Samsung’s truck has 4 built-in screens for safer overtaking

In an attempt to make overtaking large vehicles safer, Samsung shows off its Safety Truck which is equipped with a 4-piece display that shows what’s ahead of the truck.


Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

It’s a common sight here in the Philippines to see one-lane roads with large trucks especially when the truck ban has been lifted). We’re sure that a lot of you drivers have experienced tailing it and had a hard time overtaking because you couldn’t see what’s ahead. This is what Samsung’s Safety Truck is made for.

Samsung Safety Truck key features:

  • Wireless camera
  • 4-piece display
  • Night Vision mode

The  semi-trailer truck is mounted with a wireless camera at its front which sends real-time images to the four displays at the back. This should give the drivers behind a good idea of what’s happening ahead even at night. This also makes it possible for the driver to anticipate the behavior of the bus (like when it would slow down and stop).

Through this prototype, they were able to confirm that it would help drivers on the road and hopefully lessen the number of road accidents due to overtaking.

See it in action below:



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