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Contest: Get the #BDODealFinder App and Win Gadgets

BDO’s latest version of their Deal Finder app add more location-based features and search functions to help you get discounts, freebies, and deals when you use your BDO card in shops and gadget stores across the metro.

We received several gadgets from BDO to give away to our readers here so we’re raffling them off to people when they download or try the BDO Deal Finder app on iTunes or Play Store.

Download the app on Google Play here.

Download the app on iTunes App Store here.

Or you can search for “bdo” in the app store.

So what are we giving way?

3 units of Samsung REX 60 GT-C3312R
3 units of Amplified Speakers for MP3 Players (similar to X-Mini)

To join, just wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This part is an optional section but it would be great if you can also answer the survey below. We just want to know if you use any credit card and which one it is.

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Disclosure: BDO is a display banner advertiser on this blog.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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212 Responses

  1. Benmarlowe Obra says:

    Best Tech blogsite ever!!! More power to Yugatech!!!

  2. rose says:

    yay! first!

    if bdo can make apps like this, i hope they make one for their online banking..

  3. eric trinidad says:

    the best deal i found is 15% of on Hush Puppies!!!

  4. Cha Sembrano says:

    SM Cinema deal!

  5. jmbustonera says:

    wala pa. hehe

  6. Steve del Castillo says:

    the best deal i found is I can Check my credit card balances and payment due date with Quick Inquiry feature.

  7. Shaki Cabrera says:

    The best deal I found is I Keep up with BDO Credit Cards’ new and exciting offers!

  8. Ivan Fernan says:

    Paying Bills online, and shopping online.

    P.S. Best Tech blogsite!

  9. Corinne F. says:

    I love that they have discounts if you dine in at certain restaurants, which I truly like since I sometimes eat at those restos/hotels included on the list! :)

  10. rodney valles says:

    The best deal i found in BDO is they always have promo and good costumer relations.

  11. jagger says:

    What was the best deal you found in the Deal Finder App? Its the SM Cinema Deal!

  12. anita says:

    best deal is having the facility to check your BDO credit cards!

  13. warren says:

    best deal are the discounts on shoes!

  14. ccpaulin says:

    5% rebate at SM’s 3 day sale

  15. Zeachrone says:

    Best deal for me is American Eye Center, I need an eye examination!

  16. Edwin rodrigo says:

    Di ko pa nagagamit ang bdo deals na yan. :-)

  17. wewe says:

    The best deal I found is the 50% discount on sunglasses at executive optical. :)

  18. Digest says:

    Hindi naman halata na scripted and sariling puri no.

  19. Jay Ar says:

    Will try this app!

  20. Karissa Yu says:

    Birthday Treats at Feria at Radisson Blue Hotel Cebu! :) So many treats in one deal!! ^_^

  21. jerry culala says:

    sm cinema deal!!!

  22. Raymond Cubeta says:

    5% rebate at SM’s 3 day sale

  23. jing says:

    best deal for me is the sm cinema deal!

  24. Derek Sta Ana says:

    The best deal from BDO deal finder is the discounts they provide for booking hotel rooms via Agoda. Perfect for travelers!

  25. julio says:

    SM Cinema deal!

  26. nora says:

    SM Cinema deal!

  27. CJ says:

    I think the best I found was the one with Mariott Cafe at Mariott Hotel! I mean, who wouldn’t like a free cake and buffet on his/her birth month, and 50% off of your total bill?! Can’t wait for October (my birthmonth) :)

  28. meh says:

    Deal for 50% discount on sunglasses at executive optical , seems like the best deal to me! Thats a huge savings

  29. Seems Gadget Sale is ok…

  30. Joem Reyes says:

    What was the best deal you found in the Deal Finder App? the SM Cinema deal!

  31. leo rances garcia says:

    the best deal you found in the Deal Finder App? is the SM Cinema Deal!

  32. eva mae lipura says:

    Paying Bills online, and shopping online.

  33. Sm cinema deals! how i love watching movies! :)

  34. The best deal I’ve found was the SM cinema deal!

  35. christine batiller says:

    i love the SM Cinema deal!

  36. arra odeza says:

    SM Cinema Deal :))

  37. Rommel says:

    Nice, paying bills online

  38. Rad says:

    SM Cinema Deal

  39. Marvel Mondoy says:

    I love the SM Cinema Deal! :)

  40. Mark Lacson says:

    The best is the SM Cinema deal.

  41. Josh says:

    SM Cinema deal!

  42. Josh says:

    SM Cinema deal is the best so far!

