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Why your Lazada orders are flagged as delivered even if they’re not

During the last 11.11 and 12.12 sale on Lazada, Shopee and Zalora, a lot of people (including this author) have experienced multiple times their shipped items having been flagged as delivered and signed even if no one even received them at the assigned address.

This has caused a lot of frustrations and rants posted on social media. It seems that there were ghost deliveries, or worse, someone else was given the package without proper verification from the assigned courier of Lazada.

My inbox during the Lazada/Zalora 12.12 Sale.

Lazada has a proper tracking system for this and it shows the entire process from processing to shipment and actual delivery. They even include the date and time of the delivery with a scanned copy of the signature of the supposed recipient.

However, the signature seems to be random, sometimes almost scribbles of a mindless child.

We’ve seen signatures that looked more like child’s scribbles.

Worse, some delivery time stamps showed the items arrived past midnight.

In the last 12.12 sale, we ordered over 50 items between December 10-13 from Zalora and Lazada. For 90% of the time, the items arrived on time and in the proper manner. In some occasions, the delivery guy would call very early in the morning (around 6 or 7-ish AM) to verify if someone is at home to receive delivery. In one instance, they called around 6PM stating that they could not deliver that day due to the system being down in their warehouse.

Timestamp shows delivery was done after midnight.

In other instances, the Lazada app notified me that items have been delivered but when we double checked, there was no delivery made. This happened twice during that week. A few other people in the team also experienced the same.

So we investigated further and asked questions. As it turns out, these incidents were purposely done by the delivery guys. No missing items, no misplaced deliveries or theft. In our case, there were around 3 couriers between Lazada and Zalora that frequent our headquarters so they’re very familiar with our address and me as the recipient.

It’s just that there were too many deliveries for that day so the courier signed off the items as delivered. They will then fulfill the delivery the next business day. Perhaps, they are doing this to maintain an SLA or avoid getting penalized for delayed deliveries?

Eventually, the items that were flagged as delivered finally arrived after a day they were signed off.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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23 Responses

  1. Catherine says:

    My order has not yet arrived since 11.11? What should I do? I keep on chatting the perfect love shop but only auto reply keeps on responding. I already paid for it coz I thought that they’re just deliver it the next day but nothing was delivered until now. But it was flagged delivered.

  2. Asar na me says:

    Umorder ako ng Marantz amplifier at Polk audio speaker, ang dumating lang sa akin ay isang box na may markang 1/2, means may isang box pa na may mark na 2/2, isa lng natanggap ng kasangbahay, at ang nakalagay sa lazada, nadeliver na ang lahat ng order ko, tunanong ko ang seller 2 box daw yung pinadala nila, ngayon nag-iimbestiga pa si Lazada pero nag file na ako ng refund, hindi pa daw tpos imbestigasyon nila kaya hindi ma-process refund ko.

  3. Arnold says:

    Next time pay on COD

  4. Henry James Manalo says:

    They have true reseller, but also bogus reseller who purposely preys on prepaid orders or customers that uses credit card. I ordered twice but I doubted if the bogus “OHBUYBUYBUY” reseller of Lazada had ever refunded me

  5. Junjou says:

    I hate CODs but yes, Lazada and Shopee leave me no choice. I now pay only COD and if the seller doesn’t offer COD, I look for one that does.

  6. Lewy says:

    I have over 30 orders not tufn up. I believe its a lot to do with LBC very unreliable .even some items they want you to go pick it up and i.ve paid to have it delivered.

    There is the problem.

  7. el gato says:

    i ordered something last december 6, 2018 before 12/12 lazada sale . item not delivered even to this day,, december 28, 2018.

  8. Rufyespano says:

    Nagdelivet ang lazada saakin ng peke antenna.. Sa Promo maliwanag at me mga addional na channel.. Kaya napabili ako.. Hay naku.. Ala ba mga. Channel. Malabo. Pa..

  9. Nish says:

    i also experienced it and up to now kulang pa din orders ko i already message the seller and they informed me that i should accept the delivery being delivered eventhough its incomplete so i did but after that they did not deliver the missing item and im so dissapointed they said its an internal process between me and them.. its a P&G products Ariel laundry detergent powder?

