SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE Wireless Earbuds Hands-On

SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE Wireless Earbuds Hands-On

SoundPEATS has come a long way in producing sports Bluetooth headsets since 2010. With their urban form factor and continuously improving sound quality, they’re definitely a brand to consider when looking for true wireless earbuds. Now we got our hands on their Truengine 3 SE Wireless Earbuds and keep on reading to know more.

Design and Construction

Sealed in a compact oval shaped matte black charging case, the Truengine 3 SE feels lightweight at the same time looks sleek. It has a clamshell opening style, making it easy to open with one hand, and opening it reveals the two earbuds immediately with four white LED lights stacked vertically in the middle to indicate its battery status.

On the back of the charging case is a USB Type-C charging port.

Its earbuds look familiar to the first Truengine, and its bigger size honestly isn’t for everyone. If you’re used to in-ear headsets, these should fit your ears well. But you might have a hard time keeping it in-tacked if you have small ears.

For a better fit, you can take advantage of the free True Grip earphone tips that are made out of memory foam.

The soft-touch buttons are the triangular rose gold parts with the SoundPEATS logo on both buds. They work pretty efficiently in recognizing taps and they’re easy to operate.

That’s long press to trigger on and off manually, double-tap to pause-play or answer calls, tap the right side once to turn up the volume and the left to tone it lower; hold the right side for 1.5 seconds for the next track and hold the left side for 1.5 seconds for the previous track.


Above the soft-touch buttons are its microphone, while below are its LED indicators, adjacent to another microphone for calls, and you’ll notice in a seethrough casing its dual dynamic drivers next to the earphone tips. The Truengine 3 SE earbuds are also IPX5-rated for water-resistance so you don’t have to worry about sweat or rain.

Setup and Features

Setting it up was a breeze, simply remove the buds from the case, turn on your phone or other device’s Bluetooth, scan for the earbuds, and connect. If it’s not responding, I found turning the earbuds on-off-on helpful, and it also works when pairing to new devices. Like most wireless earbuds today you can use 1 earbud independently.

Sound Quality

As the third iteration of their Truengine line, you can expect improved quality from the Truengine 3 SE. It’s powered by a Qualcomm 3020 chipset and we get clean, crisp, and clear sound with very good clarity on the highs and mids. It provides solid and punchy bass—in accordance with its size, of course. Moreover, I didn’t experience much latency with it.

Battery Life

The charging case has a 500mAh capacity, while each earbud carries 60mAh. On a full charge, the earbuds can last up to 6.5 hours of continuous use, while the charging case adds an additional 23.5 hours of charge. This adds up to a total of 30 hours. Charging the case, on the other hand, takes around 2 hours from zero to a hundred.


SoundPEATS’ TruEngine 3 SE has an official price of PHP 3,990 but now retails for PHP 2,990 at Digital Walker,, and Beyond the Box. It’s quite a reasonable price for what it offers. Besides its good-looking design, the Truengine 3 SE provides very good and balanced sound quality, as well as microphone enhancements with its quad mic setup per earbud.

SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE specs:
Dual Dynamic Drivers
Titanium plated speakers and composite diaphragm speakers
Qualcomm 3020 Chipset
AptX codec
Bluetooth 5.0
Touch controls
Includes a set of comply eartips


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