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realme Buds T110 Review

Today, we’re here to cover the newly-released realme Buds T110. These earbuds are perfect for those who are looking to cop an inexpensive pair with a ton of value.

With its active/environmental noise canceling feature, the buds leverage AI to detect noise you may not want. This neat feature helped me make the most out of my listening experience.

Frankly, noisy surroundings at home, work, or even in transit weren’t an issue with the pair of buds. However, there’s more behind these buds than meets the eye.

So, let’s get right into the article to find out how good the earbuds really are!

What’s in the box

With the realme Buds T110’s box, buyers can expect a charging case, user guide, and warranty card with the buds. Readers should take note that the buds do not come with an adapter.

The case charges via USB Type-C, as most devices do nowadays. There’s not much to nitpick here, as it’s a pretty straightforward item with means to charge.

Design and Feel

The wireless buds have pretty standard design protocol. The case comes with a form-factor similar to Kinder Joy eggs. For reference, our review pair sports the Country Green colorway with a glossy finish.

The case charges via USB Type-C at the bottom, with nothing too convoluted to write home about. After popping it open, users will get the buds ready to go.

Both the buds and case are made out of smooth polycarbonate material, which goes for most pairs and their cases.

For the buds, I’m a fan of devices using wingtips for a snug fit. But admittedly, it just worries me if it gets dirty.

Readers could definitely argue that earbuds are used by a single person anyway. My anxiety lies with how some people notice things like dirty earbuds. I’d rather not have to think about that before going to bed.

Anyway, it’s a subjective matter I guess. Otherwise, the buds felt pretty comfy! I was able to keep them on for hours without my ears feeling sore.

Moving on, I’ve noticed that the buds are sweat resistant as well. I did daily walks and commuted, but never once felt icky from moisture while using the buds.

After a bit of digging, I believe I should also credit the buds’ IPX5 rating for water resistance for this. Safe to say, those who enjoy running, grinding for steps, and the like should find the buds worthwhile.

For those that are curious, the realme T110 Buds come in other Two-Tone Hit Colors. Color options in Punk Black and Pop White are also available.

My consensus for the buds in this segment is that it’s pretty good with nothing to irk me just yet.

While you can use it while stationary indoors, it’s also reliable for outdoor activity with the comfort it provides. Design-wise, it’s not too fancy yet not too drab either.

Features and App

The realme Buds T110 features Bluetooth 5.4 for connectivity, having an estimated effective range of 10 meters. In other words, this should be roughly half of a basketball court’s distance before audio becomes robotic.

After some tinkering, I found that the buds can’t connect to multiple devices at once. Apart from this, I noticed the buds are pretty quick to pair with devices.

I also found that the AI Active/Environmental Noise Canceling feature definitely works. But honestly, it won’t compete with higher tier devices with this feature.

Don’t get me wrong, it works as advertised. It still isolates audio from your device and keeps out intrusive noise for an immersive experience. It’s just not up there!

For reference, I realized this when I heard semblances of sound from my loud fan while listening to music. I’d still give it a rating of 7 out of 10 for what the buds are priced.

The realme Buds T110 are also compatible with the realme Link app. Upon pairing, users also get an appreciated quick guide on how operations and gestures work.

The app displays how much power you have left per bud. There’s also three different equalizer modes as seen below.

Bass Boost+ gives users a deeper bass and punchier sound. Balanced is self-explanatory, giving equal levels of bass and treble for audio. As for Bright, it provides users with clearer vocals.

There’s also a toggle for volume enhancing below, which I highly recommend turning on. Personally, I’m into louder music. I find the experience more immersive with this on.

Other app features include game mode, which may not seem like much. In actuality, this mode supports a low latency of 88ms.

This provides users with perfectly synced audio when streaming videos. It also benefits gamers in situations where audio cues are valuable, advantageous for competitive play.

At the bottom of the app interface for the buds, users can also play around with button settings. From here, you can customize what gestures can do if you aren’t content with the initial functions they provide.

Wrapping up this segment, I should mention that the buds can’t be detected on the app via iOS. Insert sad emojis for Apple users like myself.

Sound Quality

The buds have a surprisingly balanced sound profile for its price range. It features 10mm dynamic bass drivers with a diaphragm made with PEEK + PU composite material.

In addition, it supports AAC audio with a maximum volume of 97dB+2.

These contribute to the buds’ overall sound quality while also delivering a deeper and fuller bass. Again, if users find the initial sound profile lacking, the realme Link app remedies this.

With three EQ options to choose from, the profiles provide a generally good selection for casual use. The buds put a lot of emphasis on bass, with great mids and decent highs post-adjustment via the app. From experience, users will surely get an excellent listening experience courtesy of realme.


The case packs a 460mAh battery, with the buds having 40mAh each. If you’re using the buds at full blast, users will get 7 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

However, the buds can provide playback for up to 38 hours inclusive of the power coming with the case’s battery. Just keep in mind, results may vary on different conditions.

With how I used the buds, I felt like I barely had to charge them at all. I was able to use it (with the case) for a week on a single charge.

If users really needed to use the buds on-the-go, 10 minutes of charging can give you 2 hours of playback. I can vouch that it’s really handy for those who get scatter-brained with charging devices like myself.

Final Thoughts

Going back to the beginning of the article, how good are the realme Buds T110? I’m pretty confident that it’s a steal. Apart from the existing trend of wireless audio devices taking over, it offers a lot for a thrifty spend.

Users get snug and smooth earbuds, AI ANC/ENC, and can link it via an app for a better experience. It’s even good for an active lifestyle, while offering users great sound quality.

I can attest that the realme Buds T110 checks all the boxes if you’re looking for an audio-based companion. After all, it’s compact, inexpensive, and gets the job done.

What do you guys think of the realme Buds T110? As always, feel free to share your thoughts below. Specs below!

What we liked:
* Affordable price
* Compact and lightweight
* Inexpensive ANC/ENC device
* Long-lasting battery
* Quick pairing
* Good for active lifestyle

What we didn’t like:
* No iOS support (yet)

realme Buds T110 specs:
AI Active/Environmental Noise Cancellation
10mm dynamic bass drivers
AAC audio (97dB+2 max volume)
88ms latency
460mAh battery (40mAh per earbud)
38-hour total playback time
USB Type-C charging port
Bluetooth 5.4
IPX5 rating for water resistance
Smart Touch Controls
Country Green, Punk Black, Pop White (colors)

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