Giveaway: Php6000 credits on Apptivate for iTunes apps

Giveaway: Php6000 credits on Apptivate for iTunes apps

We mentioned here before that one of the local start-ups we’re advising is SulitApps and they were fortunate to be part of the 4 start-ups under LaunchGarage (and gotten a sizable amount of funding).

Apptivate (formerly SulitApps) allows non credit card users to be able to purchase apps for their smartphones and tablets. The idea is simple — you have an iTunes account but do not have a credit card to load it with? Apptivate allows you to buy the apps or send it as a gift to anyone and pay via local means — GCash, Smart Money or BDO bank deposit (and soon, via 7-11 stores). That simple.


So what I have here are 100 PINs which you can use to purchase apps from iTunes. We’re giving these away so you can try them out on Apptivate. Each PIN is worth Php60 each. If you don’t have any use for it, you can also gift it to someone who might want to buy an app.

We’ll have 100 PINs to give away by just following the tasks on Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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139 Responses

  1. Sean Cua says:

    Angry Birds

  2. Joseph says:

    I’ve been very hooked with Popcap’s Bejeweled. The paid app i think has so much to offer.

  3. Wow! This would be a great combo with my gf’s Ipod Touch 5th gen!

  4. Shim Santiago says:

    6000 credits i want!!!

  5. garz says:

    They should do the same with Google Play!

  6. ila says:

    scramble with friends

  7. Kevin says:

    Thanks, Yuga! :)

  8. Jack says:

    Hmm…you can also do the same for Globe’s Virtual AMEX card.

  9. deuts says:

    My favorite app of course is Tweetbot!

  10. mr_jeng says:

    cool !!!!

  11. Dave Lu Chiu says:

    DocsToGo :)

  12. Elias says:

    Favorite app? KKB!

  13. Eunice Cai says:

    My favorite paid app is iXpenseIt.

  14. J. Lozano says:


  15. mr_jeng says:

    woops.. wasn’t complete.. i meant to say .. angry birds star wars

  16. Ryan says:

    hoping to win.. :)

  17. Alvin says:

    My fave app: Grand theft auto series!

  18. Rob says:

    My favorite app is Echofon!

  19. C. Lee says:

    whatsapp please

  20. emignatius says:

    Hmmm, magandang pamasko.

  21. kix says:

    jailbreak and u can have it all apps u want!

  22. David Mercado says:

    Temple Run Brave

  23. emignatius says:

    My favorite app as of this moment is Air Supremacy.

  24. Weng says:

    Where’s my water

  25. Dens says:

    I want where’s my water!

  26. Voicewithin says:

    My favorite paid app is GarageBand

  27. ronnel0918 says:

    My favorite paid app is Echofon!

  28. Michelle Ledesma says:

    I love my iPhoto app!

  29. Francis says:

    Plants vs Zombies please!

  30. P.J. Ron Fortaleza says:

    This is amazing!!!

  31. Brent Amurao says:

    iAnnotate pdf!

  32. youmikokeshi says:

    WhatsApp Messenger!

  33. Marlon Osorio says:

    street fighter for the win..heheh

  34. Alex Bobis says:

    I gotta have iDoceo for teachers :)

  35. bern says:

    I love Granny Smith!

  36. Dave says:

    Fairway Solitaire

  37. Drey says:

    What’s your favorite paid app in the iTunes store? Angry Birds Star Wars!

  38. Sancho Bacagan Jr says:

    I want PvZ! Never gets old! Brains!

  39. Redgie Campanilla says:

    so cool! i hope i win! :)

  40. Carlo says:

    I love PvZ!

  41. Sarah Almonte says:

    Mine’s Tap Tap Revenge 4.

  42. raldy baliber says:

    mine would be need for speed

  43. ChrisP says:

    NFS MW for my brother’s ipad. :)

  44. JmP says:

    Cut the Rope

  45. Lee Ian Magpantay says:

    My favorite paid app is Plants Vs. Zombies

  46. Arnel Hemady says:

    Plants vs Zombies! :)

  47. ron says:

    infinity blade I and II

  48. ladydonna says:

    LawJuan :)

  49. Elbert says:

    Soulver, the multi purpose calculator!

  50. Jason says:

    angry birds star wars!

  51. JPBV says:

    Plants vs. Zombies!

  52. rob says:

    bejeweled, cut the rope, pvz

  53. Rain Gatdula says:

    I bought Tweetbot For iPhone & iPad..

