into one. 7 hours of heavy usage is not bad. A whole day of watching movies then charge at night. On normal usage, it can last more than a day. I’d like to share a site which was able to make an extensive review of the Galaxy Tab based on his actual usage.


  97. Wakocoke says:

    let’s get a laptop instead lol

  98. Mark Aznar says:

    I own both, and galaxy tab owns the iPad by far.. I just use my iPad for gaming, the rest goes to the tab.

  99. rj says:

    i choose ipad much better!

  100. ra-3 says:

    d aq apple hater pero malaking issue sa kin yung usb port. kung multimedia tablet ang product mo, dapat madali magtransfer ng files to & from the gadget. and i don’t care what jobs’ beef was with adobe, the fact is, the use of pdf docs has become ubiquitous. it should have been as easy as pie to transfer my pdfs from my pc to the ipad and read these files w/o having to download any apps, whether paid or free

    isa pa, pinoy ako. had enough share of dictators, thank u very much. i never liked the feeling of being led around by the nose. no matter how flashy, or new or amazing it is, a leash is still a leash. may issue talaga ako sa mga taong may “it’s either my way or the highway” mentality. kahit kelan di ako naging lemming – that kind of behavior leads only to the ocean.

  101. pee-yaj says:


    You can use Quick Look to preview pdf files. Just tap and hold. The iPad browser and the free iBook can open pdf files too. Why not just email the pdf files instead?

    Apple is not forcing you into their ecosystem. They are not holding a gun in your head, and says that you use their product. The reasons why the App store exists is to curate the platform and check for apps that don’t work or have viruses. If you’re not happy, you can just jailbreak it and try other app stores as well. Jailbreaking is a very simple procedure and you can just restore it.

  102. ra-3 says:


    but that’s exactly my point. ipad should’ve been able to read pdf files natively. from the get go, nand’on na yung functionality. d yung ii-email ko pa, ije-jailbreak yung ipad (an act that voids your warranty) just to do so.

  103. goosebumps says:

    just a quick question regarding Samsung’s Galaxy tab,regarding the video call feature, do i need to call someone who is using same device? or does it run on third party app (skype, ym?) example im using the tab and im calling someone from the PC..

  104. pee-yaj says:


    Seriously?? The iPad has a native pdf support. Ever since the beginning, iPad can read pdf files. If you want more functionality, just download the iBooks app or the plethora of office apps in the App Store.

    I concede that iPad needs a usb support. But, some people are happy, just to use the usb dock connector to sync files.

    That’s rubbish. You can just restore your jailbroken iPad and Apple will not know if you have jailbroken it, so you have your warranty intact. That’s the beauty of jailbreaking, and it’s one of the reasons why jailbreaking is popular.

    The truth is, the Tab even though has cameras, usb support etc. is more expensive than iPad. People will see that the Tab has lesser value because they see that iPad has a larger screen, more native ipad apps (0 vs. 40,000) and the Apple logo.

    Unless Google will release a suitable version of Android for tablets (Honeycomb), Samsung, Viewsonic, etc. will not catch up the iPad’s momentum.

  105. MrOrange says:

    news is that the Apple iPad will be available at nearly all local Apple retailers by the 2nd week of December, that’s next week.

  106. lolipown says:

    “Apple is not forcing you into their ecosystem.”

    So, how do you get apps on the ipad without tethering it to a computer? ITunes right?

  107. pee-yaj says:


    You misunderstood me or perhaps I’m not clear in my statement. I’m saying that Apple did not force you to buy the iOS products and imprison you in their closed system.

    Believe it or not, non-techies just want to things that ”just works”.

    If you want to leave the closed system of Apple, you can just jailbreak your iOS product. I’ts very easy. Or, buy an Android phone or Nokia or anything. WP7 is as closed as iOS system is.

    Apple philosophy is what we called ‘vertical integration’. They create the product, slap the os in it, opened the store and curate the platform. It works for them, and considering that they have record revenues year by year, it works very well.

  108. pee-yaj says:


    Addition to my comment.

    Steve Jobs did not threaten you, that if you didn’t buy the latest iPhone 4, he will come to your house, plant a uranium bomb and detonate it.

    Ordinary people have this idea in buying an Apple product.

    ”Wow, it’s a latest (insert Apple product here). It’s popular and very well designed. It has many apps and the camera is good. It works. Even though, (insert minor fault here), I think it will works for me”.

    Here’s an Apple hater thinking.