  43. wha says:

    gadget deals it is. . . the best

  44. Ace Mendoza says:

    SM Cinema deal :)

  45. Marc Damayo says:

    the SM Cinema deal

  46. Emil Ranara says:

    plss let me win

  47. Emil Ranara says:

    let me win! :)))

  48. Em-el Leonor says:

    Sm cinema deals and easy access to your account to pay bills :) superb

  49. Olga Paguio says:

    I love the Marriott Cafe deal!

  50. Henry Matic says:

    What was the best deal you found in the Deal Finder App? SM cinema movie theater deals, digital stamps for free pizza’s like chef d’ angelo and don henrico’s. :)

  51. wewet says:

    Me want to win

  52. Clarence says:

    SM Cinema Deal FTW! #bdodealfinder

  53. bensy says:

    Great deals on Dining!

  54. Rene Gatdula says:

    I like the Online Booking Discounts with Agoda.com

  55. Paolo Concepcion says:

    I hope to win. This will be the best Christmas gift ever… :)

  56. gabby_jaz says:

    Agoda Discounts!

  57. Jelo Manongsong says:

    I like the Agoda deals. :)

  58. Gladita Manongsong says:

    SM Cinema movies deals are great!

  59. Jason Chan says:

    nice deal

  60. John says:

    Dining deals

  61. Roland Savellano says:

    SM Cinema Deal

  62. ronnel0918 says:

    Hope to win this one. :)

  63. Alvin M. Fontanilla says:

    SM Cinemas deal, i love spending movie marathon

  64. SM Cinema Deal because I’m a movie fanatic!

  65. Lovely Joy Merced says:

    SM Cinema Deal.

  66. Eric Aparri says:

    SM Cinema DEAL!!!

  67. elinor semira says:

    sm cinema ticket discount

  68. Nholzkee Alayon says:

    SM Cinema Deal.

  69. Ann Cagalingan
    SM Cinema deal

  70. Imelda Elardo says:

    Sm cinema deals

  71. Jaafar Husin says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  72. Jeffrey Macabale says:

    SM Cinema deal definitely

  73. fifty percent off at Spectrum! Such a great deal!

  74. Best Deal I Found fr BDO 50% discount on sunglasses

  75. Khrishia Sedenio says:

    Best deal is the SM cinema movie tix deal. :-D

  76. Arwin Cobar says:

    SM Cinema Deal.

  77. Rio Lynda Negara says:

    sm cinema deal

  78. Mary Anne Ramirez says:

    I love the deal for the sm cinema ticket

  79. Basilio S. Santos says:

    The SM Cinema deal. I love movies!

  80. Kisses Marie Lumpas says:

    SM Cinema Deal.

  81. Say says:

    50 off at Spectrum =)

  82. Allan Reyes says:

    SM CINEMA DEAL!!! :)

  83. Deals for SM Cinema are the best.

  84. Verna medenilla says:

    Movies..! Sm cinema deal :)

  85. jemellee mirador says:

    deals for sm cinema ticket :)
    love it.. cause im a movie lover!!!

  86. Mario Estrañero says:

    I love watching movies so I go for SM Cinema Deals. :)

  87. Aida Carmina Santos says:


  88. I’m now enjoying the blog contests. I barely hope to win. ;) Thanks for this opportunities! ;) God bless! <3

  89. Joyce Gabriel says:

    SM cinema deals … great!

  90. Lau Beruin says:

    SM Cinema Deals!

  91. Philip Saud Ali says:

    SM Cinema Deals!!!

  92. sherry ann gole cruz says:

    sm cinema deals

  93. Jenny Esplana says:

    I really love watching movies <3

  94. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    i love the discounts tab! it has all the discounts that i can use in the future in one easy tab

  95. RUBY PAPIO says:


  96. Ace Mendoza says:

    SM Cinema would be the great deal :)

  97. Agnes dc says:

    SM Delas

  98. Crysy G. Cañete says:

    I agree with the most of here. The SM Cinema Deals so far is one of the best. ;)

  99. Joel Trinidad says:

    the SM cinema deals are the deals just can’t be ignored :)

  100. Zeychelle says:

    i love SM Cinema deals! :))

  101. John Michell says:


  102. Willy H says:

    SM CINEMA DEALS are the best!

  103. Teresa H says:

    SM Cinema Deals!

  104. Chona Gomba says:

    SM Cinema deals :)

  105. Lea says:

    The Cravings Deals (complimentary unlimited cakes and coffee or pizza voucher for a minimum single-receipt purchase of a specified amount).

  106. I’m Loving the SM Cinema DEALS :)

    Thanks for this contest :)

  107. SArah Mae Villarma says:

    The SM Cinema DEALS :)

  108. mary joy supetran says:

    i love the discounts tab and cinema deals…

  109. Sonny David Huab says:

    SM Cinema Deals. :) FTW.