  10. Ronald says:

    I also experienced it and called lazada. They have shown me that it was signed but its just like a scribble. After 2 days the item arrived. I asked the delivery guy what happened. He said that it was too late to deliver the item that day, then the following day they were assigned in a different area that is why they were not able to deliver the next day. Then after another day they were assigned back to our area then they were able to deliver the item to me. I said they should have called me and they should not have marked the item as delivered specially for those that are already paid as they will get an issue with lazada.

  11. Dennis bongo says:

    Mountain bike for 555php is this a joke?

  12. Pamela says:

    I am experiencing this now. Hopefully it’s just a case of the delivery guy not being able to deliver the item within the day. They tagged it at delivered to Manila Warehouse and not at my address. Proof of delivery is also blank. Delivery time tagged at 10:42 PM. What’s more stressful is there’s no customer service available at this time.

  13. leo angelo lacson says:

    Experiencing this as of the moment my item was ordered and paid during their 7th bday sale march 27 via CC, item delivery eta was supposed to be march 28. Item marked as delivered march 28 at 11:30 pm same issue random scribble on received signature no sms or calls from LEX and no items were received/delivered…still under investigation

  14. Errickson says:

    Your system flagged my item as delivered and worse it was signed by someone but that someone isn’t me! Me and my family were out of town on the day you delivered the item so it’s impossible for anyone to receive it. I also didn’t receive any calls from your courier Lex PH that they’re delivering my item. They just flagged it as delivered. I still haven’t heard from the courier which makes it more infuriating.

  15. Jonathan says:

    I ordered Andoer lights but it was late. I tried to contact the customer support and live chat but no respond, only bot.

    It’s difficult to order in Lazada. Try somewhere else.

  16. Nam Hae in says:

    I receive a message that my friends package has been deliverd but he said that he dont recieved anything..the delivery date should be on nov. 8..but its already been delivered in nov. 6.

  17. Nora says:

    Lazada is done for me, I gave them 1 year chance for this error to fix. LOOK customer service will ask for this signs you show in this article and yet LEX still doing this today. That meant they are scary service.

  18. Marvz says:

    Same issue i am encountering right now. The Lazada and gmail notified me that my order has been delivered. The receiver name was me while having a blank signature on the proof.
    It says the item was delivered Nov. 17, 2019 @ 6:47PM. Well, I was in the house during that time. How come natanggap ko na eh wala namang dumating sa bahay na delivery.
    Up until now, November 18, 2019 wala pa din ung item. Wala din call from them.
    Is there any way to file a complaint on courrier especiamly on the delivery guys who supposedly delivering my order? Sa Hub po ba nila, pwede mag reklamo?

  19. Lily says:

    I am experiencing it today. On the day of 12.12.2019, I don’t have choice but to pay the items via credit card (this was the only option in the app) instead of over the counter payment which for the past years I had been using this method. Received an email @ 3:15pm 12/18/19,notifying that I will be receiving the items that day. Received again notification 12/19/19 @4am that the item was already delivered which is crazy false. I immediately send a return request due to item was not yet received, and says it will be investigated within 3 working days. I am also planning to contact lazada via phone later to check what happened. This is the first time I got stressed with their deliveries.

    • Raf says:

      I am also experiencing the same problem. But couldn’t contact Lazada via phone using this number (02) 795 8900. It would not allow me to contact an officer though for some reason.

      If you actually were able to contact them. Can you please share how you did?

  20. Rolly says:

    Maybe, we launch a complaint with DTI;
    That will motivate Lazada to cleanse it ranks of bogus re-sellers and preying scammers

    • Shen says:

      I also got an email yesterday that my order was delivered but i didn’t received any parcel and they did not contact me which usually the process when the courier will deliver the item. Customer hotline is also not reachable. :(

  21. Jennifer C Vitug says:

    Why is Gomo not delivering the paid orders for gomo Sim ? It’s been 3 weeks since I ordered. Check the FB page of Gomo and see everyone else is complaining of the same scam.

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