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What if you earn $14,436.45 a month for blogging?

Sounds incredulous but it’s very well true. Darren of ProBlogger.net just got his biggest monthly cheque from Google at the amount of $14,436.45. That’s more than Php800,000 at the current peso exchange rate. And he got all that just for the month of May.

This got everybody talking about him even before he got Slashdotted a couple of days ago.


Even if you only get 10% of that a month around here, it’s still big bucks. And all I get is a measly hundred bucks each month. Mr. ProBlogger has already even bought a house from his previous earnings.

Darren’s blogs (all 20 of them) are a living proof that one can really make it full-time just blogging. Well, he spends 8 to 12 hours a day reading and writing blogs but, he’s getting hits even while flying to some conference or seminar. And he’s been at it for years now.

In the local scene, I only know of a handful (2 or 3 other people) Pinoy bloggers who are able to get past the $100-barrier each month. There are still others though who run online directories, link farms and content factories (re-publishing lifted text) to earn the clicks.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. mr nice ash says:

    how i wish… :)

    e reset na naman sa $0.00 ang adsense ko e…

  2. Fleeb says:

    Ahh I think I heard about the guy, he was the one who kept an Athens Olympics blog with about a million hits a day during that time.

    If that’s what I get a month, I’ll even appreciate a $2k a month $-)

  3. Migs says:

    Now, I’d be happy with $100/month to cover my costs of VPS hosting + broadband. It looks doable.

  4. retz says:

    grabeh! its enough to buy urself a car, or 4 macs. ako for the month of june $0.05 measely cents. tsktsk.

  5. sepikmom says:

    Yikes! I am absolutely g-r-e-e-n !

  6. Jaypee says:

    wow! if i earned that same amount per month i’d probably think of quitting my day job and become a full time blogger.hehe..just like what migs said, i’d be happy to earn $100/month. :)

  7. Rickey says:

    You can spend time making websites that are based solely on adwords with premium value, or you can make a website that people will actually read and use. There are no quick fixes, and it takes hard work to penetrate the search engines.

    With people announcing their adsense numbers like this, (Weblogs, Inc. closing in on $1M/year AdSense revenue http://calacanis.weblogsinc.com/entry/1234000403051129/), the competition will be fierce.

    $100/month is do-able, but your website needs to reach critical mass before it gets there. Yugatech over here is doing a great job isn’t he?

  8. Kates says:

    Yuga is our man here. Hala cge click nalang ng click. heheh.

    Problogger has good content and with so many bloggers starting up on blogging who wanted tips on blogging visiting his site, he really has the numbers.

    Didn’t he said that blogging about technology earns him crappy revenue?

  9. yuga says:

    Sassy wouldn’t want me to tell anyone how much she gets from AdSense but I can tell you it’s enough to let her stay at home and send her kids to school. hehehe…

    Aside from AdSense, I believe we can get local advertisers to get into blog advertising. I have had a lot of experience with local advertisers and I think if we speak up a little louder, more and more will hear us. Though the payouts aren’t really that big, I guess microadvertising can come into play.

    That’s one reaosn why I put up PTB, to show to the public that a network of top bloggers can haul in enough traffic for brand exposure.

  10. Migs says:

    I’m not really fond of “pro blogging” for attracting searches and ads, though. I’d rather have a content focused site. That’s what I’m trying to do, and I think I can hit the hundreds of USD range with my type of content. Beyond that, I’d have to blog about mesothelioma and accident lawyers. HAHAHA!

  11. trench says:

    Thats insane!

  12. ka edong says:

    Hi Abe,

    (Thinking out loud again…)

    If blogkadahan has a “theme” that everybody writes about in turn, how about starting a blog-“roadblock” that gets blogger writing about a common product or service?

    Isn’t “hundreds of bloggers writing articles about your company/service/product” a good sales pitch to get Phil sponsors?

    ka edong

  13. yuga says:

    @ Migs

    The lot of ad clicks are actually coming from one-time visitors. Regular readers are already advert-blind. ProBlogger’s 17 other blogs are actually very focused ranging from Digital Photography (highest earner), Mobile Devices, the Michael Jackson trial and even about Pope John Paul.

    If you’ve noticed, the focus blogs are about topics which rank very high on Google keyword searches. Thus, you’d expect the visitors to be very click-hungry.

    @ Ka Edong

    There’s a western version of that somewhere, I read once.

