Contest: Match that [email protected] store!

This week, McDonalds is sponsoring a little something-something for our readers in celebration of their 30 years in the business. And if you’re a regular McDo visitor, this should be like a walk in the park.

So here’s what you just need to do – we’ll post 4 photos of branches of McDo in Metro Manila. These are Greenhills, Makati Cinema Square, North Avenue, and Quezon Avenue.

{Note: Click on the thumbnails to see the larger photo.}

In the same order as shown above, match which McDo store is which.

realme philippines

Go hit the comments for your answer. You can only answer once (we’ll consider your first entry as your official entry).

The first 4 people who correctly guessed the correct branches will win Php500 McDo GC each and McDonald’s Premium Items.

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Updated: Correct answer and winners!

Here correct answer is: Greenhills, Makati Cinema Square, North Ave., Quezon Ave.

Here are the first 4 winners:

1) Aileen Siwa
2) Kimberly
3) Incus
4) Julius

Please email me at [email protected] with your complete name, address and contact numbers. Congrats!

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108 Responses

  1. aha! kaya pala csseyah..dito mo nakuha ang sagot mo kay kuya Jehz ha.huli ka!! haha!!

  2. mintscreen says:

    me nanalo n poh b? heheh.. curious .. :P

  3. csseyah says:

    1. Greenhills
    2. Quezon Avenue
    3. North Avenue
    4. Makati Cinema Square

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