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Taking over The Blog Herald

Today is the official day that we take on The Blog Herald. News of the sale have been spreading in the last 24 hours since it was first announced on the blog.

Now that we can publicly disclose the new ownership, I’d like to share some of my thoughts when the task of heading The Blog Herald was offered to me a couple of weeks ago. My thoughts were a mix of both excitement and fear.

  • Excited because I have been entrusted in managing such a high-profile blog, yet I fear that people might think I don’t deserve the role. Will have to prove them wrong if I must.
  • Excited by the fact that this new task is a huge challenge for me and, with such, comes the responsibility that tags along with it. Ahh, the Spiderman complex.
  • I am proud that this new capacity at the helm of The Blog Herald may lift the spirits of fellow Filipino bloggers and hopefully inspire more on the growth of the blogging industry. My travels across Asia and the blogging/podcasting workshops that I’ve done gave me a different perspective from what it is in the western blogosphere.

To assist me with this new role is fellow problogger J Angelo Racoma. We have huge plans for The Blog Herald and he’s really instrumental why I accepted the assignment. The new owners of The Blog Herald have given me a whole lotta trust in running the site and steering it to the right direction. With the help of my able colleague and our current pool of bloggers at TBH (and newer ones as well), I hope to accomplish something tangible and concrete in the coming months — and yes, not disappoint the loyal readers of The Blog Herald.

Read my official announcement at the Blog Herald.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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59 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Whoa.. congrats Abe!

  2. Minic says:

    Congrats Yuga! The Blog Herald and the other (and much smaller) The Blogging Times is now being managed by Filipinos :)

  3. markku says:

    Wow, congrats pre! That’s really big news. Galing. Painom ka. :)

  4. AnP says:

    J. Angelo pointed it out. My first reaction? OMFG! hahaha

    Congratulations, Abe. Pinoys are aware of your knowledge. Now, it is your chance to let the rest of the world know :) Ingat sa mga snarky comments and keep an eye on those who will be kissing your ass.

  5. Nick says:

    Congratulations Abe, I’m happy and very much proud that this opportunity has been given to a fellow Filipino.

    The Blog Herald is a great site.

    I am interested as to how the face, look, feel, and content will be under your administration.

    My best wishes.

  6. Tony says:

    Actually, I am also wondering what this means in the grand scheme of things.

    Abe/ Yuga, can you explain to me what “The Blog Herald may lift the spirits of my fellow Filipino bloggers ” means exactly?

    TBH has been pretty agnostic when it came to our own countries of origin — will that change now that two of our ‘bosses’ are Filipino?

    t @ dji / bh / bts

  7. gen says:


  8. Marc says:

    Tama painom or pa-videoke sa redbox! :) congrats!

  9. Obet says:

    Congrats but just to be sure I fully understand. Did you purcha$e TBH or are just managing it?

  10. Kiven says:

    w00t nice one sir abe! congrats!

  11. Charlemagne says:

    Wow! This is something that is really worth following. I’d like to see how things will go and grow as you take over the helm. Congratulations!

  12. jhay says:

    Whoah, now this is big. Congratulations sir abe! :D

    I wonder who would be the next Pinoy Probloggers to follow your footsteps..

  13. Kates says:

    So how much did you pay for it? Rumor has it that they sold it lower than what they paid for. :)

  14. rnoldz says:

    Congrats Abe! Geez, are you out to conquer the blogging world? :-)

  15. Congratulations Abe! More power to you and Angelo!

  16. yuga says:

    Thanks everyone! I’d like to add a few more details of my assignment at Blog Herald.

    – I did not purchase TBH myself, I couldn’t afford it. *hehe* The owner of UK based Bloggy Network Ltd. bought it and offered me to manage the blog for them.

    – I will be heading the team of current and future writers at TBH. Helping me with this assignment is JAngelo.

    – I do not work for any blog network, or Bloggy Network Ltd. for that matter. My role only covers TBH and TBH alone running independently of the network.

    – I do not know how much it was sold to the first time but I’m pretty sure the amount that was agreed upon on this sale is within the vicinity of the original price.