    ” crApple. iOS is crap. I can’t even mod it and customize it as I can. Steve Jobs is a dictator. Apple is (insert derogatory comment here)”

    Apple ecosytem may not work for you. But, there are other people who loves simplicity and a system that just works.

  109. scorer says:

    David Pogue’s take on this (watch the 2minutes video)

    same thing is happening here

  110. ra-3 says:


    but why, oh why, do i even have to jailbreak my ipad in the first place? you don’t hear jailbreaking an HTC or samsung touchscreen phone becoming an entire industry of its own, have you?

    at sa inyo na lang yung proprietary ipad connectors nyo. kaya nga nauso yung usb e, para maiwasan yung iba’t-ibang klaseng connectors. and i’m sorry to say, di ko yata feel ma “vertically integrate” sa kahit ano, lalo pa’t nakatalikod ako (or bending over? as i would be just to accommodate apple’s proprietary system).

    thing is, you can sing all the praises you want about apple, but for me, the entire experience has been exactly like finding the woman of my dreams only to learn that not only is she frigid, she’s also a chicksilog. sa totoo lang, nanlata ako like a sagging bottle gourd.

  111. pee-yaj says:


    You’re not Apple’s target as a customer. Some of iOS users are just happy to use their products. While, some, would jailbreak their phone to access Cydia or extend their phone’s functionality.

    You can bitch all you want regarding Apple business perspective. The truth is, customers are happy, the stock holders are happy and SJ is grinning all the way to the bank. If you don’t like Apple integration of its products, you can go to Android, which is a very capable and versatile platform. Truth is, no other company can seamlessly integrate their hardware and software products, like Apple did. Ask Mr. Carlo Ople, for example.

    In the US, rooting an Android phone is popular to remove the carrier’s crap. For example, Verizon preloaded Bing as the search engine of their high end Android handsets. That’s what you get when your open as Android..

  112. ra-3 says:


    who said i am in the market for apple products? thing is, i can talk till i’m blue in the face to an apple fanboy and he’ll never see my side of things simply because he’s completely sold on apple. and the same applies to you. no matter what you say, you’ll never convince me otherwise that the ipad’s nothing more than an overhyped, overpriced product. simple as that.

    tho i should point out, whether it’s yours or mine, everyone should respect other people’s right to form and air an opinion unless you truly believe that yours and yours alone, o most powerful one, holds water?

  113. pee-yaj says:


    Yup, Apple is the greatest thing evar. All hail, to Lord Steve Jobs for saving us on the world. Praise the i-Products and hate any products without an Apple logo.


    Nowhere in my posts I knocked off another product. I respect Google for giving Android a momentum and I believe that Android will become the most dominant smartphone platform in the next few years. In fact, I will say that some of the most recent Android phones like the lovely Desire HD trumps the iphone 4 in terms of features. I also believe that WP7 has the best UI on the current smartphones.

    The thing is, the iPhone works for me, and I don’t expect anyone to follow me. Nowhere, in my posts that I said that Android is inferior. I just like Apple integration of software and hardware. It works for me, and you like other platform, and I’ll respect that.

    I am not the one who label someone/something as a ”fanboy”, ”blind”, ”overpriced” and ”overhyped”.

    Like the internetz says, ”Haters gonna hate”.

  114. ra-3 says:


    yada yada yada. this is getting really old and tiresome. so i’ll let you have the last word. coz it seems you’ve got a lot to say for such a small issue – after all, it’s just a gadget.

  115. al says:

    Haha this post has been her for few days but I keep on checkng it for the comments,u guys rock..haha I guess we all have our fair share of fanboyism..

  116. Hi says:

    Finally, got the free Galaxy Tab 2day from smart and very happy with it.The smart internet connection is fast.May unconfirmed news from a staff of smart that its possible to have another gold rush promo this 17th bka sa MOA daw.If ever that’s P2k/month with unlimited internet for 24 months.( no cash out. the existing line rate is plus 4k and P2500 ata)If you want to get rid of requirements, just present a gold credit card.

  117. raymond says:

    Hi, Hi. What’s a gold credit card?

