realme Buds Q Hands-On

realme Buds Q Hands-On

A few days from now, realme will launch its latest TWS earphones, the realme Buds Q, in the Philippines.  Initially debuted in China, this pair of wireless earbuds come with several improvements compared to other realme TWS earbuds. Check out our initial impressions below.

At first glance, it looks far from the brand’s previous wireless earbuds. It seems like realme traded its signature squarish charging case and stemmed earbuds to make it’s latest TWS more stylish. Checking out the Buds Q itself, we get a pebble-like design casing as well as the earbuds.

There’s the charging indicator upfront, a micro-USB port at the back, and realme branding on top of the charging case.

Each bud has an engraved realme logo which also acts as a touch-sensitive area that can trigger specific controls. Double-tapping it pauses or plays music, as well as answers incoming calls. Tapping the right bud three times skip tracks while doing it on the left bud lets users go back on the previously played music. To activate Game Mode for improving latency up to 199ms, you’ll need to press and hold earbuds for two-seconds.

These aren’t the only controls that the Buds Q has. Android users may customize the controls according to their liking through the realme Link app. Users may add a tap function to trigger voice assistant, activate gaming mode manually, and see your buds’ pretty handy battery life. iPhone users, on the other hand, may need to wait for the app’s availability on the App Store.


I dig the Buds Q’s minimalist design aesthetics, although the case would put a bulge in your jeans pocket.

In terms of connectivity, the realme Buds Q is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless device pairing. You only have to open the case, put the buds in your ear, find realme Buds Q on your phone’s Bluetooth settings, and you’re good to go.

You don’t have to go through that process every time though, thanks to the auto-reconnect feature. Just place the earbud to your ear and it will automatically connect to your device.

Thanks to its 10mm large driver with a dynamic bass boost, the Realme Buds Q sounds incredible. It’s got clear and crisp highs and mids, but the lows can be a bit overwhelming. Although it could be likeable by those who frequently listen to bassheavy tracks. Overall, the Realme Buds Q is an excellent sounding TWS.

The battery on the Buds Q’s charging case has a 400mAh capacity, which can provide 20 hours of power on a single charge on paper. Upon testing, each bud can provide from three to three and a half hours of music playback.

The realme buds Q is available in White, Yellow, and Black. The price is yet to be announced, but we will know once it officially launches in the Philippines on September 30.

What do you guys think? Is the Realme Buds Q your next TWS earphones? Let us know in the comments section below!

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