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Smart vs Globe: Huawei Nova 3i Postpaid Plans Comparison

The Huawei Nova 3i becomes available to the public today, and telcos are now offering the mid-range device under their respective postpaid plans. We compare the difference between Globe Telecom and Smart Communications‘ plans in this guide.

The device is free for those who opt to get Plan 1499 plans, but Smart is advertising the Nova 3i at the launch event with a GigaX Plan 999 and a special rate of Php1,299 cashout and monthly rate. Globe offers the similar ThePlan 999 with a cashout that can be broken down in monthly amortizations. Here’s a quick comparison using both schemes as the comparison point:

 Globe ThePlan 999Smart GigaX Plan 999
Option A
Smart GigaX Plan 999
Option B
CallsUnlimited to Globe/TM50mins All-net50mins All-net
SMSUnlimited to Globe/TMUnlimited to All NetworksUnlimited to All Networks
Data4GB Open Access
1GB Spotify (3 months)
4.5GB Open Access
10GB Video Data
4.5GB Open Access
10GB Video Data
Other Perks6 months DisneyLife
Globe Gadget Care
Contract24 months24 months24 months
Initial CashoutPhp6999
(Php999 + Php6,000)
(Php999 + Php7,200)
Monthly PaymentPhp999Php999Php1,299
Total CostPhp29,976Php31,176Php31,176

In this case, Globe trumps on the overall device amount by offering the Huawei Nova 3i at Php1,200 lower than Smart’s. They also offer Unlimited calls to Globe, added data for Spotify, and extra perks such as DisneyLife and Globe Gadget Care. The cashout amount can be broken down into 24 months provided you have a credit card to present and use.

Smart, on the other hand, has more to offer if you’re a fan of texting and mobile browsing as it offers unlimited texts to all networks and more data allocations at 4.5GB for open access and additional 10GB for video streaming. They also offer a more flexible plan with the Php1,299 cashout and the Php1,299 monthly payment for the same 24-month period. That also totals to the same amount when compared to their traditional cashout plan, but Smart has the edge on this one in making the device more available for those who want to get it on postpaid.

If you wish to know more, head over here for Globe’s Nova 3i ThePlan offers, or here for Smart’s GigaX plan choices.

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5 Responses

  1. Noneym86 says:

    I think I prefer Smart’s second Option A.

  2. Jude says:

    Postpaid plans are always expensive than prepaid. Not wise to avail postpaid.

  3. Gibjay says:

    I really like this phone! It has a good specs and new upgraded system.

  4. tae says:

    Plus if you lose the phone you still pay for it lol.

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