Would you buy the upcoming 3G iPhone?

Would you buy the upcoming 3G iPhone?

There’s a high probability that Apple will be announcing the 2nd generation 3G iPhone tomorrow. A key component for the upgrade is 3G capability, a feature a lot of data-intensive phone users wanted.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs already announced that this year. It’s funny though that a so-called revolutionary phone didn’t have 3G/HSDPA in the first place.

But once it will have the much-anticipated feature, will people be totally convinced to buy? Will you switch the the iPhone now that it has 3G? Or issues with the touch screen phone is beyond that and has got to do more about the interface (how it’s not for text heavy Filipinos).

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15 Responses

  1. bong says:

    i would, but please please fix the text problem x.x i have a big hands/fingers you know…hahahahah :P

  2. Dean says:

    Any word as to when Globe will start selling iPhones? Will the iPhones be the 1st gen or the 3G version?

  3. Not for me… “bling blings” are way out of my taste… I would rather get an HTC Touch Dual or something similar that also has a 3G/HSDPA connectivity. Even the Nokia N95 has a lot more to offer than an iPhone…

  4. If it was guilt free (you know, monetary confines, etc) I’d get one, but reality bites so no. I can’t even dream of having it.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    I will wait for the Generous One to give me an iphone.

  6. Lyle, RN says:

    No, I’m still happy and satisfied with my 1st gen iPhone.

    3G is not really something that I look for in a cellphone as I have my own WiFi network at home.

    Unless they sell it dirt-cheap then I might get one.

  7. PRC says:

    iPhone went way down to my priority list

    I’ll rather prepare myself with the higher cost of rice and gas.

  8. joseph says:

    What are the alternatives, by the way?

  9. Andre says:

    Would be funny if 3G was the only thing changed in the new IPhone :)

  10. Dave Starr says:

    I’m with Pinoy Apostolic on this one. Functionality over bling any day. Ignoring 3G is an ego trip blindsight of Jobs very much as his someti8mes partner, sometimes competitor Gates tried to ignore the Internet … becuase each thought he alone rled innovation.

    Oh, and b\y the way, Mr. Jobs, where’s the GPS? Since it is built as a toy for kids riding in their dad’s backseat on their way to visit Lola, not needed perahps?

  11. JB says:

    Apple WWDC just concluded. iPhone 3G was announced: it’s thinner, better audio, black plastic back, better headphone jack, and it’s only $199 for the 8B iPhone worldwide! Apple said it will launch in 22 countries on July 11, including the PHILIPPINES!

    Check this out: http://s3.media.macrumorslive.com/p/f1213037031.jpg

  12. Christopher Quijano says:

    With the announcement from steve jobs that the iPhone 3G 8GB will be $199 price on ALL Countries (199 x P45 = P 8955)… I’ll buying this one! July 11! :-)


  13. Christopher Quijano says:

    Whoops… my bad. “Coming Soon” pa daw sa pinas. ;-(


  14. Daemon says:

    3G IPhone is way off.

    1. Comparing it to other devices the 3g IPHONE is not capable of Video Calling. Its 3G capability is only for surfing the net. And you cannot use the phone as a modem for your lappy or pc.

    2. Its built in camera. huh is it a upgrade. The camera is only 2 mega Pixels?

    3. Still Apple has not open it to 3rd party application. Dang is this a upgrade or what?
    You need to jailbreak it again. and the warranty is gone lolz.

    4.Asisted GPS like the N95 it takes minutes to wait.

    For me its just a waste of money. Im looking forward for the X1 Xperia than this 3g IPHONE.

  15. jerson says:

    i believe that’s $199 + philippine taxes..As I have read from the other webpages, it will be around P13,500 in the local market on its release.

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