    The only problem there is ‘conflict of interest’. Will the endorsers be able to objectively review the product/service knowing that the ad revenues will come from these advertisers? Will the advertisers continue to sponsor these bloggers if some of the reviews are unfavorable to them? There’s also the issue of product lock-ins where bloggers are forced to choose the better one of competing products, while both are sponsors.

    Take for example my Smart WiFi entry, if Smart sponsored my blog, will they allow negative comments from readers?

    I think there’s a way around that but I can’t think of one yet. :D

  14. Migs says:

    kuha mo pala ang “Smart Wifi” … akin naman “”Smart 25/8” and “Globe unlimited” :)

  15. Marc says:

    Let’s also put forward the Engadget and Gizmodo models, the product review blog model…some of their editors get tons of freebies. It doesn’t have to be advertising in the traditional, media space-sense. Hell, sponsors can even buy for product placement mentions in my post :)

    Here’s a timely post about blogs and junkets.

    The “critical mass” idea being pushed by Rickey above is so true. The optimist in me tells me that traffic will come eventually…pero ang tagal, it’s so frustrating! :(

    I think the best advise would probably be get a “profitable” niche to blog about. Then dominate that niche.

  16. yuga says:

    @ Migs

    Looks like a lot of people are searching for these services. I get hundreds of keyword hits for Smart WiFi (along with my entry on Gonuts Donuts hehehe)

    @ Marc

    Yes, I was contemplating on the same line of thought. Localized product and service group review blog. I believe with a significant number of people like you and Migs on board, we can turn it into a local review tech blog portal of sorts? If T3 can do it in print, maybe we can do the same online. How’s that sound?

  17. Marc says:

    Sold! :) now all we need is a geek babe writer to bring in the eyeballs think Iya Yotoko sans the cellulite hehe

    Seriously, I love writing reviews of websites and toys for the big geek boys and I agree with what you said with T3, there’s definitely a local market for this type of publication.

    OT: Just posted the second part of my Practical AdSense Tips series. Will appreciate any comments you or your readers can dish out.

  18. ka edong says:

    so, who are the three pinoy blogger top earners ? Sassy is definitely one of them. i wonder how big her google adsense paycheque is …

    who else? batjay? (i don’t think he puts google adsense). sino pa ba?

    ka edong

  19. yuga says:

    @ Marc

    I got about 6 or 7 people giving hint for their interest to join the group blog. I will have to draft an outline first before I present this to everyone.

    Send me an email if you have specifics or details you want to suggest.

    @ ka edong

    I don’t have the figures for the others yet. Very secretive bloggers… hehehe… Sassy is on the top of the list though, I’m sure of that. She’s getting 5 to 10 times more than us average bloggers. No specifics, baka magalit sya saken. :D

    I’m not sure kung kasama ako, I just recently joined the $100-a-month club eh.

  20. ka edong says:

    > I just recently joined the $100-a-month club eh.

    Galing naman!
    Ako, i’m aiming for the $100-a-year club! mwahahahaha!

    Time to consider blogging a bit more seriously for da money ….
    I might turn my blog into a showbiz blog, considering i’m getting hits from searches like: “chynna hortaleza”, “Kuya Germs”, “Robin Padilla”, “Juliana Palermo” and … “Jim Ayson” !

    ka edong

  21. Abogado says:

    I have a small network of sites, different themes and all, and I’m doing $200 per month… I wish it would be more, but, well, it should continue to pick up over time… (just 6 months ago I was in the $35 range)…

  22. buboy says:

    i recently added a blog in my site, http://www.tutorslive.com. for the first month, december 2005, i earned around $15. i guess not bad and it is all passive income. the only way to increase this i guess is to increase traffic and maintain a decent ctr.


  23. Hi , I setup http://www.sparksflying.com about a month ago and earning about a dollar a day with adsense :-)

    Hope to earn more soon!

    Best of luck with 14k per mth!!

    Sparks Flying !

  24. bikoy says:

    Hi, am from Cebu. Am not a blogger but Adsense addict too. Have 2 websites and generating about 400K pageviews a month. Several hundred $ yung income from Adsense as of the last few months. Siguro in 2-3 months, I’ll be at $500/mo level.

    Working right now on a bigger project. Next target… $1,000/mo. :)

    My average work time for these two sites is 2 hours per day.

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