Does your company have a Blog Policy?

Does your company have a Blog Policy?

While only a small number of companies have actually implemented a Blog Policy, is your company have or is trying to create something similar? It may not be specifically a blog policy but something with a wider scope.

I recently had a small incident with one company that I am working for right now. Though it has become my personal policy not to publish specific details of what I do or anything closely resembling the work that we do around here, I sometimes get the “slip-of-the-tongue” sort of way about some minute details.


It happened last week when one of the company execs found out about my blog after searching for new links in Google about the corporate brand — right on the first page of the search results! I was alerted about this and I promptly edited the relevant texts, wondering how I could have missed this small detail in the first place.

Too late now as Google had already cached theURL. We’d have to wait for a month before it is purged from Google’s search results again.

(Btw, Yahoo! has just published its Personal Blog Guidelines.)

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12 Responses

  1. Kates says:

    It does. It says I can blog all I want, whenever I can, anything and everything. That include topics about the company.

    On second thought, I don’t belong in a company. If I do, I’ll be glad to follow their blog policy.

  2. darksparrow says:

    Ask my boss, he know nothing about blog hehehe. .

  3. alwell says:

    I don’t belong to someone else company now. Meaning no policy to follow other than the policy i’d like to have. Isn’t that great? Lets go back to the old days then. what do you think? hehehee its hard but its fun.

  4. retzwerx says:

    Asked mine too and all they said was “Blog ano?”. lolz

  5. Kaye says:

    One of our directors found out about my blog to my shock. But I guess I was lucky because my entries back then were mostly positive as my life was sort of looking up (it still does). But then I posted some stuff about certain colleagues which I realized could be read by the director. I eventually removed the posts.

    There are headhunters and companies out there who search for candidates’ blogs. So everyone should think twice about what they post on their blogs.

    It’s good now that certain blogging sites such as blog-city, Yahoo 360 and tabulas allow for certain levels of privacy, so a user may indicate whether an entry may be viewed by close friends only, colleagues, or the general public.

    I wish that more blogging sites would have that. As for my current one, it still doesn’t allow much flexibility for privacy so I’m keeping two blogs, one for the public consumption and one for my friends.

  6. In my company, we have the “Breach on Confidentiality”.

    So I avoided discussing anything I do in my company.

    I can blog anything as long as I did not voilate this Policy.

  7. hoop says:

    No blog policy, just the usual non-disclosure agreement in effect as of the date that I left,… whoops? was I even allowed to say that?… hehehe… :-)

  8. yuga says:

    The most common policy related to this is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which provides that corporate or sensitive infos are not to be relayed or communicated outside of office in any form or means.

    Besides, only a handfull of them know about blogging anyway.

  9. Kaye says:

    if you guys are looking for a job, be careful what you put in your blogs since employers now are smarting up about interviewees–they’re starting to search for candidates’ blogs. while that is not yet prevalent in the philippines, we can never be sure.

    check this one out:

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