Noynoy Aquino's appeal to the Bloggers

Noynoy Aquino’s appeal to the Bloggers

This email was sent to me by Noynoy Aquino’s Media Bureau. It’s a letter of appeal to the Filipino Blogosphere:

Dear Bloggers,

Our people’s participation in the country’s democratic system of government will again be put to test when the electorate cast their votes on May 14 to choose from among the candidates aspiring to lead this country.

I am writing you today in recognition of the growing significance of the blogging industry in the flow of information, especially during this political season.

The blogosphere has become an extension of our democratic space where we express an opinion. Bloggers are a most compelling force indeed that could shape an informed vote.

As you may well know by now, I am running for senator as a member of the Liberal Party under the banner of the Genuine Opposition to strengthen democracy and uphold the rule of law in the country.

I call my platform of governance “Bantay Demokrasya: Dugong Bayani, Pusong Bayani.” This is actually a continuation of the legacy of my late father Ninoy in defending democracy against iron-fisted rule during the martial law years. It is also the logical extension of my mother’s key role in restoring democracy through Edsa 1 in 1986.


I would like to continue what my parents, Ninoy and Cory, have worked on in defending and upholding democracy in our country, thereby enabling me to contribute in a meaningful way in preserving the freedom and democracy we have won through People Power two decades ago, and through our common struggle against tyranny and oppression in present times.

Faith in freedom and dedication to democratic ideals—these are what the Filipino nation needs today. I am ready to help our people defend our cherished democratic tradition and aspirations in the halls of the Senate.

I am therefore asking for your help and support. Allow me to share with you a letter which my late father Ninoy wrote to me from his prison cell in Fort Bonifacio in August 1973, when I was only 13 years old. Help me make known to the blogosphere the content of this letter, one of the compelling reasons why I am in the race.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

That letter can be downloaded here in PDF format.

Incidentally, I bumped into the staff of Sen. Mar Roxas last night with Gail & Marc and I was explaining to them the socio-political implications that is brought about by the growth of the blogosphere. I mentioned former Pres. Ramon Magsaysay who popularized the door-to-door campaign and how blogging will revive this thru the virtual handshake.

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21 Responses

  1. Rico says:

    A wonderful PDF, written by a wonderful man. Which is why I hesitate to accuse his son of just using the family name. Yes, I understand he’s making full use of an asset. But from the ads I’ve heard (like that radio jingle), it’s not really clear what his platform is.

  2. Arbet says:

    It would have helped if he had given “specifics”. That’s what we need, and what I think blog readers need.

  3. Huh? They’re sending “emails” to “bloggers”?

    Wouldn’t one want to engage bloggers by blogging?

  4. Chino Yray says:

    The question is…

    what is his platform? Just mentioning “continuing the legacy” of his father and mother is too vague to be a platform. Even the “bantay demokrasya” line is vague.

    As rico have said, it would be better if he emailed his platform and not just use “popular” blogs as part of his advertising campaign.

  5. Connie says:

    “Continuing legacy” means he has no personal convictions. Anyone merely capitalizing on the name of a famous dead relative with nothing real to offer should be IGNORED.

  6. Jon says:

    I agree with everyone. There has to be at least link to a simple site stating details of his platform.

    I suppose this is a catch all propaganda, similar to flyers they distribute on streets. A short and general information. This is because not all people are interested on propaganda of each candidate they will vote.

    Unfortunately, bloggers are different. We are not just writer, but a reader too.

  7. Chino Yray says:

    Yes. This looks more like a propaganda to me than giving a hand-to-hand shake to bloggers. Well.. it is a handshake to bloggers but it’s vague.

    It’s also because of this initiative of candidate Noynoy to reach out to the internet community that might add him to my list of senatoriables this election. But he should at least give a direct platform and a much more attainable goal unlike that line… “pangarap kong tuparin ang mga pangarap nyo”.

  8. Sonnie says:

    Nonoy is not Ninoy PERIOD

  9. vonjobi says:

    my problem with “the socio-political implications… brought about by the growth of the blogosphere” is that i suspect the digital divide is so wide that the majority of those who read blogs probably can’t or won’t vote because they’re out of the country, not of voting age, or are too rich to be bothered to vote.

    re noynoy… like mother, like sister, like brother. would ninoy have gone to bed with imelda? i don’t think so.

  10. greetings. i will support you in ur senatorial candidacy
    so to materialize ur plan
    good luck.

  11. Leyana says:

    Thank you for posting this and for your comments. Noynoy Aquino’s site is now up. We hope to be able to inform the public more on the platform of Cong. Aquino in running for the Senate through this site. Please visit Your comments are welcome. Thank you very much.

  12. Perry Enriquez says:

    Noynoy was my high school ’77 and college ’81 batchmate at the Ateneo de Manila. We lived through the martial law years, while his dad, Ninoy, was incarcerated at Bonifacio then, eventually, exiled to Boston. Before Ninoy returned to the Philippines, he already KNEW he will be SHOT at the tarmac (as per recorded phone conversation with Steve Psinakis). All this is now history. So, for sure, Noynoy is NOT Ninoy. The same way that Robert F. Kennedy was NOT John F. Kennedy. However RFK eventually blossomed into a statesman inspired by the same ideals as JFK. So let Noynoy decide his destiny based on his own ideals and convictions. He too will find his own place in history.

  13. purehuman says:

    guys can you not UNDERSTAND… continuing legacy? or you really don’t know what NINOY have done? that is very specific, right? so what else? good thing we still have NOYNOY ready to be on his father’s shoe. this is a SOLID conviction… continuing the legacy of his father.

  14. minzamor says:

    He is just using his parents name… he isn’t qualify to run a government. I hope people will think seventy-seven times to vote for him. “Continuing legacy” only means for common people is still being poor, no jobs, no house and nothing to eat. How lame, Mar Roxas just give way like that. Better for him, not to run at all. Walang paninindigan.

  15. help us spread the word. let us put our support to sen. noynoy aquino by adding to this onoine signature campaign let us show to the whole world that once again, the filipinos can be united not only in edsa but also in the internet.

  16. @Nick Nichols: well, the number 1 market today is the web. so they are trying all their best to get the support of bloggers!

    I support Noynoy!

  17. Jigsaw says:

    I admire Ninoy and tita Cory…i dont know Noy much but since he came from uncorrupt family, i presume he can bring good example to us. But just a piece of advise….Hope he wont be dictated by Kris aquino..though i admire her..but she has the tendency to talk to much ..tactless in short. Anyway, I still believe in Aquinos….Good luck

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  20. samuel saltat says:

    Mr.President Noynoy Aquino is not like his parents,his ability of ruling is quite to the people dedicated to the poor family to all pilipinos,but before noynoy parents demise the political streams in the country contineously for the legacy that means people will suffering reflection to old evolution of politics….Noynoy parents also has a many contributions of this country?so whats out for the comments of the oppositions!!!this is conviction to our history,we need changes not political intervention to the people….We let pres. noynoy vision and his great ideals to make our history can change.perhaps….

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