  54. nica says:

    garageband and whatsapp

  55. glevyn says:

    The walking dead the game

  56. Patrick Hernandez says:

    IMovie and IPhoto!

  57. JV says:

    Infinity Blade II!

  58. ifan says:

    i bought tweetbot, but haven’t received an email yet

  59. Ray says:

    Hope to win…

  60. Ray says:

    Plant vs Zombies

  61. Les says:

    Walking Dead The Game

  62. acllanto12 says:

    GTA 5, gusto ng mga kids ko!

  63. wha says:

    plants vs. zombies

  64. chakz de Lara says:

    Angry Birds Star Wars ^_^

  65. Ralph says:

    Clear app .. ^^

  66. billy hung says:

    NBA 2k13

  67. richard palad says:


  68. BJ Mandia says:

    djay for iPad!

  69. Martin says:

    Angry birds!

  70. Daryl says:

    My favorite is Paper app!

  71. Vince says:

    way to go Norris Jay Perez! more power to your startup!!!

  72. yazmeen says:

    my fave app is angry birds ^_^

  73. jozef says:

    my fave app is Rail Rush (paid version) been playing it since it was released.

  74. Christian Francisco says:

    modern combat 3 FTW. :D

  75. Howee Marquez says:

    My favorite app is Snapseed!

  76. Romeo Cajayon says:

    Chaos Rings!

  77. Nei says:

    Toshl is the best! =)

  78. kilala says:

    i love brave run

  79. raburense says:

    Wild Blood!

  80. BENCHMARK says:

    I bought real steel for my son…he still enjoys it…same with me :)

  81. Bryan Hong says:

    My favorite paid app is Cut the Rope!

  82. Darcel Abad says:

    plants vs zombies 2

  83. Darcel Abad says:

    plants vs zombies

  84. Biggs says:

    Space Miner

  85. PJ Cunanan says:

    my favorite paid app is nba 2k13 :D

  86. My favorite app is Camera+ :)

  87. Blue says:

    My favorite paid iTunes app is WhatsApp. It’s the app that some of my close friends use to keep in touch, so that makes it a must have piece of software.

  88. drin says:

    My fave paid app is WhatsApp

  89. braylle says:

    Brave RUN

  90. rbb says:

    infinity blade a must have gamer!

  91. Mark Pablo says:

    My favorite is Pages.

  92. joel says:

    infinity blade rocks!!!

  93. dexsans says:

    My favorite is Temple Run

  94. vic rodriguez says:

    my fav app is cut the rope.

  95. bryce says:

    my favorite app is where’s my water.

  96. I posted this on my blog even though I’m an Android user.

  97. katrina says:

    infinity blade 2!

  98. Bryan says:

    Csr racing is my favorite

  99. Erwin Javillonar says:


  100. Dante Salvador Jr says:

    NFS: Most Wanted!

  101. Julius Sambo says:

    Minecraft Pocket Edition :D

  102. toni says:

    drawing pad!

  103. RR says:

    Fruit Ninja has got to be my most favorite app!

  104. bigmikeMeMe says:

    I want to buy Bad Piggies :)

  105. Arlie says:

    csr racing

  106. tihay says:

    dragonvale :)

  107. marco says:

    My favorite app, though free, is punch quest.

  108. karlo says:

    my fave app is Facebook

  109. Abed says:

    Infinity Blade II or NFS Most Wantes

  110. Gerome says:

    My fav apps is Order and Chaos! And GTa

  111. E says:

    whatsapp, viber, dungeon hunter III, atbp…

  112. Brad says:

    I love the ios apps

  113. budy says:

    draw someTHANG!

  114. tech_noodles says:

    my fave app is temple run brave

  115. Since I like old school style games, my favorite paid app for now is Wreck-it-Ralph :)

  116. My favorite paid app would be “Temple Run: BRAVE”. =)) Worth the money.

  117. Arielle says:

    That’ll be my fave game. UnBlockMe Free!

  118. Gabriel Coronel says:

    Plants vs. Zombies. :)

  119. Jo Narca says:

    Need for Speed Most Wanted

  120. Lei says:

    My favorite paid app would have to be Circus Chuck! It reminds me so much of my childhood days :)

  121. Lei says:

    Not sure how my comment will be counted against my entry so I’m adding my twitter handle to be sure :)

  122. Andy says:

    would love to get this credits… lots of purchase :)

  123. Mike says:


  124. zionxstatic says:

    I really love Need For Speed Underground..reminds me of my college days. The adrenaline pumping while finishing a task for hours..haha..

  125. princess says:

    Order and chaos and runes..:))

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