What the new Apple iPod line is telling us?

What the new Apple iPod line is telling us?

So Apple finally released their new line of iPod videos, Nanos and Touch. If you look closely at the offerings and compare it to the old one, it says a lot about where the iPod market is going.

Let me share my take on each one of them:


  • iPod Shuffle – practically unchanged since last announcement. Just enough number of colors but not as many as the new iPod Nano. Why? It’s not Apple’s biggest seller in the line to merit more color options.
  • iPod Nano 4th gen: Bigger capacity (8GB & 16GB). Inexplicably large number of color options — 9! I think that’s the most number of colors I’ve ever seen in a single product. What does it mean? It’s the best selling product for Apple. Form factor was downgraded to like that of the 2nd generation but with a slightly curvy surface. Either the fatty 3rd-gen Nano didn’t as appeal much as the miniaturized “iPod Classic look” so they switched back to the old one. I think the Shake-to-Shuffle function was copied from Sony-Ericsson’s Walkman phone.
  • iPod Classic 7th gen: No more 80GB and 160GB version — just one at 120GB. People weren’t buying the 160GB so instead of just dropping it, they went the middle size. No option for fancy colors like the Nano and Shuffle, probably because it’s the least selling product.
  • iPod Touch 2nd Gen: Bigger capacities but just in black — 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Cheaper than iPod video at $229 (but more expensive than the iPhone at $199 *heh*). Why? Maybe Apple is sacrificing the iPod Touch and pushing it to more consumers to try out the touch UI and Apps, paving the way for future iPhone buyers. Clever. The money is with the iPhone and its profit-sharing scheme with telcos.

As for pricing the $149 iPod Nano could fetch somewhere around Php9,500 (8GB) and Php12,500 (16GB) when it reaches the Philippines (VAT included). The $249 iPod 120GB Classic may go for Php16,000 and the 8GB iPod Touch at Php14,000.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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11 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    Looks tempting, but I’m just a few weeks’ saving from my very first dSLR. :D

  2. makulet says:

    yah. i’ve been also thinking of buying the new ipod touch. but again…and again…im thinking as much as twice if i would really buy. i also wanted a dslr. but i really don’t have any background in photography, besides try shooting on stuffs. ;] me wants the nikon d40/(x). but me also wants the ipod touch, and the lenovo ideapad s10. hayyyys.

  3. BrianB says:

    Nice opinion, Abe, but could you tell me why iPods don’t have Bluetooth? Macbooks have that fantastic iSync feature but why no Bluetooth for iPods?

  4. kouji says:

    interesting thoughts. would like to see the ipod touch set free to do other handheld-related tasks though.

  5. Raych says:

    I wonder when would they release the new iPods here. Me wants the iPod Touch. :P

  6. Jay says:


    “The funnest iPod ever!”

    i like that, but i prefer to get the nano instead, can’t wait for Creative to launch a decent MP3 player.

  7. Machoe says:

    i love the shiny stainless curved back of the touch.. reminds me of a scene in the movie “The Matrix”

  8. yuga says:

    @BrianB – Bluetooth is a battery-hog and it will kill all those accessories and iPod docks.

    @Raych – it usually takes 2 weeks to get here, sometimes faster.

  9. Jez says:

    Yay. I just bought my nano-3rd gen last month and now what– a 4th gen? haha.
    Anyway, guess I like the nano’s 3rd gen design more than the latest ’cause a lot of fake iPods being sold in the market are of that shape.

  10. gilberbun says:

    The iPod touch has higher price compared to iPhone because the latter is subsidized by the telco. Hence, the higher monthly fee. It is not because apple wants to sacrifice the iPod touch.

  11. Sham says:

    Hopefully they can make a new gen for the ipod shuffle too. wink*

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