  110. Blue says:


  111. Francis Aguilar says:

    Best deals are dicounted prices on shoes..

  112. mark says:

    discounts on travel and shopping

  113. edsar says:

    Deals for JCB SM Cinema!

  114. kirk m says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  115. cheyzerr says:

    SM Cinema deals are the best :)

  116. Mary Anne Ramirez says:

    What was the best deal you found in the Deal Finder App? Deals for SM CINEMA

  117. Mary Louise C. Sanch says:

    I love to shop and I have found great deals and shopping discounts in the Deal Finder App!

  118. abigail ong says:

    SM cinema deals

  119. Elldon King Arabit says:

    SM CINEMA DEALS are the best for me. :)

  120. Leonardo Llagas says:

    SM cinema Deals the best

  121. Leonardo Llagas says:

    SM cinema Deals the best wow deals for the best peepz

  122. Nelson Guevara says:

    SM Cinema deals

  123. Maricel Fajardo says:

    SM Cinema is the awesome deals

  124. Karen Anne R. Conti says:

    The deals in SM Cinema are awesome!

  125. Karen Anne R. Conti says:

    The deals in SM Cinema are great!

  126. Maricel Fajardo says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  127. SM CInema deals are the best. :)

  128. Sahara D. Moralita says:

    Sm Cinema Deals

  129. Paopee says:


  130. Anthony says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  131. Faye says:

    SM Cinema deals, the best! :)

  132. Jerrick Sampang says:

    SM Cinema Deals!! :)

  133. bryab says:

    sayang wla cc

  134. Elbert says:

    Deals!!! :D

  135. Bryan says:

    5% rebate at SM 3-day sale
    SM Cinemas

  136. Ariosto dela Cruz says:

    5% rebate at SM 3-day sale & SM Cinemas Deals

  137. agus says:

    Paying bills online!

  138. Sarah Mae Villarma says:


  139. ana lorraine complid says:

    paying online bills less hassle

  140. Kcat says:

    Restaurant deals are the best! The most recent deal I claimed was a free dessert at Momo Cafe

  141. Jessamer Abing says:

    Paying bills online!

  142. Rica says:

    SM Cinema deals

  143. Melissa Legara says:

    SM Cinema deal! :)

  144. Aida Villanueva says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  145. myleen says:

    most of the resto deals! especially the ones in ortigas!

  146. Luigi Mar Ramones says:

    SM Cinema deals

  147. rjdexplorer says:

    Free Mandarin Orange Chicken for a minimum single receipt purchase of Php950 at Little Asia Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill.

  148. James says:

    ofcourse SM Cinema Deals!

  149. msaber says:

    S&R discounted membership

  150. Melvin says:

    sm cinema deals

  151. Frankie says:


  152. Hope to win one of the great items! :)

  153. rachnn says:

    For me..so far is the SM Cinema Deal which I always grab and also the discounts I get when booking hotel rooms thru Agoda :) Approve!

  154. Edith says:

    Wow! Deals. :)

  155. Joseph Mangibin says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  156. Di says:

    sm cinema deals

  157. Cokie Anbochi says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  158. Mark Paigna says:

    What was the best deal you found in the Deal Finder App?

    For me, the best so far would be the SM Cinema deal.

  159. Aaron says:


  160. Kany Vic Perez says:

    Sm Cinema Deals

  161. Perlita says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  162. vangeline says:

    sm cinema deal

  163. Clint Odeza says:

    sm cinema deals

  164. Istin Dizon Paigna says:

    SM Cinema deal is a great steal!

  165. Hotel Privileges at Marriot Hotel Manila – exclusive to BDO Mastercard cardholders!

  166. J Granada says:

    Hope I win!

  167. Ralph Adversario says:

    SM CINEMA DEALS is the best !!

  168. shandie says:

    SM cinema deals

  169. ricardo dalogdog says:

    hope to win! =)

  170. ja says:

    SM Cinema deals!

  171. Julie Gonzales says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  172. Zyra Anne says:

    SM Cinema deals

  173. jessie abing says:

    Sm Cinema deals! <3

  174. ariane dela cruz says:

    So far, I like the SM Cinema Deals :)

  175. Emilie P. Udasco says:

    BDO Deal Finder! :)

  176. Victoria Jose says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  177. Kuya Charlz says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  178. Victor Perez says:

    SM Cinema Deals

  179. caryn morales says:

    sm cinema deals

  180. Jenny Esplana says:

    Who won?

  181. Jenny Esplana says:

    who won?????????

  182. Lloyd says:

    Y?u have wonderf?l information here.

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