    @ Tony

    That last point has nothing to do with TBH specifically. I only mentioned it because back here in the Philippines, the idea of professional blogging or micro-pubs is still in its infancy though there are a growing number of Filipinos getting into that industry (fulltime), I feel that my assignment on this blog will somewhat solidify that wary perception locally.

  17. elmer says:

    Good luck to your new gig!! This probably just the beginning of something big.. Have fun and make tons of money and be a proud Pinoy!!

  18. dennis agulo says:


    Though Im not that familiar with TBH, it sounds big time… Congrats Abe

  19. Manuel says:

    Congrats, Abe!

    Will you be writing a lot at TBH? What will happen to Yugatech?

  20. yuga says:

    @ Manuel

    I will be behind the curtains, though I *might* blog there once in a while.

  21. jun says:

    Congrats Abe, J. Angelo!

  22. Miguel says:

    Score more for pinoy power!

    Abe’s next travel stop… the UK!

  23. noel says:

    Congrats Abe and Angelo. I had a feeling Blog Herald is next since I also write for Blog Media’s Mobilitywatch.com and gadgetbloggers.com. Both has been sold recently.

    A real good news for the Pinoy Blogging Community.

  24. isang mahal says:

    Your behind the curtains? Someone is coming out the closet…. jk congrats.

  25. ladygadfly says:


    are you still gonna pay attention to this blog?

  26. Mikey says:

    TBH is one of my favorite blogging news sites; coincidentally, you and Angelo are my favorite local probloggers and I have no doubt you guys can do great things with TBH.

    Also, care to disclose how much TBH was sold? ;)

  27. Miguel says:

    re: #27…
    well maybe Abe will follow Om Malik (GigaOM), convert Yugatech to a full tech blog, and hire bloggers… hm

  28. SELaplana says:

    saludo ako sa pinoy! Saludo ako sayo sir! Grabeh!

  29. ron says:

    wow. big time! congrats.

  30. ruth says:

    Woohooo! Congratulations! Am sure and and J.Angelo will do us Pinoy (pro)bloggers proud! :)

  31. anton says:

    Abe, Congratulations !! Galing! Let me know how I can help if any…


  32. jun says:

    off topic

    Though this would be as good time as any to ask:

    With all the strides that Philippine Bloggers have made, with Abe paving the way, any plans for a Christmas BlogCon?

    Let us celebrate (and maybe plan and look forward to 2007). Sponsor ang PTB/Yugatech/Ploghost/TBH =)

    I also hereby declare that 2006 is The Year of the Filipino Blogger! (Can I do that?)

  33. bing guanzon says:

    congratulations aBE! you are on career target.
    i know J . angelo racoma, he first taught me how to blog and I owe him my thanks . please send my best regards.

    Abe, text me (09189018584)as soon as you can and send me your numbers. Your mobile number that i have seems out of order.
    Have problems with my blog
    leaving for New Delhi on Jan 1 and I have to fix my blog for my Asia cause Laywers Network.

    i also owe you money, I think.
    abaw, madamo na gid ni kwarta mo. haha congrats liwat.

    Bing Guanzon

  34. bing guanzon says:

    Bing liwat ni. my blog must have expired.
    Please help me restore it soonest. I leave for new delhi on jan 2 and my Asia cause Lawyers Network has to access my articles and have two books to post.
    call me please 09189018584

    salamat gid.
    Bing G.

  35. Carlo says:

    Congratulations!!! I know you deserve it :)

  36. kukote says:

    ang galing! congrats idol! ;)

  37. hip2b2 says:

    Congrats Abe! But does this mean you will spend less time with PTB? :-(

  38. eric says:

    Congrats Abe!

    the entire Filipino blogging community is very proud of you!

  39. Jaypee says:

    sorry medyo delayed na pero “Congratulations!” you da man Abe! :D

  40. JohnPearson says:

    Nice Post.

    That was well said. Always appreciate your indepth views. Keep up the great work!


  41. Jayzsucks says:

    I’ve just about had enough of all of it how about you?

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