  118. geogetski says:

    personally got both :)
    verdict for me always on the road go for the Samsung galaxy tab love this device so much didn’t bother to use my ipad any longers it’s collecting dust :)

    the 2 things why i choose samsung galaxy tab from ipad is because of the weight and the video format compatibility my SGT plays almost 99% of my video files without re-encoding while ipad is a pain in format compatibility and doesn’t have a good 3rd party video player like those on android :)

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab has replaced :
    1.) Nexus One (phone)
    2.) Ipod Touch 4thgen (mostly used for bluetooth music playing)
    3.) Ipad (mostly ebook, comics, and video player)

    and another thing i don’t play much games so i really prefer SGT or Ipad :)
    and it looks cool when you are texting and calling :)

  119. johnfortich says:

    I’d buy a Galaxy Tab just because of its portability, i believe the size is more personal as well, just what i need. Apple may soon follow with the same weight & size, but i bet they wont insist on a 7″ screen but rather stick to the screen size of the Ipad. How’s that goin’ to happen? Imagine how thin a Macbook Air and a folding touch screen, pretty neat ei? That is, if Samsung doesn’t beat them to it since they already have a working prototype of a folding OLED screen. My advice to buyers, if you’re a MAC dude with money to burn and wanna brag bout exclusivity, go with the Ipad. If you are an average PC/Windows Joe and works a sweat for the money you’ll buy for a tablet device, better stick with a laptop. The SGtab is more suited to those who experienced android devices and hates the constraints set by Apple on their devices. If you are a first time buyer of any tablet, that means you probably have a credit card or around Php 35-40K 13th month bonus. Ask yourself why you in a hurry to buy a tablet when you already have a laptop or a desktop? To the Apple Scientologeeks, hang in there and wait for the Ipad2. To the first time buyers of tablet and wanna buy an SGtab, it’s simply a big phone so do you really need it or are you just in for the fad? To others who simply need a tablet in its bare essentials, there are Php3.5K-7K resistive touch screen tablets (with SIM so its a phone aswell) available out there. That, or you could work a bit more hard for cash so you could buy “the wants” and not “the needs”.

  120. annamae says:

    Lagi na lang katwiran ng mga naka apple na walang pambili kaya “anti-apple” ang tao. Di porke ayaw sa apple at pumili ng ibang brand ay apple hater o kaya walang pambili.

    Pansin ko lang sa karamihan ng naka iphone, wala silang kotse. At sila yung magkaron lang ng iphone eh nangutang sa lending, nag credit card o kaya bumili ng second hand masabing naka iphone lang. Di ko nilalahat, sinasabi ko lang na karamihan. At bago nyo ko sabihan na hater, may pambili ako ng iphone 4. Mas pinili ko lang bumili ng Nokia N8 at isang 32 inch Samsung LCD TV na ka presyo lang ng isang iphone4. Gaya nga ng sabi ko, may pambili ako, yun nga lang, di ako magpapauto sa overprice na iphone4 na yan. Pareho lang ang cost of production ng 2 phone na yan (source: http://www.electronista.com/articles/10/10/13/nokia.n8.cost.matches.iphone.despite.lower.price/ )

  121. yoru says:

    I’m confused! Yuga, I think you should also include in your posts places where to buy these gadgets. Yung iPad madali lang hanapin pero yung SGTab saan pwede makahanap?

  122. mickespiritu says:

    i’ll just wait for the 60″ iBlock… hahahaha.!!!

  123. yoru says:

    Mayroon palang Galaxy tab sa Samsung store ng Glorietta 3. Kalahati ng iPad ang laki nya.

  124. j0 says:

    Definetely IPAD

    Kapag samsung
    Sigh nakakalungkot pero sana wag to mangyari sa iba


  125. harris says:

    i would go for IPAD especially if can get it free, ay puede pala please check this promo buddies, IPAD and Blackberry before it ends.. =))


  126. I-love_ipad says:

    I don’t know about the people who is owning Ipad, but one thing I know about the who uses Ipad is the people who don’t know a thing about computers, people who bought this don’t want to go thru the heartache of tweaking their gadgets or updating them or using them for other purposes, it means Ipad is just an STATIC gadgets no use for other purposes you always depend on the software that are already built or you must buy it. – but for those who want a DYNAMIC gadget I would go and shop for other tablets they perform much better and can do a lot of stuff, and specially design my own application to install to a Dynamic Gadgets, unlike Apple Ipad you cannot even create your own applications or customize your own application or develop your own applications, it is for less brainy people. sorry but this is a fact.

  127. Mary says:

    hello Good day i just want to know how much is your samsung galaxy vs ipad 2 price philippines?

  128. Name: Doc Arvin says:

    Im having problem with Samsung Galaxy tab and not all Samsung Service centers accept this gadget.

  129. Arianne says:

    good pm., im Arianne and i have a problem with my ipad2..the sreen is turning to blue..then sometimes while im playing after 5 to 10 mins or more than that.. the apple restarting automatcally..sometimes i cannot open the ipad…
    can i have your address so i can go there personally for checkup of my ipad…

    please respond..
    thank you and godbless

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