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20 Tips to Shoot Creative Selfies

We are now at an age where selfies are one of the most common pictures people take, whether to express themselves on social media or to capture memorable moments with friends and family. Smartphone manufacturers also joined this craze as this year we saw the release of a number of devices focused on providing the user with the necessary tools to enhance their selfie experience.

Notwithstanding, a device is only as good as how it’s used even if you have the best selfie-centric features and camera in town without the proper knowledge or techniques you won’t be taking those perfect selfies anytime soon. Worry not though, we’re here to help you get that perfect shot, so without further ado here are some tips and tricks for taking better selfies.

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Table of Contents

1. Use a Monopod

As funny and weird as they are, monopods or selfie sticks were made for a reason, and that reason is for assisting in selfies. Apart from providing you with a longer reach and removing your extended arm from the picture, a monopod also helps in keeping your phone stable and in place. Not to mention, it also gives you more creative ways to take your shots and capture backgrounds.

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2. Be in the Light

Good and natural lighting is crucial in any photo, selfies included, so step outside or get near a light source, like a window, when taking them. If you are taking selfies at night or in dark areas then get as much light as you can, whether it be street lights, lamp posts, or even your desk lamp. While your phone’s screen flash and front LED flash can also assist in these situations make sure it’s not your only light source and use it only as your last resort. Do take note though, to never face against the light as this would overexpose, create shadows and even darken the details of your shot.

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3. Keep the sun behind you when taking Outdoor shots

If you’re taking selfies outdoors try your best to block the sun with your head or put it behind you, this would create a glow and shine effect that would, not only,  brighten your photo but also make you bloom. Do make sure that it is completely blocked though or is surrounding you to avoid overexposure and shadows on your shot.

• Nova2I Selfie5 • 20 Tips To Shoot Creative Selfies
The Nova 2i comes with a dual-front 13MP+2MP facing camera to give you that creamy bokeh effect.

4. Keep the light in front when taking Mirror Selfies

Mirror selfies are your best bet if you want to capture a full body shot of yourself, then again mirrors are also very reflective. When taking mirror selfies keep the light source in front of you or avoid angles where the light is shining directly at the mirror so it won’t overblow the photo. Do some poses too, don’t just stand in front of it — put your hand on your waist, pop your knee forward, or even cross your legs, this would allow you to add shape and curves to your body. Also, bring the camera away from your face and look at the mirror, not at your phone, when taking the shot.

5. Just hold your food when taking selfies with it

You don’t necessarily have to bite on your chip or pizza when you want to take a selfie with it, all you have to do is keep it close to your mouth and flick your wrists as you hold them, this way you’ll avoid taking weird photos of you biting food.

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6. Keep the camera closer to your face

There are instances where selfies are better when the camera is close as it removes unnecessary backgrounds and unwanted space between your head and the camera.

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7. Experiment with angles

No, not the phone directly but rather you yourself, try tilting your head to the sides slightly until you find the angle you want for your shot. This is way better than a full on straight shot of your face, not to mention it would also highlight more of your facial details.

8. Reposition your phone

Okay, this time it’s the phone’s angle, try repositioning your phone to the sides or slightly on top of you instead of directly in front of you.

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9. Move your head forward and away from your neck

It may sound funny but by extending your head away from your neck will help in highlighting your jawline and even remove those pesky double chins.

10. Look for an interesting background

Go look for an interesting or even simple background, it could be a plain colored wall or even one with a graffiti. This would help add a bit of flair to your selfies.

Realme Philippines

• Nova2I Selfie1 • 20 Tips To Shoot Creative Selfies

11. Be mindful of your surroundings

Unless you are in a very crowded area where unsuspecting photobombers are unavoidable, always be wary of your surroundings. Avoid placing unnecessary objects, like dumpsters or trash cans, in your shots and wait for people in the background to pass through.

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12. Be unique

Express yourself in your own way, the best selfies are the ones that set the trend and not the trends themselves. Try your best to be original instead of copying a famous pose from a well-known celebrity or person. Apart from making your selfies unique, you’ll also be able to better show yourself to the world.

• Nova2I Selfie11 • 20 Tips To Shoot Creative Selfies
The Nova 2i has a built-in Beauty Mode that you can set from 0 to 10 which beautifies your selfie.

13. Edit but don’t overdo it

There are times when a raw shot needs a little bit of adjustment in brightness or in some other aspect then, in this case, don’t be afraid to edit your photo out. Do not overdo it, however, to the point where the photo or your face becomes unnatural.

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14. Use apps and filters

The internet is providing you with a lot of different tools, take advantage of it. There are a plethora of apps out there that provides users with different types of editing tools such as VSCO and Adobe Photoshop mobile apps. Don’t be afraid to use them, if you want to apply a filter to your photo, put some stickers on it, or blur some of the items on the background, then go ahead and have fun. Then again, just as we’ve said don’t overdo it unless you mean for the photo to be a meme.

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15. Express yourself

Smile, show happiness, use your hands and even make funny faces this will add feelings and expressions to your shots, and not to mention make them more exciting but make sure you mean it, do not force an expression as that would make you look awkward.

• Nova2I Selfie15 • 20 Tips To Shoot Creative Selfies

16. Use accessories

Wear a hat, put on a bracelet, put on some sunglasses. Accessories always add flair to photos but remember to never “over-bling” yourself.

• Nova2I Selfie14 • 20 Tips To Shoot Creative Selfies

17. Capture interesting moments

One of the best times to take a selfie is when you are doing something interesting or memorable, like when you’re snorkeling, or swimming, or hiking.

• Nova2I Selfie3 • 20 Tips To Shoot Creative Selfies

18. Look towards the camera

Unless you’re going for that “stolen” or “look away” pic or you’re doing a mirror selfie, always look at your phone’s camera to avoid those awkward and confused looks.

19. Relax

Don’t be too tense or nervous, just loosen up, relax, and be natural. Also, don’t forget to be confident.

• Nova2I Selfie7 • 20 Tips To Shoot Creative Selfies

20. Enjoy

Really the best tip we could give you is just enjoy it, be crazy, be silly, and just do anything you want.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded smartphone that great for selfies, check out the Huawei Nova 2i. Here are 5 winning features that will help you decide to consider this smartphone with a quad-camera system.

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