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5 Vlogging Cameras under Php30,000

So, you want to start a YouTube channel focused on vlogging. You shell out some cash as your initial capital investment — this, of course, includes a camera. We covered the 6 best vlogging cameras at different price points before, but what if you have an entry-level budget?

For the purposes of this guide, let’s set the entry-level budget for vlogging cameras at under Php30,000. So, here you go. Here are some vlogging cameras you can get for less than Php30,000 pesos to get your vlogging career started!

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II

Starting with a popular option from Canon, the G7 X Mark II is over two years old at this point but is still a standard in the vlogging community. You get a compact form factor, full manual control, and great image stabilization. Other vlogger-friendly features such as a flip-up touchscreen, wireless connectivity, slow-mo video, and time-lapse are also present. The only thing it lacks is an external microphone input, which we do really hope Canon adds to the Mark III.

Price: Php27,300 – Kimstore

Canon EOS M10

This next one is the cheapest flip-screen vlogging camera in this list. It’s definitely not going to have the same quality as the other options on this list, but you do get a flip-up screen, interchangeable-lens system, and sub Php20k price. It’s a great no-frills option if you’re just starting out.

Price: Php17,500 (with EF-M 15-45mm kit lens) – Kimstore

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 III

We featured the RX100 V in the last list, and recently reviewed the RX100 VI, but since we are limited by our under Php30k budget, Sony users will have to settle for the RX100 III. It’s still a great little vlogging camera that is highly capable. Like the G7 X, you don’t get a microphone jack either, but it does have a flip-up screen, good autofocus, and compact form-factor. One of the main selling points of the RX100 IV and onwards is 4K video, which you don’t get with the RX100 III, whose resolution maxes out at 1080p. If that’s no problem for you, bueno!

Price: Php26,600 – Kimstore

GoPro Hero 7


Surprise! Yes, GoPro’s are action cameras, but stay with me here and think outside the box for a bit. The GoPro doesn’t have a flip-up screen. How will I see myself when I’m vlogging? Well. I’d argue that you don’t need to see yourself. GoPro’s and other action cameras, in general, have an extremely wide field-of-view. It shoots so wide, that you are guaranteed to be in the frame unless you completely turn the lens directly away from yourself.

Not taken with a GoPro, but this is a sample photo from the SJCAM SJ7 Star. I’m holding the camera pretty close to myself, but most of my upper body is still in the frame.

An added bonus for having a GoPro as your vlogging tool is that it’s rugged and waterproof. Take it to the pool or the beach to shoot some fun content, and aspiring travel vloggers, you may thank me now.

The Black Edition gets you 4K @ 60fps, 2.7K @ 120fps, and other cool features such as that amazing HyperSmooth video stabilization. You can opt for the Silver Edition or White Edition if you want to spend less, but at the cost of certain features.

Php24,690 (Black) – Henry’s
Php18,390 (Silver) – Henry’s 
Php12,390 (White) – Henry’s


and unceremoniously…

Your smartphone

Price: FREE

If you read our previous vlogging cameras guide, you probably expected something like this to make the list. But hear me out. If you have a smartphone, which you probably already do, then it’s likely that you already have a vlogging camera, and it’s right there, sitting in your pocket. If your phone’s front camera can shoot 1080p video and has a decent built-in microphone, then it’s a start.

It’s important to remember that your phone will never match up with an actual standalone camera. This is probably true even for phones with beast cameras like the Pixel 3, iPhone Xs Max, or Mate 20 Pro. But as one of my old film professors used to always say, “It’s not the pana, it’s the Indian.”


As time goes on, this list will naturally grow as the prices of more expensive cameras drop, but until then, either stick with these options, increase your budget, or maybe even get lucky and spot better deals. Which one of these cameras would you choose? Let us know in the comments section.

Joey graduated with a degree in Digital Filmmaking from the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde last March 2017. A filmmaker by heart, he has since put aside cinema to focus on his other passion, technology. PCs, mechanical keyboards, audio, cameras, and gaming are among his biggest tech interests.

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